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2011 09 09 -Denied and Lied On

Today when I went to pick up Quincy from school, I found the security guard was playing a hiding game. I was locked outside but I saw them hiding around a corner trying to remain unseen. I called the police and three DPS Officers arrived. They spent an hour with me in a back office explaining all of my documents and verifying my position.

The officers also spoke with my attorney, Nicole, who explained via phone, that my documents were in order and I was rightfully at the school to pick up my son.  

Wayne Kristall, my ex's attorney,  told the officers via phone that I needed a "pick up order". This and the info that the officers received from their office informing them not to get involved, was the reason that they sent Quincy with Candy ten minutes before even telling me that she was gone.

School social worker, Angela Gardner Street, was present and seemed to take a personal interest in me not getting my son. I do not know why. I do not know this woman.

***Later in court, when asked about the incident, Wayne Krystall provided an involuntary admission by explaining why he told the officers that I needed a "pick-up" order. Though Judge Adams had just witnessed an Attorney admit to lying to benefit his client, while supporting her non-compliance with our court order, she did nothing to him. She didn't reprimand him or anything. Just let it slide.


I went to Candy's house and called 911 again. It took 3 hours for the police to arrive. Officer Kellogg talked with Candy but Candy refused to allow Quincy to leave.