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2011 09 22 Police Assistance Getting Son From School

Two weeks ago I went to my Palmer Park Academy to pick up my son. I'll bullet point for brevity.detroit_pd_door_emblem

  • I went to school for to p/u for normal parenting time.
  • Staff said that mom had filed a motion to keep me away.
  • I advised them not to try to enforce a motion filing as it has no legal standing.
  • Detroit Public School Police arrived and reviewed.
  • School staff called Mom.
  • Mom's attorney (Wayne P Kristall) deliberately misinformed police by saying that Dad needed a "PICK UP" order. This was a blatant lie but According to the AGC, this is called "Zealous Representation"
  • Police recognized that Dad's order was proper and legal but deferred to the DPS legal department.
  • DPS Police released my son to his mother and slipped her out a back door 5 minutes before notifying me of this.
  • DPS Police officer Hughes told dad that he was forced by the legal department to take that action.
  • I was denied my parenting time.



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The School Social Worker That Violated My Parental Rights

Since my son began school, I've picked him up on a regular schedule or every other Thursday and Friday. This pickup has taken place at the school. Though there have been issues that were caused by Mom's non-compliance, there were also incidents where certain Detroit Public School personnel have taken Moms position to task and interfered with my court ordered parenting time and my state and federal right to my son.


Angela Gardner-Street Gets Personal In Our Custody Affairs

Angela Gardner-Street has been a Detroit Public school social worker since 1998 and I can't help but wonder how many other parents have been subjected to her one-sided, corrupt, personal, emotional and unprofessional antics.

On 9/8/2011 I arrived at my sons school, Palmer Park Academy in Detroit, for what would have been my first pick up for the 2011 - 2012 school year. I was met by a group of people which included Principal Harris and SSW Angela Gardner-Street. Angela seemed to be the spokes person for the group in telling me that Mom had a PPO against me and insisting that I was not supposed to be at the school or to pick up my son. Angela also presented me with a blue piece of paper and which she said that Mom presented as proof to of this claim.

I immediately recognized the document as a motion filing. Angela agreed that Mom had filed for custody. (Mom has custody and we are currently in the middle of my custody filing). Angela Gardner Street presented a copy of the Personal Protection Order. I informed Angela that the PPO, though valid, does not stop me from contact with my son. For some reason unknown to me, Social Worker Angela Gardner Street had taken to task, the wishes of my ex in stopping me from picking up my son.

I left the school today without incident and agreed to return tomorrow with certified copies of my court documents.


Angela Gardner Street Deliberately Interferes With Parenting Time

On 9/9/2011 I returned to the school with newly certified copies of my court orders only to discover that the school staff was working even harder to stop me from picking up my son. It began with the school being locked and no personnel visible to open the doors. I caught one of the school security staff playing hide and seek with me but he would not approach the doors. I caught a parent exiting the school and made my entry only to fine the security guard running toward the door in an attempt to intercept. I called 911 and request a squad.

Three officers arrived. Angela Gardner Street still insisted that I was not to pick up my son. WHY??? Anyway, the officers verified not only that I had certified copied and that my orders were valid but that I'd done as requested by the school.

Angela called my ex who arrived shortly there after. The officers spoke with our attorneys and advised me that my son had been sent home with his mother about 15 minutes ago. (This was an hour long ordeal)

I left the school again today without further incident.

SSW Angela Gardner-Street has taken a personal position against and it is very clear that she has her own agenda and No Judge, No Court order and No Detroit Police Sergeant will tell her what to do.

Angela Gardner Street Ignores/Defies A Detroit Police Sergeant

On 9/22/2011 at 3:10pm DPD Sergeant Todd Messineo accompanied me to the school. In the Office, Sgt Massinio asked Angela if she had anything that said that I was NOT supposed to pick up Q. Angela presented the PPO which Sgt Massinio examined was not a reason to keep me from my son.  He then informed her that I had a right to p/u my son. Angela insisted that the order states that I am to pick my son up "AFTER SCHOOL" so I could NOT get him until after school (as the order states). Though this is not a legally proper position for the school to take, I agreed, hoping that I could finally pick up my son.

Before leaving the school, I asked Angela a very succinct question "If I leave the school until dismissal and return, is there anything else that you will do to hinder my picking up my son?" Twice, Angela failed to answer my question. The Officers and I left the school.

When I returned to the school at 4:15, I was told by security guard Kenwon that upon my leaving the school with the police, Angela had called my sons mother and had her pick him up early. (I have the audio of this as well)