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Parenting Time Journal 2004


2/11/2004 - Pickup. Filthy
Occurrence: Dad picked up the child today at 5:00p at Mom's request. Mom said that the child had a dentist appointment on the 13th at 9:00am.

2/13/2004 - Dentist Appointment
Occurrence: Today's dental visit revealed that the child needs $809 worth of dental work. He has 3 cavities and his two front teeth need to be restored. The procedure is scheduled for next month. Dad called Mom at 8:45PM to tell her about the visit. This is how that conversation went.

Dad “I just called to tell you that (our child) needs $809 worth of dental work.”          

Mom “Doesn’t your insurance cover that”

Dad “That’s not why I’m calling”

Mom “ So, Do you need some money. How much do you need.”

Dad “ (calls mom by name), I didn’t call to discuss money. I’m calling to let you know what (our son) will have to go through.”

Mom “What do they have to do?”

Dad “Three cavities , a cleaning and rebuild some of his teeth.”

Mom “Oh, He just went to sleep. He ate Salmon and beans.”

Dad “He has an appointment on April the 2nd.

Document: Invoice

2/29/2004 Pick up
Occurrence: Dad picks up the child.

3/4/2004 Call From Mom
Occurrence: Mom called at 8:05PM, said that she missed our son and wanted him home. Dad explained that the child was at "Monsters Inc on Ice" but that he would bring the child home afterwards. Mom went on talking about her current situation in being married to Jodie but his impotence being a problem. Mom then made some extremely personal confessions about why Paul was in her life. Dad told Mom that this was more than he wanted to know and ended the phone call.

4/02/2004 Dentist Appointment
Occurrence: Dad took the child to the dentist. There were three cavities filled and two teeth were rebuilt. The procedure was not a pleasant one for any of us. Mom was not present and did not call until 8:45PM. Mom called to see when Dad was bringing the child home. Dad said "Saturday, as agreed".  Mom insisted that Dad bring the child, offering to meet Dad halfway. Dad managed a bar and was unable to leave but Dad's GF offered to meet Mom halfway (in spite of the many threats and rude comments made by Mom) but Mom wanted GF to make the whole trip. Dad refused this offer and made the trip. Mom would later exaggerate the facts of this incident in court.
Document: Transcript 

4/10/2004 Parenting Time Denied
Occurrence: Dad went to Mom's house to pick up the child. Mom's BF, Paul, answered the door and said that Mom decided not to let Dad have the child today. Paul suggested that Dad try again next week. Dad appealed to Paul to try to convince Mom to honor the order. Paul returned a few minutes later to and told Dad that Mom said "No" and that she would call later. There was no call.

4/11/2004 Calls Unanswered
Dad called Mom's cell phone three times today but there was no answer and no return call.

Today at 0839 Dad received a call from MOM. The call went as follows:

DAD: Hello.
MOM: Hey (DAD), it’s me MOM. What time are you coming to get pick up (our son)?
DAD: What happened to last weekend?
MOM: I was busy, anyway, what time are you coming to get him?
DAD: Noon.
MOM: I’ve got some running around to do so noon won’t be good. The carpenters are working on the house all day and we will be in and out.
DAD: Tomorrow at noon.
MOM: Don’t you want to see him today?
DAD: Yes. What time is good for you?
MOM: Uh let’s see, we have to go……… Why don’t I just call you when were done and we’ll meet at, let’s say IHOP.
DAD: OK. Just call me when you’re ready.
MOM: I only have one request.
DAD: What?
MOM: That you don’t bring your girlfriend.
DAD: Why?
MOM: Well as she put it, we don’t need to be friends, so I don’t want her coming with you when you pick him up.
DAD: OK. Call me when you’re ready for me to pick him up. Bye.
End of call.

4/18/2004 General Stupidity
Phone Call: At 10:45AM Mom called.
MOM: Hey (Dad) When are you coming to get (son)?
DAD: What Happened to yesterday?
MOM: You said you didn't want him til today.
DAD: No. I did not. You were supposed to call me yesterday, when it was convenient for you.
MOM: Well, when are you coming to get him?
DAD: I'll b there at noon.

The child's teeth were hideous and he was dirty, as usual.

4/19/2004 Demanded Early Return
Mom calls Dad at 11:08AM and wants the child returned today. Dad agrees.

Document: | Actual Log |

5/14/2004 Sponge Bob Popsicle
Occurrence: Dad picked up son today at 5:55PM. Son came to the door eating a Sponge Bob Popsicle. One block away, son started screaming and holding his mouth. Dad pulled over, unbelted his son and tried to calm him down. This happened twice more on the drive to Dad' home. Within a few hours, the son had a couple of more fits of this pain, so Dad called Mom to inquire:
Mom: Hello
Dad: Yeh (Mom) it's me. Has (son) been complaining about any pain with his teeth?
Mom: Yeh but it comes and it goes.
Dad: If you knew that he had a toothache, why in the hell would you give him a Popsicle?
Mom: I took it away earlier because he was in pain.
Dad hangs up.
Dad calls the Dentist after hours number and is advised to use over the counter medications and to follow-up in the morning.

