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Parenting Time Journal 2014

January 5th 2014

Because of my Ex's refusal to pick up our son, I was forced to drive him to her house. 


January 12th 2014

Again, I drove Q back to his mothers house.


January 26th 2014

Drove Q back to mothers house.


May 29th 2014

I drove 25 miles to my sons school to pick him up for my normal parenting time only to find out that he was not in school. I text his mother "Q*** was not in school today. Are you home, I'd like to pick him up". I got no response. 


May 30th 2014

Today, I called my sons school to confirm that my son was in attendance. As I arrived, I got a response to yesterdays' inquiry. "Then you should have asked before wasting your gas." I picked my son up and he was distraught because he said that his mother told him that I am stealing her weekends and that he should not come with me.


June 1st 2014

7:45pm I drove my son to his mother's house. She was not home. I returned to Canton with him.


June 2nd 2014

Drove Q to school.