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Parenting Time Journal 2002



7/06/2002 - Attempted Arrest
Occurrence: Dad arrived to pick up the child but there was no answer at the door. After only a few moments, a Detroit Police car sped up. The officers got out and said that the caller stated that Dad was trying to kick in her door. The officers quickly determined by Dad's calm demeanor and the fact that there was no damage to the door. Dad is a very large man. With the police present, Dad mentions 50/50 custody to Mom and she replies, "I don't think I'm ready for that". Mom stated that she had a PPO against Dad which she produced for the officers.
Result: Officers verified that Dad had not been served and therefore was not in violation. Officers served Dad. Mom refused to allow Dad to have the child for the weekend.

8/20/2002 - Pick Up , Burn
Occurrence: Dad picks the child up from Moms home at her request. When the child comes to the door, Dad notices a very large but healing burn on the child's left forearm. Dad asked what happened. Mom says that the child burned his arm on a heater. Dad argues that it is August and 90 degrees. mom accuses Dad of trying to start a fight. Mom says that she took the child to DMC Children's but can produce no paperwork. Dad leaves with the child.
Document: transcript clip

10/23/2002 - CPS Called by Mom
Occurrence: After denying Dad parenting time with the child for a few months, Mom calls CPS to report dad as molesting the child. For more than a month, mom refuses to take the child in for an exam. Mom also admits to the reporter that she has kept the child from Dad.
Document: CPS Report

11/08/2002 - First Court Appearance
Judge Kathleen MacDonald
Motion: Show Cause
Occurrence: Among other things, mom denies denying Dad his parenting time. In the 7/22/2001 email, you can see Mom explaining why she went into hiding. Mom also admits denying parenting time in the 10/23/2002 CPS Report. 
Resulted in: Both parents warned to comply with the order. Mom ordered to take child to her Uncles home for pick up.
Document: Transcript

11/22/2002 - Pick Up
Result: Exchange is to take place at 10:00am. Dad arrived at 10:05. Mom arrived at 11:10.
Condition: Child was dirty and in clothing that was too small and eating a box of Mike & Ike candy.

11/25/2002 - Pick Up
Result: Exchange is to take place at 10:00am. Dad arrived at 10:03am. At 10:15 mom calls and asks dad to meet at the police station near her home. Dad arrived at the police station at 10:38. Mom arrived at 11:00 though she is only a few blocks away from station.
Condition: Dirty and eating a bag of Cheetos. Let me explain dirty: dried up snot trails across face, clothing that is very unwashed, discolored and smelly and sleep still in his eyes.

12/10/2002 - Call from FOC support enforcement
Result: Told that I am $3600 behind in support payments. Investigator said that the referral came from mom. (This escalated to $12,000 before an assistance from the office of the Mi State Attorney General helped me to get this cleared)

12/23/2002 - Fake Out
Occurrence: Mom called and offered additional time for the New Year holiday. I was already supposed to have our son but she offered more. Dad accepted and a time was agreed upon.

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