2013 11 25 Show Cause Hearing - Contempt Finding

 Today was another normal day full of violations, non-compliance and I just general disregard for our court order. One thing that held slightly different is that my ex was again, found to be in contempt of court.

She was found in contempt of court for failing inform dad of yet another school change. additionally she did not  tell dad of the school change while dad was driving around looking their son. Yes, that is just pure ignorant evil. She was also found to be in contempt for violating our joint legal custody provision by taking our son to see a therapist. 


This is where the monumental ignorance comes in on the part of Wayne Kristall. Instead of informing his client that it is not good to violate a court order, he tries to justify violating an order by bringing that same information into court for her and actually presents it. YES, FOR HER DEFENSE, HE HAD HER BRING PROOF OF HER VIOLATION!  I'm no attorney but DAMN!!!!!