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Parenting Time Journal 2015


Mom texts advising that there are changes in her household, Paul us gone and she sends dad a picture of her with a black eye.



Did contacts mom requesting that Q remain with him until things settle down in her household. AGAIN, Candy Richmond Gates  responds with concern for herself, telling dad that the black eye happened a long time ago, that Pauul has moved to GA, accusing dad of being perfect etc... Nowhere in her response did she address what in best for Q, considering what he'd experienced there.


5/8/2015 10:55pm

Mom ahd her husband Paul are physically fighting and she has Q call dad who leaves to pick him up.



Dad learns via FOIA request of the Detroit Police Department that between 1/17/2013 and 8/6/2015 there were 32 (THIRTY TWO) police calls to moms home. Seven of those 32 calls, between 7/17/2014 and 8/6/2015 were for assaultive-type disturbances or fighting. Eight police calls in 12 months, to one address, involving the same people, involving physical violence and while minor children were present.