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2010 12 6 Phone call with FAME director (Transcript)

Transcription of conversation on 12/6/2010 at 12:20pm between:

Caller: Leander Richmond


Dr. Marilyn K. Gerwolls PH.D


Dr. Gerwolls:      Family assessments this is Dr. Gerwolls. 

Leander:              Dr. Gerwolls Leander Richmond, how are you? 

Dr. Gerwolls:      Good, how about you? 

Leander:              Oh I'm good.  We are . . . , by the way do you remember who I am?

Dr. Gerwolls:      Yeah.

Leander:              OK.  We are headed to court tomorrow morning...

Dr. Gerwolls:      OK.

Leander:              And I was wondering, if by any chance, because I haven't seen the amended report, . . .  did you guys receive our request?

Dr. Gerwolls:      I have not received anything.

Leander:              Boy oh boy oh boy.  Do you know what report I'm talking about?

Dr. Gerwolls:      The last report that Mrs. Wells sent out?

Leander:              Yes.

Dr. Gerwolls:      OK.  And, you had sent a letter requesting an addendum.

Leander:              Correct.

Dr. Gerwolls:      you are going to do that after I spoke with you is that correct?

Leander:              yes.  And it and go out.

Dr. Gerwolls:      OK.  No I have not received anything.

Leander:              Where the chances,......  Doesn't have to,.....  Is my request that enough with,...                                              I mean,....  You said you'd spoken with Mrs. Wells.....

Dr. Gerwolls:      Right.

Leander:              About it yourself..

Dr. Gerwolls:      Right..

Leander:            no one is denying that mom the confession, but I'm hoping there's some way you can say "hey, Mrs. Wells is there any way we can do this now?" Proactively and submit this to the court.  I can send you a copy or I can email you a copy of the letter.  I know that my Attorney sent it, I don't have the exact date.

Dr. Gerwolls:      was it sent to or Mrs. Wells?

Leander:              it was sent to you.

Dr. Gerwolls:      no.  I certainly did not receive that.

Leander:              and that's basically all they were asking.  Obviously we're asking her to state anything specific but we are asking that the fact that the confession was made...

Dr. Gerwolls:      Right. Um...

Leander:              have you had any further discussion with her about that?

Dr. Gerwolls:      no I haven't I was waiting for your letter, because as  I said I had already discussed that matter with her and what is in the report is what she says was done.

Leander:              By done, you mean?

Dr. Gerwolls:      that that's what happened

Leander:              but no.  In her report, she listed it as unfounded.

Dr. Gerwolls:      Exactly

Leander:              And remember, that was my complaint. It wasn't ..Unfounded.

Dr. Gerwolls:      Exactly.  But according to her it was

Leander:              Based on?

Dr. Gerwolls:      Based on her interview.  I mean, keep in mind, I wasn't there.

Leander:              No no, I understand that maam.  But he said he spoke with her about why she listed it as unfounded.

Dr. Gerwolls:      Exactly.  And her version of what happened was not what you say happened or what was and the previous report.

Leander:              What is our version?

Dr. Gerwolls:      Exactly what was in the report.

Leander:              But there's nothing in the report.  It just says that it’s unfounded.

Dr. Gerwolls:      OK, um, that basically nothing happened.  You know that was inappropriate.  That there wasn't blood drawn.

Leander:              OK, right, and that's all that we want the report to reflect.

Dr. Gerwolls:      That there was blood drawn? (3:30)

Leander:              No, we want the report to reflect that mom..., what mom’s recollection of it was. See the problem was with this report going over... the word "UNFOUNDED" is an inaccurate description of whether or not this happen.  Because, whether or not the blood was drawn successfully is not the questionable portion of the act, and she knows that.  She's a professional she's been doing this for years, she's worked in CPS.  Whether or not you got blood out, is not the dangerous aspect of this.  The act itself or even attempting it is where the danger lies.  So stating that it is unfounded...

Dr. Gerwolls:      so you're saying that Mom DID try to draw blood?

Leander:              Yeh, she did.  She admitted it.  That was why I call the first place.  She sat there and gave great detail on how she had the kit at home because it was part of her job.  He quit the job and still had the kit so they went ahead and....they were just goofing around and did it. That was why I had a problem with it being listed as "Unfounded", because it's a misrepresentation to the court.

Dr. Gerwolls:      Ok. That was not what I was told.  (4:43)

Leander:              Oh yeh, Mom confessed. That was why I had a problem with the whole thing in the first place.  She sat right there and said " well let me explain to you, um, OK I had this job where I had to go to people's houses to get blood samples and turn them back into the lab.  But I quit that job because I didn't like going up in everybody's house, because it made me really uncomfortable.  So I had the kit at home because I hadn't turned it in yet, so we just, you know.. we did it.  That was almost verbatim what she said, and then that's what I said to Mrs. Wells, " But she told child protective services three months ago that it did not happen".  And that's when Mrs. Wells said " Mr. Richmond, that's not productive".  I'm going, are you kidding me?  You're kidding me, we have a parent who is abusing a child, who just confessed it and who admittedly lied to CPS about it, and that's NOT an issue? In a hearing of this type, that's an issue. To me, that's an issue.  But you know, all i wanted was for the report to go over to the court factually, and listing it as unfounded, as I'm sure you might even agree, if mom did confess, which she did but you weren't there.  Then certainly the word unfounded would be an inaccurate description.

