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2011 07 12 Court

On July 12th Judge Adams Orders Child To Attend Canton Schools


Updated 8/31/11: Boy was I wrong about this! Click here

Updated: 8/20/2012 Fooled Again By Judge Adams: What finally happened was that Judge Adams ignored our sons wishes and ruled completely against Dad. What I wrote in the earlier link was completely true. This was a charade of a trial. There was no real intent on real "Best Interest Finding" just a way to delay and hope that mom could get her shit together. When she did not, Judge Adams ruled in her favor anyway.

My son told the Judge that he wanted to go to school with his Father and live with his father but he still wanted to see his Mother. The Judge has decided to honor his requests.

I will provide more details later because this was a very VERY intense 4 hour ordeal.


Wow, OH WOW!!! 


It is now Friday night at 11:01pm and I'm just sitting down to type this. It still has not truly sank in that our son will not be in Detroit public schools any longer.

We were set to have an evidentiary hearing on our child custody today and I expected absolutely no results or resolution. Boy was I wrong.


What Happened in court and why did the Judge have a change of heart?

Well, my wife and I showed up at 11:00am as scheduled. The court room was packed and it was 1:30pm before our case was called.

In opening, my ex's Attorney began his usual "Your Honor, the only thing that we need to discuss is the school".

This was incorrect and began a bunch of arguing that was quickly stifled by JA who ordered both attorneys into chambers.

15 minutes later, both attorneys emerged and my attorney informed me that Judge Adams wanted to see our son again.

They returned to chambers then before long we were back in the court room and the Judge was on the bench. JA asked me if I could have our son in court today and i insisted that I could.

Opposing council stated that there were some new issues with our son spraining his ankle and getting no medical attention, dad denying mom the 4th of July holiday and the child falling out of the trampoline, hurting his back and requiring chiropractic care.


The TRUTH about these accusations: Yes, our son sprained his ankle. I looked at it and it was fine. His mother was not ok with that.

Our trampoline has a net around it and it is near impossible for anyone to fall out of it. End of story.

Our son did not hurt his back at all. Period. We go to the chiropractor regularly for good health which my ex either knows or certainly should have known if she ever bothered to talk to our son.

The 4th of July was proven to have been my (DAD's) holiday in 2011. Again, mom was mistaken.

So all of these statements were either an exaggeration or an out right lie and boy did we argue.

JA finally insisted that enough was enough and that she wanted to see our son.

We drove home and returned 90 minutes later.

JA spent 10 minutes with our son in chambers then 20 minutes with out attorneys.

When the attorneys returned, I was informed that our son expressed his wishes to go to school with his father but still wanted to see his mother. I was also told that JA had decided that she was going to consider and honor his wishes. Now, we simply need to work out a parenting time schedule for a mother who hasn't had a valid license in 9 years that wants week on week off parenting time.


This seems to be the end of this segment. Thank you for reading and stay tuned for the accountability stage.


12/12/2011 update:

It seems that I was NOT wrong after all. Our son is still in DPS after a false PPO, denied parenting time and some blatant lies told by her attorney Wayne Kristall and herself as well. What a world. And for all of this, they were let completely off the hook by Judge Adams.