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2011 08 29 Court

I am absolutely sick of this shit now.

On Thursday 8/26/2011, I went to My ex's house at 12:30 to pick up our son. Lucky for me, I used the voice recorder on my iPhone to record this 1 minute exchange. My ex, Candy Gates, refused to let me have Q.

At 7:25pm, I returned to appeal to My ex to let me have Q since we were going to Michigan's Adventure and the Sand Dunes in Hart MI. The door was answered by My ex's Aunt Nina. Nina said that My ex was at church. I left and called 911 to request police assistance. I waited at the corner for the Police.

At 9:10pm, My ex pulled across the street from her house and backed into her driveway. I drove up and got out of my car. Paul, her husband, got out of the car and approached me. I asked Paul if he would please talk to My ex for me but he's a spineless little shit that would be homeless if he crossed her. His response was "Well, all I know is that you got a court date coming up on Monday".  She's my wife and I have to do what's best for her". No "MAN" would be with a woman that obsesses over her ex-husband from 10 years ago. Seriously?????? I told Paul that his response was messed up because he should be doing what's best for Q. (Removed upon request)

At 9:20pm I returned to the corner where DPD was sitting. They talked to me, they talked to her then they returned to the corner to talk to me. My ex offered more lies and confusion and refused to give up Q. A report number was provided.

On Friday morning we woke up early and went to Mi Adventure Water Park. We spent all day Saturday running around the city of silver Lake and the sand dunes. Q missed all of this, the water park, amusement park, camping, sand dunes, swimming in Lake Michigan, and climbing to the top of a light house.

Skip forward to today, Trial day. I go to the DPD and get a copy of the report that has been filed. I go to court. When called, both attorneys are sent to chambers. My attorney emerges and tells me that Judge Adams issued a PPO on me, to my ex-wife, on Friday, for slamming her hand in her door. The wonderful surprise that I had in store for them was the recording that proved that my ex closed her own door, I did not scream as she'd claimed and blatantly denied me parenting time again. OHHH and lets not forget that she obtained a PPO on false statements. AND... she didn't mention it to the police when they dealt with her on my call. OHHH, I forgot to mention that she referenced MY police report in obtaining her PPO.  (removed upon request)


Do you think that mattered? (Removed). We spent 4 more hours in chambers with me disproving every allegation that was thrown at me. My ex said that I'd come to her house at 10. I was having a discussion in Brighton with a State Police officer and could prove it. She stuck to her story even though the Judge asked her to listen to the proof. (Removed) We accomplished absolutely nothing. Her attorney wanted to delay and drag out the hearing and that's exactly what he did.

We have court tomorrow.AGAIN......


It was requested that I remove this page and I agreed to do so. After our Tuesday court date, I have decided to be more professional and remove the emotional comments and leave it at the facts. I apologize for the foul language. These postings will continue to be fact based only.



8/25/2011 12:34pm - I recorded my attemp to pick up my son. I was denied. I was told "you're not getting him".

8/25/2011 7:02pm - I went pick up my son, was denied and called the police. Report # 1109090355.1

8/26/2011 3:35pm - Judge Adams grants my ex a PPO based on her claim that I broke her hand in a fit of rage.