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Parenting Time Journal 2005



I go to p/u "Q" on Cedarlawn. His cheeks are packed with Honey bun and there is a sugar ring around his mouth. I noticed that "Q"’s tooth is still chipped. I will call the dentist office to confirm or make an appointment.

I called Dr. Goldnick’s office and was told that there has been no appoint made as of yet. I made an appointment for the 1/12/05.

Took "Q" to the dentist. His tooth was filled and reshaped.

1 13 2005  Q Cough and medication

Last night "Q" developed a very bad cough. Today we took him to Dr. Marcus’s office. "Q" was placed on three medications and ordered back on Saturday for a follow up. Knowing that his medication might not be properly administered, I called Mom and told her what was going on return "Q" after his appointment on Saturday morning.

I took "Q" for his appointment. He checked out fine. We went for breakfast then I took him home.

I went to pick up "Q" on Cedar lawn at 4:30 pm. When I arrived, "Q" was wearing pajamas. There were no clothes available for him as they were locked in Mom’s Bedroom. I wrapped my coat around "Q" and took him like that. His coat was also locked in Mom’s bedroom. This was the 2nd time in this year that I’ve had to do this.

Today I went to pick up "Q" at 5:00pm. "Q" was wearing a green button up shirt and a pair of green jogging pants that was a 2T. We went  to see Disney world on ice, Finding Nemo, at the Palace of Auburn Hills. "Q" wears a size 4-5T.

At approx 1700 I went to Mom’s home (Cedar lawn) to pick up "Q". When I arrived "Q" was wearing a pair of jogging pants that were a 2 T. He wears a size 4 to 5T. I asked LaDrake (Mom’s brother) if there were some other clothes that he could put on. LaDrake explained once again that Mom was at work and that her bedroom door was pad locked and that all of "Q"’s clothes were in her room. We left.

5/3/05 – 1st Mediation Hearing
Mr.s Wells – Complaints filed.

Today I returned "Q" to his mother. I told Mom that We were planning on taking a vacation to Minnesota on the 19th. I told Mom that I would like to take "Q" if it was OK with her.

Today I returned "Q" to his mother at the Cedarlawn address. I asked Mom reminded Mom that we were going to Minnesota on the 19th and that I would like to take "Q". I also told Mom that "Q" needed to see a dr. about these coughing fits that he has.

Made appointment for "Q" to see Dr. Todd Marcus. I was able to contact Mary Lawrence and inform her of the appointment, date and time.

"Q"’s appointment was changed to the 15th then cancelled on the 15th.

Today I am trying to get in contact with Mom to see if "Q" will be allowed to come to Minnesota with us. None of her previous contact numbers work. I have called her Uncle Mike who stated that he will stop by her house and ask her to call me.


Today at approx 1300 while driving through Wisconsin, my phone rings. It’s Mom wanting to know when we’re going to Minnesota. I told Mom that we were gone. She hung up.

I went to p/u "Q" at 0600. No problems. Tonight at bath time I notice bumps on "Q"’s torso. "Q" hadn’t been scratching and said that the bumps didn’t bother him. I decided to get him to the Dr. the following morning for an assessment.

Took "Q" to Dr. Todd’s office. Dr. Todd was out but his assistant gave us some antibiotic cream to rub on the bumps with the instruction to return if they got worse.

I returned "Q" to his grand mother (Mary Lawrence). I gave her the cream and the instructions.

10/17/05 (Monday)
I call Birney elementary to check on "Q"’s attendance. The gentle man on the phone tells me that "Q" was sent home on Friday and again today for suspicion of chicken Pox. I was not informed of this when I picked "Q" up.

("Q" missed this whole week of school)

I emailed a copy of the letter clearing "Q" of the suspicion to the school. "Q" was allowed to return to school.

10/28/05 (Friday)
Picked "Q" up from the Marys. Told of shots that he had just received. That night, I inspected "Q"'s legs, nothing too abnormal.

Noticed swelling on legs. Called Dr. Marcus. Instructed to continue Centany application and monitor. If it gets worst bring into office on Monday for assessment.

Morning, "Q"'s left thigh was swollen more with concentration from knee to thigh puffy and red. Not in pain and not scratching.

Evening; "Q" starts walking funny though still not in pain. Took him to urgent care at Palmer and Canton center rd in Canton MI. When Mom called at 1800 I told her where we were and that I would call her with an update as well as return "Q". While being seen at UC, Dr Marcus returned my call, conversed with Dr. and made recommendation for medication as well as instructions to have "Q" at his office on Monday for additional check up. I went to Walgreens to have prescription filled, purchase Benadryl, as instructed and returned "Q" to Mary’s house.

At the door, I asked LaDrake if Mom was there so that I could give her the specifics on "Q"'s instructions. LaDrake said that Mom was not there. I asked If Paul could come to the door which he did. I relayed the info to Paul and noticed Mom sitting in the dining room. I asked him why LaDrake would lie about that but didn't wait for an answer. I continued with the instructions and finished by telling Paul that Dr. Todd wants to see "Q" tomorrow morning. Paul’s response was "We'll make sure that gets done"

Appointment was kept.

11/11/05 (realized and added on 5/24/2010)
In deposition today, Mom admitted to taking "Q" to live in a house with Ladrake, Her brother who is a registered sex offender. On page 7 L6, Mom says that Drake was never convicted. This is a lie, He was convicted, served time and is on the state criminal sex offender registry.

I just received a copy of the transcript from our Deposition hearing. In the deposition, Mom stated that I brought "Q" home sick with bumps all over his body as if she knew nothing about it. "Q" was sent home from school for suspicion of Chicken Pox yet Mom made no mention of it nor did she contact a Doctor.  Mom let me pick "Q" up and bring him to a household knowing that he might have Chicken Pox but did not mention it. I have two other small children at home. This decision placed them at risk.