5/15/2004 Dental Follow Up
Occurrence: Dr. C called at 8:00AM to check on the child. After a detailed description of the nights pain, Dr c prescribed Amoxicillian. At9:51AM Dr. G, the owner of the practice, called and asked Dad to have the child at his office in 20 minutes. Dr G discovered, via x-ray,  swelling in the gum area above the child's right front tooth and said that there was some infection in the nerve which was causing the irritation. Dr. G prescribed Penicillin to treat the infection, reduce the swelling and prep the child for a pulpotomy. The procedure was scheduled for the following 5/20 at 12:30PM

5/16/2004 Informing Mom
Occurrence: We arrived at Mom's house at 18:07. Dad knocked on the door and it was answered by Paul. Paul let Q into the house and I asked him to have Mom come to the door. Paul said that Mom was sleeping. I told Paul that I had just spoken to Mom fifteen minutes ago and that she couldn’t be asleep. I asked Paul to tell her that I have some medication and information about Q and that I wanted to give it directly to her. Paul closed the door and went into the house. A few minutes later Paul returned to the door and said that Mom said that I was to give the info to him. I told Paul that I wanted to give the info to Mom directly so as to avoid any miscommunication. Paul looked Dad in the eye and said “I ain’t waking her up”. Dad said that it wouldn't be necessary since she isn't sleep and that this was not about him, me, Mom or A (dad's GF) and that he should try to explain that to Mom.

After about five minutes "A" motioned Dad to the car, parked in the street. Mom had called Dads cell phone. Mom said that Dad should talk to Paul.  I told her that I had some very specific instructions concerning Q's condition and that I wanted to give it to her so that it would reach her correctly. Mom said that she wasn’t coming to the door and hung up. After a few minutes of waiting at the door I called Mom, agreed to give the information to Paul and asked her to send Paul to the door.

When Paul came back to the door I explained to him that Q had an infected nerve in his front left tooth. I told Paul that the gum was swollen around the tooth. I handed Paul the penicillin and told him that son had to have it every 6 hours around the clock without fail with the 10pm being the next time. I told Paul that that included waking Q up at 4am. I told Paul that son was scheduled for a pulpotomy and on Thursday at 12:30 and I gave him the Name and Phone # to Dr, G's office. I told Paul that I did not have the address on me and that the office was about  ½ a west of Pelham on Ecorse. I told Paul that son's upper lip is sensitive to touch and that touching it aggravates the nerve and causes him pain and to be careful about things like washing his face or grabbing his cheeks. I asked Paul to see to it that Q does not miss his appointment. With that I left. Paul said "We'll make sure that it gets done".

5/20/2004 Missed Pulpotomy
Occurrence: At 10:0AM Dad called Mom to check on Q and the appointment but there was no answer.
At 12:10PM Dad arrived at the Dentist office and is told that the appointment was cancelled about 30 minutes ago. Dr. G said that Q needs the procedure and that we had until tomorrow to get him in or he'd be contacting the sheriff's dept.
At 12:20PM Dad places three unanswered calls to Mom.
At 12:35PM Dad arrived at Mom's house. The door was answered by Mom's Aunt Nina who says that Mom will call me. Nina then askes Dad what he wanted. Dad said that he wanted to know about the appointment. Nina said that it was being handled. Dad left.
At 12:42PM Mom called to say that she cancelled the appointment because she had her own doctors appointment to keep. Dad argued that this makes no sense, cancelling at the last minute when he could have taken Q to he appointment. Mom said "His appointment has been moved to tomorrow and if you were so worried about it then why didn't you take him?" Dad told Mom about the numerous calls and that she knows that she could have called him. Mom hung up.

5/21/2004 Pulpotomy
Occurrence: Tolday's appointment went as poorly as possible. The infection and swelling were still present and a full root canal had to be performed. Dr. G asked Mom about the medication and weather they were given as instructed. He quickly discovered that they had not been given. (He later wrote a letter of neglect based on this information. Dad got into a heated exchange with Mom and Nina after Nina said "what's your problem? He'll be fine.
Document: | Letter Of Neglect | Transcript 11/11/05 |

6/14/2004 Mom Physically Assaults "A"
Occurrence: Today at 5:35pm Mom called and said that she had had a medical emergency and asked me if I would come to pick up “Q” and keep him for a couple of days. Dad agreed but told Mom that he was in route to another appointment. Mom said that “Q” would be with her father and asked me if Dad still remembered where her father lived. Dad told her yes.

Once we reached the apartment complex that her dad lives in, Dad drove to the back side of the bldg where he saw Mom’s truck. Mom called and said that she would bring “Q” right down.

