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2010 04 10 Court Orders Addendum???

Our mediation hearing was in January of 2010. In April of 2010 we'd still heard nothing from the court as to the recommendation. I contacted the clerk of Judge Debra Ross Adams and was told that they still had NOT received the report.  I contacted Mrs. Asteriou directly. I was told that the report was prepared in Feburary and submitted to the court at the same time.


In April of 20 10, we appeared in court and there was no case movement because Judge Adams stated that she had not yet received the addendum that she'd ordered. ?????


Neither I nor my attorney even knew that the report was completed and received. The court had the report and without any review or input from parties, requested an addendeum to the recommendation.


This was very curious, to me. Could it be that Judge Adams was looking for a way out of changing custody as the mediation report so strongly suggested?




Should there be any further non-compliance with the minor child’s medication regimen or obtaining timely medical/dental care, the Court should strongly consider suspending Ms. Gates’ parenting time.

1. CUSTODY – The parties should be provided joint legal custody and Mr. Richmond should be provided sole physical custody.