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Parenting Time Journal 2001


6/15/2001 - Receipt
Occurrence: Mom is hiding with son. Dad buys baby food items and gives them to Uncle.
Images: Receipt

7/07/2001 - Receipt
Occurrence: Mom emails that child needs stuff. Dad goes shopping and gives clothing to Mom's uncle.
Images: Receipt | Receipt2

7/11/2001 - Receipt
Occurrence: Dad spends buys baby food and drops it off at the Uncles home.
Images: Receipt

7/19/2001 - Receipt
Occurrence: Dad goes shopping again.
Images: Receipt

8/12/2001 - Receipt
Occurrence: Dad goes shopping at request of mom.
Images: Receipt

8/29/2001 - Receipt
Occurrence: Dad goes shopping at Mom's request. Dad still is not seeing son.
Images: Receipt

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