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Parenting Time Journal 2003



1/01/2003 - No Child
Occurrence: I arrived at 9:50am. I called a few times over the next 90 minutes but mom did not answer her phone. At 11:20am, I left without our son.


1/04/2003 - Pick Up, Step Mom Shirt
Occurrence: Dad arrived at Uncles home at 9:50am. Mom arrived at 11:40am. Our son was wearing a t-shirt that read "I have a Puerto Rican Step Mother". (This was in reference to my girlfriend who is now my wife).


2/01/2003 - Pick Up, Open Sores
Occurrence: Dad arrived at Uncles home at 10:00am. At 10:06am, Paul (mom's cousin) called to ask if dad will come to the police station. Dad arrives at the police station at 10:19. Paul arrives at 10:50am and hands dad 2 bottles of medication and says that the child has Scarlett fever.
Condition: Arrived eating a sucker. Dirty but I've seen worse.


2/11/2003 - Pick Up
Occurrence: Picked up without incident.

2/13/2003 - Dentist appointment
Occurrence: The child was take to a pediatric Dentist and needs $809.00 worth of dental work. He had 3 cavities and his 2 front teeth needed to be restored or decay would hit the nerve before they fell out.


2/17/2003 - FOC Seized Income Tax Return.
Occurrence: Dad discovered that he would not receive his income tax return because FOC had seized it. (will be returned later but at the time, very frustrating)


3/01/2003 - Pick Up, the green eyed guy
Occurrence: Dad arrived at the uncles home at 9:50am. At 10:20am, dad rings doorbell and asks Uncle to call mom to see if she was planning on bringing the child. Mom told Uncle that she did not know that today was an exchange day. A green eyed guy whom dad has never seen before shows up with the child at 11:50am.
Condition: Again, the child was dirty, in clothes that were too small and unwashed. Straight out of bed.


3/28/2003 - Pick Up
Occurrence: Dad arrived at 9:50am. Mom was not ready. Dad went on with his day. Dad got the child at 3:19pm.
Condition: (direct note) "He smells and his face is unwashed. He was so dirty this weekend that changing his clothes was not enough. I had to give him a bath before we could continue our day. My child was wearing a pair of socks that were very tight around his ankles and were beyond dirty. The socks felt something like tar, not thick for tar but thick for socks. The socks also had a large chocolate like stain on them. It looked pretty gross. My child was wearing a pair of white Nike shoes that I purchased for him last summer."
Images: Clothes


3/31/2003 - Drop Off
Occurrence: Dad was working so Dad's GF took the child home arriving at 12:05. GF called dad to say that no one was home. Dad called mom but there was no answer. Dad called Grandma who said that the child's uncle would arrive in 15 minutes. At 12:40 GF left because no on had arrived to pick up the child. The child was finally returned at 5:30pm.

4/01/2003 Motion Filed
Occurrence: Dad files motion for 50% change of custody. My basis was that custody was established via a false ppo by mom and her refusal to allow dad to see the child for extended periods of time. Also stated in this motion was that mom repeatedly failed to seek medical care for the child until his illness was dire. (This Motion was refused. I now understand that it was very improper.)


5/10/2003 - Pick Up
Occurrence: Dad arrives at Uncles home at 10:15am. At 10:45 Dad knocks on door and asks moms cousin to call her. Paul arrived at 11:25 with he child. Mom was not in attendance.


6/01/2003 - Hearing - Show Cause
Mom denied all accusations in the motion stating that Paul brought the child on time, each time, waited around then would drive back home and wait for me to call only to have to drive back to give the child to dad. (sorry but that's how she rambles.) Mom accused Dad of not having paid any child support. Mom wanted the exchange site changed to the Police station near her home. Referee said "No", until a mediation hearing.
Result: We were referred to mediation.


6/21/2003 - Pick Up
Occurrence: Dad arrived at Uncles home to pick up the child at 9:56am and waited until 10:45am before knocking on the door to ask Uncle to call Mom. Aunt answered the door and said that Mom told her that we were to use the new site for exchanges.


6/25/2003 - Denied Parenting Time
Occurrence: Dad calls mom at 4:30pm to tell her that he may be as much as 15 minutes late. Mom did not answer the phone so a message was left. Dad arrived at 6:05pm for a 6:00pm appointment. Mom was not home. Dad tried to reach mom by phone and waited until 6:25pm before leaving without son.


