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2011 08 30 Court

My Ex-Wife Simply Has No Problem Saying Whatever She Thinks Will Get The Desired Result No Matter How Untrue It Is


Well, we got through a very grueling day 2, though not unscathed in the Wayne County, MI Friend of the court (FOC).

There was a lot of talk about what is BEST for our son. Period. That is what EVERY aspect of the outcome of this hearing shall be based on.
The sad truth is the outcome seems to ignore ALL of the facts that we presented (at least in our motion)

  • Mom's long history of medical neglect. Doctor supported. (best interest factor 3)
  • Mom's refusal to allow dad contact. (best interest factor 10)
  • Mom's phony PPO which was immediately proven false with a police report and recording.
  • Mom's terrible school attendance record for our son. (best interest factor 8)
  • Recent history of multiple domestic violence incidents in Moms home that do NOT involve Dad but rather her current husband. (best interest factor 11)
  • Mom's admitted practicing medical injections on our son for sport. (CHILD ABUSE)
  • Mom's admitted doctor instructed mental help and medication. (best interest factor 7)
  • Mom's lying directly to the judge, proven a liar and sticking to her lie EVEN when the Judge acknowledges the lie.
  • Mom's DUI arrest with a BAC of .22 (best interest factor 6)
  • Mom allowing the child to be in the primary care of an admitted crack cocaine user and at other times in the care of a registered sex offender. (Extremely poor choices)
  • So many violations of the courts' order that it would take 20 pages to list them. She has violated every single piece of the order multiple times and has been sanctioned for doing so.
  • Documented lies to CPS by Mom to cover her child abuse and neglect.
  • Driving for 9 years while license is suspended / revoked. Lying to the Judge about it. Failing to obtain from first advise of the Judge in January to September, still promising to do so.


The Judge said that plaintiff council accused me of being a control freak. I asked the judge this question: "Which is more a demonstration of a control freak, a person that follows your order or the person who refuses to follow the order after multiple warnings and sanctions?"

My attorney challenged opposing attorney to produce one single document, or shred of proof to support any of their claims. They did not and can not. She further stated that we have made a single claim that is not supported with picture, document or audio recording.

The Judge asked my ex wife to apologize to me for her recent vile, unsolicited and unnecessary comments. This was less than 5 minutes after she and her attorney still insisted that I broke her hand on Thursday in a violent rage. This claim is still alive  AFTER we produced an audio recording proving that she lied. The Judge then asked me to look at my ex wife and tell her that  was glad that she was the mother of my beautiful son. When I refused, I was told by the Judge "A bigger man would have said it. That lets me know that this isn't about your son." My Judge wanted me to LIE. Perhaps this is why she has tolerated the monumental amount of blatant lies told, directly to her,  by my ex-wife.

I am expected to drive our son 22 miles one way to school and from school on the 50/50 split because Mom has no drivers license even though she drives everyday. That's 88 miles a day for me. I am also expected to provide someone to help me with this task. Wake up an hour earlier tan necessary, sit through morning and evening rush hour traffic for five days in a row and NOT have that effect his schooling.


Judge Debra Ross Adams - Out Of Control ! ! !

Judge Debra Ross Adams took my motion full of PROOF of reasons why custody should be changed immediately and she  forced us to accept a make believe agreement. In doing so, she stated that she was closing our motion for COC. My attorney argued that it should not be done until the new motion was in place. Judge Adams insisted on dismissing the motion. How is that justice? This is so wrong and totally screws our son.

We got no trial even though mom admitted directly to the Judge to abusing our son and to lying to CPS about the abuse. Judge Adams also wants to fully ignore the proven fact that mom lied about the details of her so called broken hand and the fact that dad had nothing to do with it. Mom was granted a PPO after filing a false affidavit with the court. This was proven to Judge Adams. Mom filed for a second PPO but the charges in it were so ludicrous that Judge Adams did not allow it. Everyone can clearly see that mom is a manipulative, conniving, lying, unfit parent yet Judge Adams thinks that it is best for our son to make the motion go away instead of actually  . . . . being a Judge.

Remember, Judge Debra Ross Adams has been on this case for 6 years and promised to not let this thing turn into a revolving door circus. Well that's exactly what she has done. I don't know why but it has cost my son plenty. Plenty of abuse, pain, confusion, aggravation and probably mental suffering.

Wayne Krystall is a very slovenly sloppy man who practices law in the same fashion. He constantly excused his inactions and defiance of the court orders as "She doesn't have the money to pay me" and "I don't have time to spend on that".

My son and most others that have been in front of Judge Adams do not get the benefits of the legal system.

The end result {coming soon}