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2012 05 23 Trial Day 7

Today was a day for continuation of evidentiary hearing and my ex was on the stand.


Before starting, my attorney wanted to inform the court of the fact that our son no longer has an asthma specialist and that this information is now in limbo. She was not allowed to discuss this. Instead, we were directed to begin the proceeding.


My ex (((Her testimony will be completed later)))


But I will say this: Twice during these proceedings, defense attempted to end his examination of defendant and was prodded into hours more inquisition by the Judge who said "Are you sure you have no more questions for her???


This same courtesy was not extended to my attorney on cross examination. Instead, we were constantly rushed and reminded that we had 15 minutes etc. As a matter of fact, this was how Judge Adams began the proceedings. First she warned ALL of us about MY behavior in lunging at Wayne Krystill without acknowledging that he is an officer of the court and is supposed to be held to a much higher stander than I. Next she told my council that she only had .... I think it was 15 minutes to complete her cross examination. Well, you can imagine, that did not happen.


After today's proceedings, the court reporter was excused. We began scheduling for another day. I mentioned that our does not have an Asthma specialist and will need his medication. It took a minute to get it through to Judge Adams but when she realized that Dr, Marks will no longer treat our son as a direct result of defense council abuse, she complained that we should have brought this to her attention in the beginning of the proceedings. My attorney said "WE TRIED, but you refused to hear it."


More on that later but DMC is alleging that Wayne Kristall came to their office unannounced, demanding to see the asthma specialist. They also alleged that when he was told that the specialist was unavailable, he began threatening office staff with their jobs as well as the doctor. For this reason, they have dropped our son as a client.