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2012 03 30 Trial

Judge Adams Illegally Clears Her Court Room

In our next appearance, Judge Adams denied all of this.


Today, I arrived in court accompanied by my Mother, Father and brother who were all from Minnesota. Also attending was a close friend named Jim as well as my wife. We were scheduled for 11:00pm. We began at 1:00pm. Judge Adams walked into the court and immediately began kicking everyone out of the court room. She cleared the court room again. Her excise was that there were allegations or recordings and she wasn't risking any improper recordings.

This was a very personal act and I don't believe it was proper.


The messed up and funny part is that Judge Adams kicked my family members, friends and another attorney out of her court room BEFORE going on the record. (no official record). At our next appearance, Judge Adams flatly denied kicking anyone out.


My ex and her over dramatic attorney, Wayne P. Kristall, came up with a new ploy for today, the day that she was to take the stand. She cried and said that she was too distraught to take the stand. The Judge gave her some time to compose herself. Her attorney, Wayne Kristall asked for 45 days. Yes, 45 days to compose herself. He also expressed concern for my representation stating that my attorney should be removed from the case. Don't forget, this clown LIED directly to police and has admitted to such in court.


Before the judge dismissed us after doing absolutely nothing on day 4 of our case, I pointed to a stack of call logs that I'd brought to prove the difficulty that I have in contacting my son. When Judge Adams asked what I was pointing to, I told her. She asked if we were cooperating with the phone contact. Candy said "Yes" she then mentioned Mondays doctors appointment. I insisted that we were NOT, that Candy was supposed to pick Quincy up on Sunday and that she never did, and that the refused communication makes it difficult for me to assist him in daily communication with his schooling as he was now averaging 2 d's and an f. Judge Debra Ross Adams said that the decline in his grades was manifestation of all of the court proceedings and everything that was going on in here. I tried to explain to Judge Adams that our son's teacher Dr. Andrews, had explained during the parent teacher conference, that 6th grade was a pivotal point for boys like our son for whom everything has come easy until now. He is used to flying through his work and having all of the correct answers instead of having to work. (This is where parenting comes in) The judge dismissed this as hear say.


My final request was that my family was in town for a wedding and to have our son for the wedding. Candy Gates, being the lying bitch that she is, claimed that she had her own family event. Judge Adams asked her what the event was and her response was "A get together". The Judge asked "Which Day?". Candy said "Both". in frustration, I said, forget it, but take note that even in the court, she is willing to lie to keep our son away  from his extended family.


Our son missed the wedding. This is the second family wedding that he has missed because his mother is a scorned woman. It's not fair to him but there is nothing that the court is willing to do about it.