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2012 03 20 Trial

Judge Adams Ambushes Dad.

No notice of hearing, No definition of proceedings, just threats to comply or be held in contempt.


Well, today was extremely interesting. Today was NOT about our custody hearing at all. This was an ambush attempt by the court.

Today, Judge Adams took the bench and immediately ordered me to the stand. I was sworn in and grilled in the following manner.


Judge: Mr. Richmond, have you at any time, during any of these proceedings......recorded any of these proceedings?

Me: Can I plead the fifth?

Judge: I'm not your attorney. I can't tell you how to proceed.

Me: I plead the fifth.

Judge: You can't plead the fifth. You need to answer my question.

Me: I'm still pleading the fifth.

Judge: I am ordering you to answer my question.

Me: I'm not answering that question.


This back and forth exchange went on for a few minutes until the Judge told me to go back to my seat.


Next, she began grilling my attorney and telling her that she should have notified the court.


Next, she put our first mediator back on the stand. She testified that my attorney had told her that I'd informed her of a recording that I'd made and was in the process of having transcribed. She really didn't testify to much more.


The judge ordered me BACK up onto the stand for a ridiculous round of the same questioning.

When she asked me her 2 minute version of "Have you any recordings of any of these proceedings" i commented that Priscilla Wells lied on the stand under oath to support the lie that she put into her report. I was ordered silent but I refused. I continued that we are again more concerned with these side issues than we are what is important, the health and welfare of our son.


Judge Adams threatened that she would now entertain a summary disposition. At this point I stated that it was all a bluff and that there were no recordings. Judge A said that I should not bluff and I told her that people bluff in court all the time.


Judge A ordered both attorneys into her chambers.


The Summary Today's Of Facts:

Today was an ambush attempt by Judge Debra Ross Adams (the court)  and a huge violation of my constitutional rights.

  1. Judge Debra Adams gave no official or formal notice that the hearing would take place.
  2. Judge Debra Ross Adams refused to accept my pleading of my fifth amendment rights.
  3. Judge Deborah Ross Adams refused to clarify to my council weather this was a criminal or civil proceeding.
  4. Judge Debra Ross Adams stated that there she was holding my sanction (for refusing to answer under the above conditions) in abeyance until the conclusion of trial.
  5. (At our next appearance, the Judge Adams tried to deny item # 4)