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2012 04 26 Trial

Ex-Wife Lies Unconscionably Under Oath During Child Custody Hearing.


Today was an exercise in stupidity.


My ex resumed her testimony on the stand. She and her attorney have obviously failed to see that they have been baited with my "rude" phone messages. There is nothing threatening. The messages are just rude enough to get them to bring them to court and prove the same thing that they deny in EVERY FUCKING APPEARANCE, the fact that I AM actually calling and at 7:00pm as I am ordered by the court. These messages also prove that they are NOT letting me talk to my son as they have been ordered to do. It is brilliant. And Judge Adams ignored the non-compliance. 


After listening to 3 hours of my ex claiming that I:

    • Hate Black Women (I married her. She is black)
    • Think white women are gods.
    • Banned her from make-up
    • Had sex with men (like that matters -FTR, I do not)
    • Anally abused her and permanently damaged her.
    • Kept her as my sex slave
    • Forced her to a swingers club (8 times)
    • Kept her prisoner in our apartment while I was out of town for three weeks at a time.
    • Kidnapped our son
    • Threatened to move and take our son to MN.
    • Picked a fight with her husband
    • Take our 11 year old son to a bar (Strip club)
    • Cheated on my current wife by continuing a sexual relationship with her.
    • Destroyed her home, recently.
    • ((((This is all my ex wife's opinion. She was not asked to present an ounce of proof, no documents, pictures..nothing. She was allowed to freely make up claims that were out of this world. The same will not be true for us on cross. We have proof but I'll bet you that it will be dismissed in the same manner that the Judge dismisses her own orders on argument.))))
    • Met her at 16. (Yes, her mother was driving her to work in a nude bar. I did not touch her until 2000. She was 24)
      • After listening to this stupid shit Judge Adams said that she was disturbed by the phone messages that I've been leaving. Really!!!! Lets ignore the fact that there would be and should be no messages because the phone is supposed to be answered and my son placed on it. Still, she modifies our order again and this time i am ordered to call Quincy's' phone only. I kinda lost it. Seriously. I kinda lost it and stopped short of asking Judge Adams was she completely off of her rocker. I DID say that this made no sense. This would still not allow me to talk to my son because WE"VE BEEN HERE ALREADY. I told JRA that First it was Candy's phone, then Paul's Phone, then back to Candy's phone then Quincy's phone back to Paul's phone and now that she STILL cant get it together you think that putting it back onto Quincy will make it happen. I told her that it won't. She insisted that it would and for the 50th time she told my ex, the same damn thing that she has told her for 6 years.
      • We're ordered to appear on 5/3/2012 at 1:00PM
      • :UPDATE 5/10/2012 - There is still no phone contact on our sons phone. Isn't this a wise judge?