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2011 09 23 PPO Hearing




  1. Mom goes to court with cast on.
  2. Mom says that I broke her hand.
  3. Mom did not contact the police.
  4. Mom did not seek medical attention.


Mom just came into court, said that I assaulted her and Judge Adams gave her a PPO.


Mom did not know that I was recording.
This was the exchange that brought all that you will read below and more.
Judge Debra Ross Adams acknowledged the false claim by mom but did nothing but defend her action in issuing the PPO. Judge Adams also forced a full hearing on this now proven false, PPO. Of all the things that Judge Adams has threatened to "dismiss sua sponte", this was not one of them. WOW!

At the end of the day, Judge Adams ignored the facts that Mom was a liar and issued this

Mutual Restraining Order.


 After this exchange, mom appeared in court with a cast, claiming that dad assaulted her and broke her arm.




NOTE: The PPO that I spent 7 (3 in chambers-4 in court) hours battling was:

1. Issued with a referenced police report that was unrelated.

2. Was disputed with an audio recording that proved mom lied.

3. Occurred while mom was denying parenting time and dad was awarded makeup parenting time.

- - - - - - - - - - -


On 9/23/2011 my Attorney and I arrived in court at 2:15pm. I watched as 5 sheriffs' deputies (bailiffs) assembled on the floor and entered the court room.


My ex-wife and her attorney had convinced the Judge that I'd violated her false PPO by showing up at her house and in another incident, kicked in her door. None of this was known to me and none of it was listed in the pre hearing complaints or responses.


As we began, I was literally surrounded by bailiffs, the entire scene was ridiculous. As a matter of fact, it still baffles me that after seeing that my ex had lied yet again, she was not held accountable. There was no fine, no admonishment. . . .nothing. What the Judge did was to drop the current PPO and issue a previously drafted mutual PPO against each of us. I resent this PPO because in 6 years of hearing this case, Judge Debra Ross Adams has not been provided with one single shred of proof of anything that my ex-wife has ever claimed. Not ONE single document, audio or video file, witness or anything else!


Today was 2 hours on the bench providing information on /to the record to attempt to make my attorney and I look like wild cards that have no respect for her court or the system. The truth is that I have no respect for a judge or system that will allow a liar to come into her court room 3 - 6 times a year and be proven a liar each and every time and NEVER be held accountable while this person runs around trashing my reputation and relationship with people that I must communicate with regarding my son, schools, doctors, hospitals etc...

Because of these wild, mindless, random accusations I have ended up fighting a 10 headed monster. My ex involved the school and convinced them to violate my rights as well as our court order. There is her Attorney whom I've now taken to task for assisting his client by lying and the Judge because she has to be the most tolerant judge of this magnitude of defiance and disrespect that I've ever seen.

I won't cover all of the grandstanding and inaccurate accusations that were "PUT ON THE RECORD" on this page. (Read Them Here) This page is to explain the many lies that my ex-wife told in an attempt to result in my arrest.

Candy: "Since the 30thof August while was spending time with family, I was notified by my neighbor that Mr. Richmond was there... " (objected). She produced photos of her door that show no damage. Her Attorney, Wayne Kristall, then clarified that : "No one actually observed anyone kicking in the door but that he was there".  There was damage to her door so the PPO should stand. (It was apparent to me that the 5 deputies were present because of this allegation and that my ex and her attorney were trying to have me jailed. What they did NOT know is that the date that they claimed that I kicked in the door, I was 250 miles away on a mini vacation and have plenty of receipts to prove it.)

Candy: "September 8th ... I was called by HR teacher, to inform me that Mr. Richmond was there to pick up child". My thoughts were that there would be a scene or a confrontation and I relayed that to the school".

Candy said that at 9pm I blocked her driveway, and made a threatening statement. Her husband was the witness to my statement. The interesting part was that her husband took the stand and told the truth. (Good Deal) Her OWN husband proved that she was a lying to the court.

She accused me of following her from the school.

She tried to get me violated for being at the corner of her block waiting for the police.

She said that I pulled a "wad of money out of my pocket and tried to bribe the police".

Wayne Kristill tried to state that a PPO was necessary to keep me from posting these contents on the web.

This rant started and is one of three that went on for 6 minutes.


Judge: You can not come into the court seeking the assistance of the court, with respect to resolving the matter, and disrespect the court. If you want to do what you want to do, then do it out in the street and leave the court out of it. If you don't want to respect the decisions of the court and the court system, the honor of the court, FAME and all of that then you don't need to come through the process. You shouldn't have filed these motions seeking assistance from this entity. It's inappropriate. You can't try something on public opinion. It's inappropriate and I addressed with you, the situation with Mrs. Wells in chambers and you indicated to me that you were going to remove that posting that you had...

DAD interjecting: "I took it down".

JUDGE: and as of a couple of days ago, it was still there.

Dad: "No your honor, that item was taken down the same day, immediately, as I'd promised you".

