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2011 01 16 Court admission of blood

Mom Admits, To Judge, That She Drew Child's Blood 

Today was a rather taxing day as we spent the whole time in chambers. Our case was called and opposing council started in with his normal minimizing statement. "The only thing that we have left to discuss is school".

This led to us being in chambers for the next 2 hours. I won't bore you with the full details but Judge Adams insisted over and over that we were "not going to get a trial". She insisted that the move would be too damaging to our son and that we didn't fully understand that. (Too damaging for a son to live with his father that does NOT abuse him?) This was the case until I mentioned that my ex, Candy Richmond Gates, practiced drawing our sons blood for fun. When my ex-wife explained to Judge Adams how she had, practiced drawing our sons blood with no reason for doing so, Judge Adams said to her "you realize, that was a very poor decision". As we all continued to talk, Judge Adams seemed fixated on that admission, repeating her comment to my ex three or four times but with more emphasis.

After a few moments, Judge Adams asked what items we were planning to discuss in trial. After hearing the blood drawing admission, Judge Adams agreed to allow us a trial on custody based on some of the items listed in my original motion.

So it seems as if we are heading to trial.


If you've been following this, you also realize that CPS dropped the ball and that mediator Wells LIED in her report to the court.