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2012 05 03 Court

This just keeps getting better.


Today, we were scheduled to appear at 1:00pm. At 11:30, we get notice that our hearing has been moved to 2:00pm.


We arrive at 2:00 pm and are told by the deputy that we are to wait in the hall. We will be called into the court room when "The Court" is ready for us". There were 3 or 4 deputies requested for us again today. At 3:00pm, both attorneys are called into the court room and told that the Judge has finished her docket for the day. REALLY!!! REALLY!!!!


This was very unprofessional, rude, costly and wasteful. How in the HELL can she claim that she has finished her docket when we are ON her docket? We are on her docket at the time that SHE scheduled, and we are cancelled??????? After sitting in the hall for over an hour? Really???? It is so painfully clear that Judge Debra Ross Adams' better days are behind her. All things must come to an end and I believe that her tenure as a USEFUL and EFFECTIVE judiciary has long passed.


I say that she is ineffective because for the 6 years that she's been on our case, she has failed miserably to exert any kind of control and has allowed nothing but chaos. She has covered for my ex in refusing to view evidence, creating and modifying orders instead of holding her accountable for not following the orders.


My ex has gotten away with feigning ignorance of the orders so often that she never admits to seeing anything. She was on the stand and denied having ever seen our holiday schedule which was provided and authenticated by the judge. She actually gets away with claiming that she hasn't seen our orders. Judge Adams asked her if it is possible that she did not understand the order then said that the order was too confusing. She said that her order that she issued was too confusing.



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