I pulled it up and you see why the reason that that is important is you see, everything triggers something else Mr. Richmond, because now, FAME is asking for an opinion a legal opinion with respect to weather or not they can bring something against you for putting it there, from our judicial assistance office, is what I'm trying to explain to you. What I'm trying to explain to you is that everything triggers something else. And see the court, see we cant loose site of what this is all about, what it's all about is (child named). And this court throughout all the proceedings has always made that known. See it's not personal, you can't make things personal, (repeated to Plaintiff and defendant). That's what you all are doing now. And you've gone way beyond what's in (child named) best interest. When you go and post stuff online about teachers and social workers, what you're saying is that you have an agenda. (Dad tries to speak) Don't interrupt. Your agenda is not to do what's in (child names) best interest. Because understand, (child named) is the one that may have to go to school there. He's the one that has to interact with these people. You don't understand, so clearly, it's not in his best interest. Because number one, you have adequate remedy, you have an adequate remedy this gets to the other motion if there's an issue, with respect to parenting time and you not being able to exercise your parenting time, and mom denying parenting time as it was ordered by the court, (clerk hands Judge additional paper to slap me with) and also in addition, you sent something to the prosecutors office, seeking, you sent a letter to the prosecutors office. That's serious Mr. Richmond.


Dad: Yes, your Honor, this whole thing is serious.


Judge: You have a pending matter. The court issued the PPO. There is, if you believe that there is something inappropriate with the PPO, that's why you have legal representation to bring the matter before the court. It's not a criminal matter, the PPO is not a criminal matter. And you, by interjecting the prosecutors office, interjecting...um.. putting posting things .. making all these postings trashing the school, all of that is not appropriate. It's not appropriate and it's definitely not in (child named) best interest. You can't try the case through public through the Internet and all that. You can't try the case. It's not appropriate. That's saying you have your own agenda. and it clearly is not in (child named) best interest. because you have adequate remedy. The court is conducting a hearing with respect to your motion to terminate. The court didn't even have a lunch. I brought my staff here, made sure they were present, to conduct this proceeding. I indicated that It should have been handled ..you know, that it would have been better for him to handle that another date you sent some letter saying you didn't get notice. The court on it's own is trying to accommodate everyone. You can't arrive at something that...um a custodial ranking that's in (child's) best interest when you're sending stuff, flashing stuff everywhere. When you're sending letters to the prosecutors office, when you're attempting to have ex-parte communication with me, this court, because you came into the court room because I had a heavy docket. I had a court room full of people. It's unethical for me to have ex-parte communications with you. It's unethical, you came into my court room on...

Dad: Your honor, (I pointed to my attorney) she yelled at me about that.

Excuse me, you came into the court room on.....on September 12thyou appeared in my court room, directed, came to my clerk, with a packed court room, packed court room, packed, and I'm trying, I'm in proceeding, you came to the court room, walked directly in front of everyone, in front of the court, walked right here, came to my clerk, and asked her can you talk with Judge Adams. That is inappropriate. She indicated to you that it was inappropriate for you to even attempt to have ex-parte communications with the court, particularly going to the merits. You weren't trying to talk about something procedural you were trying to discuss the merits of the case and make it about your parenting time or whatever but that was inappropriate you know you have.. Then you left the court room after you were advised that it was inappropriate. Then you left and you summoned my deputy. You left the court room after you were advised by the clerk that that was inappropriate then you summoned my court deputy outside of the court room in the middle of a proceeding. My deputy was standing right here. His job is to make sure that I am safe. You have no right to summon my deputy out of the court room. Mr. Richmond, you summoned a court sheriff deputy out of the court room and asked him about to start interpreting orders of the court.



After DPD, State Police and Wayne county sheriff refused to take a role in enforcing the court order, I went to the court to ask the Judge who, if anyone, is supposed to enforce the order. That was all that I wanted to know.

 I walked in, through the first pew and approached the clerk, Sharon Parr. I asked Mrs. Parr if I could ask the Judge a question. She said no.


I turned to leave and missed the first pew before being ushered to the first pew by the deputy. The Deputy held the door as I was exiting the court. I asked him if I could ask him a question and he said "yes". I asked him what agency was supposed to enforce the court order. I could hear Judge Adams stop her proceeding and order someone to "Go get the deputy". I waited in the hall. When the deputy returned to the hall way he would not talk to me and went to the men's room.


Judge Adams on her own, disrupted her court room and interjected herself into what I was doing there. Then without even knowing why I was there, she had the nerve to accuse me of coming in to ask about my case.


Judge Adams accused me of an improper ex-parte communication when in fact I had not. It seems that she fancies herself something of an expert in ex-parte communications since that's how she conducted herself during the second half of her own divorce proceeding.


There was also a moment where my ex and her attorney BOTH admitted to denying me parenting time (as a preemptive maneuver). They admitted to denying parenting time and Judge Adams did absolutely nothing about it but she ranted for 5 minutes about me coming into her court room.