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2010 11 1 Mediation Report Fall (Wells)

Priscilla Wells is a MSW and is currently President of the Third Judicial Circuit Court Chapter of the Government Administrators Association. One might wonder why such an accomplished individual would partake in the activities that I've outlined here.
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This is the mediation report that came from MSW Priscilla Wells. This is in stark contrast to the first report from Mrs. Asteriou. Mrs Wells, as you can see, left out some very important information.

  • She said that both parents arrived in good faith. This is to cover up the fact that Mom arrived about 45 minutes late.
  • She said that the blood drawing incident was "Unfounded" which would give the court or any reader the impression that it was a false claim. Mom admitted this incident in the meeting.
  • Mrs. Wells explained this as Mother being unsuccessful in actually drawing blood. I feel that this was biased and a lie. Mom admitted to sticking our son with needles in three different locations while trying to draw his blood. I think that the conclusion would be that the act WAS committed. Mrs. Wells also made the determination that this was not up to the threshold of an offense that CPS should be aware of and did not report mom's confession to CPS. Mrs. Wells' professional code of conduct mandates that ALL POSSIBLE or SUSPECTED incidents of child neglect or abuse are to be reported and that she is not the person to decide if it rises to the level of abuse or neglect.
  • Factor "C"This is bull. Mom's many medical failures are the very reason that we're even here. Her failures are documented by a Doctor, a Dentist and possibly again by this unauthorized Doctor which she chose.
  • Factor "D" Mom is not in stable housing. Mom just "RENTED" a home. Mom walked away from her old home of 15 years after running it into an uninhabitable state. (the city inspection report confirms this)
  • Factor "F"This one kills me. There is a veeeeerrrryyyy short mention of Jodie Davis BUT in fact, Paul overlapped her marriage to Jodie completely. There were a few police calls to her home because the two of them were fighting. She became pregnant twice by Paul early into her very short marriage to Jodie. As for the other mental abuse, I have no proof but recorded phone calls. Oh, you could also simply ask our son.
  • Factor "K" Yes, the 2001, 2002, and 2004 incidents were old now BUT as I indicated in the meeting, Mom has NEVER admitted that these existed. DPS is pitiful and since 2005 has been unable to produce arrest reports or additional information on these. As you can seem Mom claims that all is well now. Wrong, Mom chose not to mention a June 2009 arrest of Paul that resulted from one of their drunken fights. Funny thing is that "according to the report" Mom was accusing Paul of something with the neighbor. BOY CAN I RELATE TO THAT. That was the extent of our 9 month marriage, being accused of screwing EVERYONE. The difference is that I won't fight a woman. I'm much too large a gentleman for that.

Ironically, Dad won the "12 best interest factors" system but Mrs. Wells still makes a recommendation that is nothing more than a change in the parenting time. This is not why we were here. WHY use the 12 best interest factors if you will then unilaterally conclude something that is different than what the results of the factors indicates? WHY? Biased.

An interesting note from the hearing:
Mrs Wells: "What grade is your son going into?
Dad: "5th"
Mom: "4th"
Dad: He's going into the 5th grade"
Mom: "No he isn't. He'll be in the 4th grade" (rolls her eyes at Dad)
Mrs, Wells: "Dad, you should really be more aware of your son's school environment and the things that are going on in his life."
Dad: "Kindergarten - Mrs. Harvin,......1st grade - Mrs. Pierce,......... 2nd grade - Mrs. Shumate, .......3rd grade was Mr. Kade for the first three months before he was transferred and Mr. Johnson took over for the remainder of the year. Last year he was at Durfee where he had Mrs. Chudy, his fourth grade teacher. He is going into the fifth grade."
Mom: "Oh yeah"
Mrs. Wells: "Well how is he doing in school?"

This was the tone of the whole meeting. No matter how much crap that I could prove my ex wife has done, no matter what she confessed, no matter what was in the CPS reports and letter of neglect, she could do no wrong. I was an over imposing angry giant that was obsessed with trying to make her look like a bad mother.

It meant nothing to Mrs. Wells that Mom confessed to the blood drawing incident but lied to the CPS investigator stating that the whole thing was made up. I had the CPS report. MSW Priscilla Wells wasn't interested in moms confession of injecting our son with needles and trying to draw his blood. This is certainly an instance of "possible child abuse". Mrs. Wells is obligated by law and profession to report all instances of "Possible or suspected" child abuse to the authorities. She did not. Instead, she issued a report that states that Dad's claims about the incident were "Unfounded".

Mrs. Wells explained to her boss (Dr. Girwald) that she stated that my claims were unfounded because mom was unsuccessful in actually drawing blood.  Priscilla Wells is inept in her position as  she has ignored the most important aspect of the incident, injecting the child with needles, unnecessary pain and suffering to the child and unnecessarily placing the child at serious risk of infection.

What kind of professional MSW ignores this. What kind of person then attempts to misrepresent this to the court in her report by claiming that it was "Unfounded. I'll answer that for you. A biased mediator, or a person that is NOT making a recommendation based on the facts surrounding the hearing. It's wrong and subjects my son to further lunacy by his mother.