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2011 09 08 Denied At School

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9/8/11 I went to pick up my son. I was immediately surrounded by 6 or 7 people wanting to know what was going on. I told them that, like always, I was there to pick up my son.

This group included Mrs. Angela Gardner Street, Principal Harris, Teacher Mrs. Bal----, Lead Teacher Mrs K--- and 2 of the schools security guards.

I was told that Q had gone home due to an emergency. They said that Mom had a PPO and that I was not supposed to be at the school. I informed them that there is no PPO that bars me from picking up my son from school.

The group asked me if I had a copy of my court order. I produced it. They reviewed the order. Mrs. Angela Gardner-Street took it upon herself to insist that the order was not valid because "Mom has filed for a change in custody". Angela showed me a blue piece of paper which I quickly identified as a motion filing. I informed them that a motion filing has no legal standing but that did not matter.

Angela insisted that I needed "certified" copies of the court orders before they would comply.

I left the school without my son.


(The Full Story On My Interaction With Angela Street)