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2011 06 14 Trial Date

YEH!!!!! Finally. Well, I thought it would happen today. Today, we were supposed to begin our child custody trial in the court room of Judge Debra Ross Adams.

OK, I arrive at 10:00 and go into the court to check in. The clerk can not locate our case on the docket. My attorney enters and provides the clerk with our our case #. The Judge provided 2 trial dates on 5/24/2011. She gave 6/14 and 7/12 if needed. According to the clerk, they entered the 6/14 date and instead of entering an additional date on 7/12, they accidentally moved the 6/14 docket date to 7/12. We were not notified of this prior to now. We were sent home to return on 7/12.

If you were not able to follow that, the court screwed up. We are sent home to return on 7/12/2011.

Are we ever going to get our day in court??? This motion was filed in August of 2009, that's 22 months ago.

What a system.