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2012 08 20 Opinion & Order - THE DECISION***


Order And Opinion

Well Well Well! Today we received our decision from the very honorable Judge Deborah Ross Adams, 41 days late. I could do nothing but laugh as I read the courts decision. As I read the findings of the court I could also not help but wonder if our Judge even attended our hearing. There are things that are so incredibly evident that it is mind boggling to actually witness the information that was used to form the opinion. It was even more incredible to realize the information that was not included and the way other pieces of testimony were misrepresented.

This thing is such a farce, though a legal order, that it is shameful that it has come from a respected and feared member of the community and judiciary.

I was well prepared for this by my attorney but was still humorously shocked at the findings.

In the words of Forrest Gump "That's all I got to say bout that", for now.