6/28/2003 - Off Schedule Offer
Occurrence: At 9am Dad receives a call from Paul asking if he wanted his son today. When Dad asked what happened to last weekend, the call was terminated. 


8/??/2003 - Court with Referee Calandro
Occurrence: Dads motion claiming mom fails to allow parenting time and is consistently 60 to 90 minutes late. Mom claims that Dad is behind in child support, does not show up to pick up the child and harasses her Uncle which is why she wants to use the police station. Through the aggravation of listening to us, the Referee issues a warning, the use of the police station and more. Dad knows that Mom was told by Uncle that he would not lie for her in court which is the real reason for the request.


8/21/2003 - Child E.R. Visit, Dad Not Notified
Occurrence: Mom took the child to the Emergency Room. Dad did not know about this until receiving a call from a collections company on 10/5/2009.


8/23/2003 - Pick Up, police Station
Occurrence: Dad arrives at the police station at 9:45am and explains hes presence to the desk officer. The officer also agreed to be witness to Dad's presence. Dad waited until 10:40. The officer signed the out time and dad prepared to leave. Dad's phone call was returned by Paul who said that they over slept and were on their way. They arrived at 11:15am. Paul handed Dad the child and a prescription, stating that he had another infection. Dad noticed that the prescription had been written2 days prior and was not yet filled. The Pharmacist told Dad that the script was for an anti-biotic cream. Dad inspected the child's legs and noticed that the child was covered with open sores. (Mom would later state "he ain't never had no open sores on his body")
Documents: Images | Teeth | Bumps


9/4/2003 - CPS Report
Document: (Will be published soon)


9/20/2003 - Police station & Police called
Occurrence: Dad arrived at the 10th precinct at 10:10am and waited until 11:00am. The desk officer signed Dad in on arrival and out on departure. Dad went to Mom's house. Mom did not answer her door. Grandma pulls up to talk to Dad about the situation. a few moments later 2 Detroit police cars arrive. Mom accused Dad of kidnapping. The officers tried to explain to Mom that this was not a kidnapping situation and that Dad had a right according to the order to see his son. After a few minutes, Dad tells officers that their efforts were useless as she will not follow an order and certainly was not about to consider a reasonable suggestion. 
Document: Proof 


10/04/2003 - Parenting Time Denied
Document: Proof


10/23/2003 - Mom contacts Dad
Occurrence: Mom calls Dad and stated that the child is asking for his father. Mom says "I hate to have him asking for something that i can not give him". Mom claims to want to put an end to all of this "silliness". Mom offers the child to Dad on Saturday. On Sunday, Dad picks up the child from Uncles home as requested by Mom. Dad agrees to bring the child home on Wed.


10/29/2003 - Additional Time
occurrence: Mom called and offerd Dad parenting time until Saturday. Dad accepts though he believes that this is due solely to the fact that mom has received notice of our upcoming show cause hearing against her.  


11/21/2003 - Denied Parenting Time
Occurrence: Dad arrived at Mom's home at 5:11pm to pick up the child. Mom's 13 year old brother was knocking on the door but no one was home.  Dad called Mom's Uncle who agreed to come pick up the 13 year old brother. dad left. At 8:00pm, Mom called to say that she was in Lansing, MI for a few days and that she would call Dad when she returned.


11/23/2003 - Mom returns and calls Dad
Occurrence: Mom calls Dad, says that she is back in town and offers the child. Dad picks the child up and is given medication by Mom (Zithromax & Tanafed). The child has another very bad blistered rash. The rash is treated by Dad. 


11/24/2003 - Mom Demands An Early Return
Occurrence: Dad receives a call from Paul wanting to know when the child would be returned. Dad said "tomorrow, according to the order". Mom yelled from the background that that would not be acceptable.


12/23/2003 - Pick Up, FILTHY"
Occurrence: Dad arrives to pick up the child at 12:00. The door is opened by "D".  The home reeks of Kerosene. Dad asked if that smell was kerosene and "D" said "No, cause we ran out". The only adults home were "LD" (Mom's adult age brother) and his GF who were sleeping on a mattress on the living room floor next to their infant daughter who was sleeping in a car seat. There was some confusion about locating shoes and clothes for my son so i wrapped my coat around him and we left. He was covered with bumps and his diaper was peed and pooped through. He was filthy and smelled of urine.
Images: Diaper (warning! this is gross) Sorry, I decided not to post this picture.

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