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2012 06 01 Trial - Final Day

Ex-Wife Admits Blood Drawing Aator Lied On Stand And In Her Report


Our final day of trial.


This began again with my ex being on the stand and her usual lying self. One thing that was interesting though was that she did admit to confessing to Priscilla Wells about the blood drawing incident during our mediation session.


Here's one that would be funny if it were not true. The fact that it's true makes it extremely embarrassing to the courts. I produced photocopies of screenshots from my phone proving that I was actually trying to reach my son at 7 PM each night. My ex challenged their accuracy by stating there were dates were missing. I stated that the dates that I did not call or the dates that I spoke to our son were not included as they were not violations. Simultaneously, she stated that the time of the screen prints did not go in sequence. This is stupid because the time of the screen-print is completely irrelevant. The judge actually heard this stupid argument and stated that it was sufficient and that she wanted to see actual phone records which were ready to produce.

I think that it is pretty obvious that Judge Adams is doing all that she can to support my ex in her attempt to retain custody.


Somewhere in the middle of all of this, the court took the time to verbally abuse our son's pediatrician who had shown up to testify on our son's behalf. Dr. Marcus has been our son's pediatrician since his birth. He is more familiar with Q's medical history than anyone else. When he arrived, he was immediately accused of not arriving on time and not being in the court. When Dr Marcus insisted that he'd been in the hall for upwards of 45 minutes, Judge Adams said that it wasn't true and that she knew that it wasn't true because she's had deputies check the hall. ?????? We were in fornt of her for about 3 hours at this point and she never sent the deputy anywhere, nor did he leave the court room.


As the trial went on the judge was her usual self in allowing and or trying to dismiss every document that we provided to impeach Candy and her testimony. Again today she threatened to vacate one of her own orders and was reminded by my attorney that even if she did vacate the order it would not mean that the order was not valid the time of the violation. This only seem to agitate Judge Adams.