2012 12 21 Kidnapping Charge?????

Wayne Kristall And Mom Accuse Dad Of Kidnapping

Yes, my ex and her attorney Wayne Kristall accused me of kidnapping my son. I'll keep this to the facts and you can read for yourself. I can't make this shit up. This stupidity is my reality.

  • Mom did not pick Q up.
  • Mom did not call to inquire as to ....anything!
  • Mom's uncle is the "someone that sometimes drops the my son off".



Mom is supposed to pick up Q. She did not for a full week. Then she takes dad into court accusing him of kidnapping and asking that dad's parenting time be removed until after the school year and that dad have no contact with the school for the remainder of the school year. REALLY???


 I'm telling you, I couldn't make this up unless I was on some powerful and illegal drugs.