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2011 05 24 Pre Trial


We arrived for trial to a packed court room. After sitting in court for three hours watching other cases, or case was finally called. Three minutes later, council is ordered to chambers.

We sat in the court for what seemed like another hour until both attorneys came out and addressed us. My attorney asked me for a copy of my ex's driving record. They went back into chambers. A little later, my ex and I were called into chambers with our attorneys.

Mom admitted to NOT keeping me informed of the medical goings on of our son. She was told (AGAIN for the 100th time) that she needs to do so.

The Judge asked me how I knew that Mom had missed our son's follow-up asthma check. I told her that the office called me. Then Judge Debra Ross Adams wanted to know why I was not there. My attorney explained that even if I had been present our son would not have been there because he was with his mother. It took a minute but every seemed to eventually get it.

The judge ordered that both parents be prestnt for all medical procedures until further order. (Whatever)

Mom made another incredible claim that will probably be proven untrue, as always. First through her attorney, Mom claimed that the Asthma specialist has accused the Primary Care Physician of over medicating the child and that this claim is in writing. They were ordered to produce this writing. (Update 8/3/2012 - They never provided anything to prove that the Doctor made this comment)

The ridiculous part of this is that the PCP (Dr. Marcus)  has warned a few times of the prolonged use of the high powered medications. These steroid level drugs were only necessary because of the frequent and severe attacks that resulted from Mom failing to medicate.

Get this:

  • Mom failed to medicate the child.
  • The child experienced some very severe asthma attacks.
  • Dr warns of continued failure to follow medical instructions and stong medications.
  • Mom continues to fail.
  • Dad files motion for change of custody.
  • Judge orders asthma specialist.
  • Asthma specialist places child on same "initial" drugs that the child was on under the care of the PCP.
  • Specialist stated that the child was over medicated. (alleged)
  • Mom wants approval for violating court order and seeking unapproved physicians. 


The Judge is insisting on a report from the Asthma specialist. This poor Doctor has been thrown into the middle of this and was not provided a decent request to participate. But she is now involved and the Judge has ordered a report that we and our councils are powerless to force the production of.

Three hours later, we go back out and put some items on the record. We also have 2 court dates for trial.