2014 04 10 Trial 2 Day 2

Today would prove to be a very interesting day. We began the day with the judge going on the record and immediately asking Mr. Kristall to provide his definition of a “pickup order”. Mr. Kristall described a pickup order as an order that you request from the court when one parent violates the order and takes the child out of state. He said that you would then come in and petition the court and ask the court to issue a “pickup order” which instructs police officers to return the child to its rightful parents. The judge also ask Mr. Kristall to provide his history and experience with a pickup orders. Mr Kristall could provide none. Judge Haggerty stated that when he issues an order, people will follow it or they will be placed in jail. He stated that orders are not negotiable. He also found on the record that Mr. Kristall did in fact inform the school that I needed to pick up order and that he knew very well that there was no pickup order in effect in our case. 


Next I was placed back on to the stand to continue giving testimony. My ex, through her attorney, requested that her husband, Paul, be taken out of turn. She stated that it was because they were in the process of moving and that he had to return the moving truck.


Paul took the stand and more or less testified to the fact that my son:

  1. Did not have enough clothing to get through a week of school.
  2. Does in fact wear dirty clothing to school, regularly.
  3. That they do their laundry in the tub or sink.
  4. That it is very likely that they do not have any way of properly doing their laundry.
  5. That he will do "smell test" on the clothes to see if they are too dirty to be worn again.


Paul also made it very clear that all decisions being made about my son, are being done without my inclusion. When the judge asked him why they would change my son's school without informing his biological father (me), Paul shrugged his shoulders and literally said "Iowwwn know".


Paul passively admitted that the children dress and prepare themselves for school and come to he and his wife's bedroom when they are ready to be taken to school. This became evident when Paul said that he sometimes does not see the children before they have their coats on in the morning. Paul also stated that he was on the bed when the children would let him know that they are ready to be taken to school. In my personal opinion, this sums up what seems to be a pretty pathetic experience for my son.