2012 05 08 Judge Too Tired

Judge Adams Adjourns Because She Is Tired


Today we appeared for the continuation of our custody trial. We were scheduled for 11:00AM. When we arrived, at 11:00, we were told that we'd been moved to 2:00PM. After sitting in the hall and listening to three and a half hours of other cases, we were ushered into the court room.


The mornings activities (docket) has tired Judge Adams to the point that she chose to adjourn our hearing.


After we spent half of the morning there waiting to be called, we were sent home because the court was tired.


The most frustrating part of this is that I still had to pay my attorney for 4 hours of nothing and lost half a days wages. This is a terrible thing to do to people but it wasn't the only time the court wasted our time and money. See Other Example