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2011 09 18 Ex-Parte Facts

judge deborah ross adams blocksJudge Adams accused dad of an improper ex-parte communication attempt. She drilled it home by stating that her clerk explained to me that it was improper ect.....

Fact: I walked in, the bailiff ushered me to the clerk, I said "Can I ask the Judge a question?" Clerk responded "No." Plaintiff turned to leave.

That was the extent of this communication though JA stated that that I asked the clerk if I could have a private conversation with her and the clerk explained that I coulf not because it was improper. This Is Untrue.

Next, JA accused me of summoning her deputy out of her court room as if I'd ordered it done from mountain high. She drug this in to the ground and beat it to death as if I displayed some false sense of entitlement and demanded co-operation.

Fact: I asked the bailiff if I could ask him a question. The bailiff ushered me into the hall (There is absolutely no talking while court is in process).  In the hall, I held up my order and asked the bailiff "Who is supposed to enforce these?" He did not get a chance to answer because JA called him back into the court room. When he came back out, he went to the boys room and waved me on as if he'd been ordered to have no conversation with me.


This was the same question that I wanted to ask JA. This question does NOT go to the merit of the case as JA stated in her rant. How on earth would she have known what I was planning to ask if I never got a chance to?


As a matter of fact, Judge Adams beat this point so badly that it seemed as though she were "creating A Transcript".


JA made an assumption about what I wanted. The fact that I got to ask my question to her deputy should serve as proof of my intent and my intended inquiry. Judge Adams made an incorrect assumption. Then Judge Deborah Ross Adams made a false accusation.


4.   A judge shall not initiate, permit, or consider ex parte communications, or consider other communications made to the judge outside the presence of the parties concerning a pending or impending proceeding, except as follows:

    1. A judge may allow ex parte communications for scheduling, administrative purposes, or emergencies that do not deal with substantive matters or issues on the merits, provided:
      • the judge reasonably believes that no party or counsel for a party will gain a procedural or tactical advantage as a result of the ex parte communication, and
      • the judge makes provision promptly to notify all other parties and counsel for parties of the substance of the ex parte communication and allows an opportunity to respond.


According to item 4(a) of the Michigan Judicial Code Of Conduct, Plaintiffs' inquiry was not an attempt at an unauthorized ex-parte communication.

Summary:  I had not seen my son in 6 weeks. His school was co-operating with my ex-wife and her illegal actions. The Detroit police department said that it did not get involved. Out of desperation, I wanted to ask the judge "Who, can I expect to enforce your order?" For this, I was verbally beaten and told that I should have been arrested that day but she chose not to.