Once down, Mom handed “Q” to me. Dad noticed that “Q” was in need of a bath was wearing the same cloths that he was wearing when I dropped him off yesterday. As Dad was walking back to his truck with “Q”, Mom called out to Dad. When Dad turned, Mom said “Next time you can have “A” come to the door.” Dad said ok and continued to his truck. As Dad was opening the back driver side door he noticed Mom walking with, friendly smile on her face, toward the passenger side of my truck where “A” was seated. Mom opened the passenger door, reached into my truck, grabbed “A” by the hair, pulled her out of the truck and started hitting her. Dad ran around to the passenger side and broke it up with the assistance of LD ( Mom’s brother.)

The boys (“Q” age 3, Ang age 4, Mar age 5 and Nat age 4) were all crying and scared after witnessing this attack. We called 911 but they couldn’t decide weather this was a State police, Detroit or Redford issue. We drove to the Detroit sixth prescient on Plymouth rd and filed a report desk officer L Brown.

7/9/2004  Q sick
Occurrence: Dad went to p/u "Q". There was no discussion Mom. "Q" was complaining about front teeth when brushed and he had hives. (doctor confirmed). "Q"’s temp shoots to over 100 degrees.

7/11/2004 Drop Off
Occurrence: Dad dropped Q off at 1800. Dad told Mom about "Q" condition and that he should at least see his dentist. Mom asked me to make the appointment. Dad agreed and the appointment was made for 7/13/2004 at 1345.

Occurrence; Mom called me stating that Q had a bad rash on his body and that he needed to go to the Dr.  Dad left work (in Canton) and went to Mom’s house (in Detroit). Dad looked at "Q" suggested that since "Q" had a Dentist appointment for 7/13/204 at 1330, we should let the Dentist first rule out the possibility of oral infection causing the temp spikes and bumps on his body.

Occurrence: Dad took "Q" to the dentist. The dentist x-rayed his front teeth and gave him the thumbs up. Dad made an appointment with PCP for the 14th at 14:45.

Occurrence: Dad took "Q" to PCP’s office. “Q” was diagnosed with hives and throat culture sample taken. "Q" was given a prescription and sent home. Dad filled the prescription and took "Q" home at 20:00. Dad briefed Mom on both visits and left.

7/23/2004 Parenting Time Denied
Occurrence: Dad tries to pick up the child but there is no one home. Mom does not call Dad.

8/06/2004 Parenting Time Denied
Occurrence: Dad arrived at Mom's home but there was no answer at the door and Mom will not return calls.

8/20/2004 Denied Parenting Time (Hiding)
Occurrence: Dad arrived at Mom’s house on Buena Vista, as ordered by the court, to pick up "Q". There was no one home and didn’t appear as if anyone was living there. The grass was overgrown, there was garbage in the yard and there were four broken windows. Dad called Mom’s cell # but got a message informing that the number was no longer in service. Dad looked at the electrical meter on the rear of the house and discovered that the power was disconnected. Dad left again without "Q". Dad has received no information from Mom as to the whereabouts of "Q".

8/28/2004 Located
Occurrence: Dad has a friend (George) watch Mom's house. George called to tell Dad that Mom drove from her home to a house on Cedarlawn in Detroit. George provided the address.

Dad went to the Cedar Lawn address and knocked on the door. The children in the house opened the door. "Q" ran out to Dad. Dad picked him up and held on to him. A few moments later Mom came to the door and invited me in. Dad declined and asked Mom for some clothes for "Q" as he was wearing only underwear. Mom stated that his clothes were in the house and that we would have to come in to get them. Dad told Mom that I would take "Q" as he was,  before setting foot in her house. Mom stood there looking. Dad told Mom that he would return "Q" on Sunday as the order stated. Dad returned to car which was parked across the street. 

"Q" was holding a half eaten vanilla Hostess cupcake.

I received a call from Mom telling me that "Q" was missing me and was asking for me. Mom asked me if I wanted to come get "Q" and keep him for the week. I told Mom that I would be there in an hour. The current time is 092004 1610. I just called Mom’s number and left a message for her to call me. When Mom called me back I asked her if I could keep "Q" a little longer. Mom offered that she was in Lansing caring for her husband who had his other leg amputated. (The real reason Mom was willing to let me have "Q".)

    Today "Q" was scheduled for a 1000 dental check up. This appointment was made 6 months ago. I told Mom about the appointment when it was made. I Called and left a message for her on the 4th reminding her of the appointment. I spoke to her on the 6th about the appointment at which time she indicated that she was going to take him. With Mom on the phone I was trying to confirm the p/u time. Mom said that she would call Dr. Golnick's office to confirm. "Q" never made it to the appointment. Mom didn’t call me to tell me that she could get him there. I rescheduled his appointment for Oct 29th, a day that I will have "Q".

 On 12/25/04 I took "Q" home as ordered by the court. At 1200 Mom called me to ask what happed to "Q"’s tooth. I told her “Nothing. Why?”. Mom stated that "Q"’s tooth was chipped. I told her that it wasn’t like that when I brought him home. I suggested that Mom call the dentist and make an appointment. She asked me if I wanted to do it. I told her “No, I wasn’t going to make an appointment around her schedule”  Mom asked where she should take him. I told her Dr. Golnick’s office.