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2014 04 09 Trial (Round 2)

The court of appeals returned our case, in part, to the lower court. As a result of Judge Adams' improper modification of my parenting time. Well, in the capable hands of our new Judge, things are taking a very different twist. 


Since our last round of trials, mom has taken on a whole new set of offenses that alone, permit the court to AGAIN, consider a modification or change of custody. What could she have possibly done from June 1st 2012 until now (in such a small amount of time) to warrant such a consideration? I will list them.

  1. Changed our son's school without informing me and refusing to communicate with me (until I told her that I was 1 second away from filing a missing child report)
  2. Unauthorized psychological counseling for our son.
  3. Electrical services shut off for 53 days. Refusing to allow son to life with father during this time.
  4. Lying to the Magistrate in the hearing on the electrical situation.



On this first day of testimony, we called the schools principal and my son's teacher. The principals most usefull testimony came when she:

  1. Admitted that they (school staff) had hidden my son from me several times and given him to his mother.
  2. That the school was very sorry for their treatment of me (dad).
  3. That the school had conferred with their legal department who told them to stay out of it.
  4. That they chose their course based on Attorney Wayne Kristall telling them that I needed a "Pick-up Order". 


This admission sent Wayne Kristall tumbling over chairs to get to the podum in what I believe was an attempt to have that statement overlooked. It didn't work. Judge Heggerty wanted and got answers to his question "Mr. kristall, is it true that you informed the school, police or any staff, during these disputes, that Mr richmond needed a pickup order?" (loose quote). His response was an attempted "I don't rember". Well, unlike his inept predecessor, Judge Heggerty seems to hold everyone in his court to the highest ethical and mature conduct befitting their present position. An attorney is not allowed to lie. The start of our next trial day was a true Godsend in the way of convincing me that it is not a fully corrupt system.