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2012 04 18 Trial (Foul Messages)

This is supposed to be a day where the docket has been cleared and we will have the court to ourselves.


Still Clearing The Court Room And Foul Voice Messages


Evidentiary Hearing Day 6


We were ordered to report to court at 9:00am and we did. There were three two deputies present as we waited. For some reason the regular court officer made an unusual number of warnings about cell phone usage. I soon discovered why.


At 11:20am, my wife stood to go out into the hall to make a phone call. The deputy approached me and said that my wife had her phone on in the court and would not be allowed back into the court room. I tried to explain to the deputy that my wife could not have had her phone on because it takes a full minute for the iPhones to start up. My wife insisted that she did not even hit the button to turn her phone on until she was well into the hall way (there were three witnesses). The deputy refused to discuss it with me ordering me to take my seat. After a visit to the sheriff's office on the 17th floor, she was allowed back into the court room but had to relinquish her phone. Silly shit.


At 12:02pm Judge Adams took the bench.  Yes, we waited in her court room for three hours before she took the bench. She insisted that today would be the last day. (Yeh right)


My sons step-father was the first to take the stand today. Step-Dad was eager to play some foul messages that I'd left on his cell phone. I too was eager to have them played for the court. See, I'd deliberately left vulgar messages on his voice mail because I knew that they would bring them to court. In the past, my ex denies always says that i do NOT even call or attempt to talk to my son. Well Judge Adams wrote down every word of each message. Every fuckhead, dickhead, you fuckers, assholes and worlds worst child abusive mother, was repeated and documented by the Judge. The underlying point of the messages, which came out on cross, was that I called five days in a row, at 7:00 and 7:01 and did NOT get to speak to my son as ordered. JUDGE ADAMS COMPLETELY IGNORED THIS FACT , AS SHE ALWAYS DOES, AND FOCUSED ON THE IRRELEVENT FACT, THET THE MESSAGES WERE LEFT. Defense attorney Wayne Kristall was extremely agitated by my amusement stating loudly "Your honor, I'd like the court to note that Mr. Richmond is smiling and NODDING HIS HEAD". I was told that this was inappropriate. SERIOUSLY?????????


Judge Adams said ""Forget the order. It's too confusing... (SHE REALLY SAID THAT ABOUT HER OWN ORDER WHEN MOM FAILED TO COMPLY)


Step Dad admitted to being present during the blood drawing incident but did not notice it though he was in the same room. Upon cross, he also admitted that IF he had noticed it, he would have stopped it because he knew it was wrong. Now for the funny part. When asked if he had ever been arrested, step-dad said "No". When reminded that there was a domestic violence report and arrest record, Attorney Kristall objected stating that the arrest was hearsay. Plaintiff council stated "It's not hearsay, Officer Lightfoot was on the stand t months ago and testified that he took step-dad into custody for domestic violence". This is an almost verbatim inquiry from the Judge:


Judge: Wait a minute. Did you call the police on this date?

Step-Dad: Yes.

Judge:     Did they show up?

Step Dad: Yes.

Judge:     Did they take you to jail.

Step-Dad:     Not to jail.

Judge:     Did they take you out of the house?

Step-Dad:     Yes.

Judge:         Where did they take you?

Step-Dad:     To the hospital.

Judge:     For what?

Step Dad:     My arm was broke?

Judge:      Did they finger print you and take your picture?

Step-Dad:     Not at the hospital?

Judge:     Where did they do that?

Step Dad:     At another building.

Judge:     Was this other building a police station?

Step-Dad:     Yes.

Judge:     And then what?

Step Dad:     Nothing. The next day, I went home.

Judge:     Next question.


This is the male role model in my sons custodial home.


My e-x took the stand and....... well I won't bore you with all of the details but she stated that I was calling her husband and harassing him on his cell phone. Judge Adams wanted to know why I was calling step-dads phone insisting that he should have nothing to do with this. She began making a big deal out of it and my attorney told the court that it was in her latest order. Judge Adams said that she wanted to see it. My attorney said that she had a copy in front of her. Judge Adams said "Counselor, don't tell me what I have in front of me." Plaintiff attorney said "It is exhibit ?? the Mutual restraining order". Judge Adams began stating that she this Mutual Restraining order should not have been entered the way that it was and that she should have modified the parenting time order instead of doing it the way that it was done. Next, Judge Adams held the order over her head and said "When I was presented with this...." It was at this time that plaintiff council reminded the court that she was not PRESENTED with that order but rather she drafted it and hand wrote the phone number on the order before signing it. Judge Adams reminded us that she could to change the order sua sponte.

Judge Adams acknowledged that the number got onto the order somehow and that it was her writing. We argued that it was added at the request of defense and council. Judge Adams said, and I quote "Forget the order. It's too confusing...". Well you can imagine how funny this was to me. Judge Adams has finally stooped to the same level that my ex has been at from day one, FORGET THE ORDER!  


And this is the very reason that we've had more than 40 court appearances in 8 years and our ROA is over 370 or 270 items long.


At 4:45pm, Judge Adams excused herself for what was supposed to be a 5 minute break. At 5:17pm, one of the three deputies  told us that Judge Adams said that she will mail us our next court date.