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2009 09 15 Motion To Change Custody


In August of 2009 I filed a motion for a change of custody in Wayne county, Michigan.

My allegations were that our son was exposed to some horrid conditions and situations at the hands of his mother.

Below is a cronological list the events or "things" that have happened during this motion for a change of custody. There are some deficencies in the system which include a FOC mediator that blantantly lied in her recommendation to our judge in her efforts to, for some reason, prevent me from having custody even in the face of all that you see below and in the other information posted here.

It is truely sad that in simply trying to exercise my rights as a parent that is trying to protect my son, I am now battling a Judge and other agencies. Most parents lack the resources, time or commitment to take these people to task which is why I believe they have come to function as they do.
Motion Filed 9/15/2009
Court Date  
Mom's Response included w dad
Dad Response Here
Mediation (Asteriou) 2/12/2010
Mediation Addendum 6/29/2010
Emergency Motion 9/16/2010
CPS Blood Dismissed
Home Inspection Report
Dr. Sundram (Opinion) Letter to Court
2nd Mediation (Wells) 8/04/2010
Domestic Violence June 09
Mediation Grievance 12/13/2010
Grievance Response Denied
Court 1/31/2011
Pre-Trial 4/5/2011
Pre-Trial 2 5/24/2011
TRIAL DATE (FINALLY!!!) 1st 6/14/2011
Trial Date 1 (Again) 7/12/2011
Court 8/9/2011 Postponed
Court Date (No Trial) Again  8/29/2011
Court Date (No Trial AGAIN) 8/30/2011
Mom & Her Atty Defy Judge Here
Detroit Public Schools Join
Mom's Antics
Denied PT
 Police Assistance with School  9/22/2011
 Court -- Motion for entry and DQ Motion Motions are postponed but PPO is heard.  9/23/2011
 Court - 10/11/11 (Postponed on 10/10/11  
 Court 1 10/17/11 
 Trial Day 1 (Dad on the stand)  2/27/2012
 Trial Day 2 (Defense Case)  2/28/2012
 Trial Day 3 (Ambush by court)  3/20/2012
 Trial Day 4 (Absolutely Nothing)  3/30/2012
 Trial Day 5  4/18/2012
 Trial Day 6? (I've lost count)  4/26/2012
 Trial Day 7 (Judge - NCNS)  5/3/2012
 Trial Day 8  5/23/2012