Dr. Gerwolls:      Well it sounds to me like your version of events and Mrs. Wells' differ. And like I said, I wasn't there, I don't have a copy of the letter to ask Mrs. Wells to respond to it.  There's no way that's gonna be done by tomorrow even if it is done, which as I said, I don't think she's gonna correct the report if she doesn't feel that that's what happened, in her mind.  I think the only other thing I can recommend if you really got a serious discrepancy between CPS and various versions of the report would be to subpoena people to testify in front of Judge Adams.

Leander:              My son has suffered so much from the start of this process because of the inactions of the people involved, now, and I say that because in the beginning I had Mrs. Priscilla Wells as a mediator...

Dr. Gerwolls:      Correct. (7:29)

Leander:              And I ended up filing a detailed complaint after that, and, I don't remember the guys name, Falvo maybe, but in any case he acknowledged the issues and then thanked me for bringing them to their attention so they can better improve their process.  How's that for a slap in the face?  I'm fine with that however let's correct this.  This is my son here in the balance.  We're not talking about an intangible object.  We're talking about my son.  So they made the mistakes but then nobody wants to correct them.  Nobody wants to correct them here. So we continue on, now my son has been exposed to all these asthma things, which I tried to warn about in that mediation, and all of these..

Dr. Gerwolls:      Have there been new episodes?

Leander:              Oh my goodness.  There’s more stuff that's in the report that Mrs. Wells read and reviewed. 

Dr. Gerwolls:      Knew all of it?

Leander:              Absolutely, it's all stuff that we discussed in 2006.

Dr. Gerwolls:      Oh, but I mean when was the last episode?

Leander:              Umm, you can’t ask me stuff like that.

Dr. Gerwolls:      I'm mean in the past few months.

Leander:              In the past few months.  No.

Dr. Gerwolls:      OK

Leander:              Actually yes he had one when we were in Disney World, beginning of November.  But that was after the mediation hearing.

Dr. Gerwolls:      Right

Leander:              He's asthmatic and it is major and he's not getting his medication and I've shown proof of that.  And the doctor has called mom in and he called CPS because, she refused to come in...

Dr. Gerwolls:      Exactly, and Mrs. Asteriou clearly documented all that stuff to Judge Adams.

Leander:              Exactly.

Dr. Gerwolls:      And Judge Adams has read that report.

Leander:              Right, and having a report like that come out. Having the judge come back and say, let's have another mediation hearing, and then having that mediator issue a report that says "ehhhh, they should just get along".

Dr. Gerwolls:      Why do you think that Judge Adams sent it back?

Leander:              I honestly ... well I know that her attorney complained that Mrs. Asteriou's report was biased she's pro male.  And my Atty. argued that while that's the case then put her on the stand, THAT is the proper procedure.  Now why Judge Adams did not do that I do not know.  My attorneys said they all of his 32 years of practicing law, he's never seen anyone request, or a  judge allow 2 mediation hearings on one motion. I don't know why Judge Adams does the things that she does.  I really really really wish I knew, it might help me to better understand some of this stuff.  But we have here is a confession, in front of a mediator, to a child abuse. I mean, It was that blatant "Yes I did stick my son with needles and no it was really kinda goofy and stupid" and you know, she minimized that?  That wouldn't be acceptable if it were your child.  And obviously I understand, I'm saying that you weren't party to the conversation, you have to be impartial but if that were your child and you were seeing what i was seeing...you would not...you know, it wouldn't be acceptable.  So all I'm asking for Mrs. Wells is a little bit of honesty in her report.  That's all I'm asking. I'm not asking her to do anything "for" me or anything else but when she puts the word "Unfounded" it's an absolute misrepresentation because my ex-wife DID confess to doing it. She said that it happened, she said that she did it. Now, Mrs. Wells wants to go by the mediation report and say that "well no blood was drawn", it says that on the mediation repo.. I'm sorry the CPS report. Well, on the CPS report, mom also said that it never happened, but she just confessed to you. Now when i have investigated the few things that I've investigated over time, a person looses credit when they lie like that. So now, how can you give credit to weather or not the blood was actually drawn then you have someone who lied about the whole event, all together.

Dr. Gerwolls:      you know at this point the only thing that I can do is recommend that your attorney bring this up to Judge Adams. Obviously that particular episode is not the only thing that she based her opinion on.

Leander:              Is she now going to say that that confession never took place?

Dr. Gerwolls:      I don't know. Honestly.

Leander:              Wow.

Dr. Gerwolls:      Honestly, i wish that i could be of more help in this situation. Ummm... the entire thing has been... ummm...

Leander:              (inaudible)...and a pain in the butt. I understand that.

Dr. Gerwolls:      We sent your report to the Judge and it was extremely thorough. I meant the ..um...

Leander:              Angela Asteriou's report.

Dr. Gerwolls:      Yes. And we were asked to draw an updated report, things do change...and....ummm... the latest report is our best assessment of where things are now.  But there are other things are going on that are not reflected in the report then you need to bring that up to the Judge.

Leander:              Yeh but it IS reflected in the report but it's reflected inaccurately. I have a gazillion issues with the report and I'm going to take that to the Judge but this report going to the Judge is such a powerful document, ok, and that event is a very serious event. The word "unfounded" needs to be explained. The word "unfounded" needs to be explained or the event needs to be better explained as far as what was discovered in the interview process. Come on, you know the word "unfounded", based on what i just told you, is inappropriate. It really is. i don't even need you to confirm it, i mean.. it just is. Unfounded,…basically looks like it's not true and did not happen, after mom confessed to doing it.

Dr. Gerwolls:      One way or another, her recommendation is what it is....

Leander:              Right. alrighty, I appreciate your time Dr. Girwold.

Dr. Gerwolls:      I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help.

Leander:              Thank you.

Dr. Gerwolls:      Bye bye. (14:48)

(Call ended)