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2013 11 15 Wayne Kristall Files For $30,000 In Fees

I couldn't make this shit up if I was high on Jack Daniels laced Angel dust.


We are in court today because my ex wife changed my our sons' school AGAIN, and without informing me AGAIN.


Wayne Kristall, the man that chose to represent a client that so blatantly violates the courts order that he too has had to resort to lying and other unethical tactice just to represent her, has pulled another hat from his bag of bad lawyer tricks. He wants ME to pay his clients attorney fees. He wants me to pay her bill.


My Ex has violated our order over 500 times, at every turn and in every way possible. Her actions caused me to bring her to court and he wants me to pay for her actions???? Did I miss something????


What is funniest about this is that this request was made today while his client is in on yet another violation. Yes, today, their big surprise move to explain, changing schools without discussing it with me was to bring in notes from a therapist that our son has been seeing without my knowledge or consent. I know, that was a lot for one sentenc but I'm not retyping it.


First of all, this therapist and these sessions were not known to me nor my attorney. Secondly, the date on the letter which was submitted was forged/altered and it looks like the hand writing of my ex wifes' attorney. Seriously. I am not making any of this crap up. The brakes need to be pulled, hard, on this entire trainwreck of a proceeding. Wayne K is out of control and so is his client.