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Parenting Time Journal 2006


I arrived at the Cedarlawn address at 1750 to P/U "Q". There was no one home so I waited to see if anyone would show up. No one showed. I called Mom and left a message inquiring about "Q". I left at 1810.

2/4/2006 (Recorded) Denied Parenting Time
I went to Mom’s house on Buena Vista. Paul answered the door. I asked Paul to ask Mom to come to the door. Paul said that Mom was not home. I told Paul that I had just heard Mom say that someone was at the door. I asked him where "Q" was. Paul replied that "Q" was with Mom and he didn’t know where they were. I asked Paul to have Mary come to the door. Mary came to the door holding Donovan and also claiming that Mom was gone and that no one knew where she was. I pointed to the Green Explorer and the Black Escalade in the drive way and said that both of Mom’s cars are here, all of her family is here including the new baby yet she and "Q" are gone and no one knows where. Mary commented that Mom was angry about having to come to Canton to pick "Q" up. Mary also stated that I called FIA and got her assistance stopped. I explained to Mary that Mom is on the record stating that she pays Mary $92 a week for child care services as a part of the money that she receives from me in the form of child support. I told Mary that if this is not true, then she needs to be angry with her daughter. If I pay it, I want it accounted for. There was more discussion then I left, without "Q". I stopped by the 10th prescient and appealed to them to assist me. I was told to contact the FOC.

Show cause motion. The Judge continued the order and Mom is to continue begin to pick "Q" up from Dad's home.

Today at 1100 I called Candy’s cell and got a disconnected signal. I then called her home phone # many times and got no answer. At 1320 I arrived at Mom’s home on Buena Vista, knocked on the door and got no answer. I drove to Mom’s mother’s home on Cedar lawn. Again no one was home. I returned to the Buena Vista home and waited for 15 minutes. I left without "Q".

7/10/2006 at 11:00 (Verify with phone bill) I called Mom to see if she was coming to p/u "Q". Mom said that she had verified with both of our attorneys and that I was “on my five weeks of undisturbed summer time” I appealed to her to check with her attorney again and that she was incorrect. Mom insisted that I was incorrect. I said “Not a problem". I am supposed to pick my summer schedule as Mom is later told by Judge Adams.

"Q" called his mother. After a few minutes, "Q" hands me the phone. Mom says to me “"Q" said that you’re bringing him home.” I told her that I was not and reminded her that she could pick him up. Mom began again with the whole you’re on you’re 5 weeks thing again. (I believe she now wants to use the order as it is stated in an attempt to again defy the Judge. She was in court, heard and agreed with the conditions of the agreement but once again, defies it.) Mom said that she checked with Schultz (her attorney) and that he was correct. I told Mom that I wasn’t going to argue with her, and instructed her to call her attorney again.

Mom picked up "Q" at 7:50pm

8/23/2006 13:23 Late pick up

9/1/2006 - Denied Parenting Time
Today at 100pm I called all four of Mom’s known numbers to inform her that I would be at her home on Buena Vista at 5pm to pick up "Q". I arrived at her home on Buena Vista at 4:48pm. There were no vehicles in the driveway. I knocked on the door and there was no answer. At 5:10 Paul arrived and stated that Mom was gone with her mother and that he didn’t know when she would return. Paul drove away. I waited until 5:40 but no one arrived. I left without "Q", again. Missed.

9/14/2006  -  1st day of 1st grade (Tardy) See 9/15/2006
Today (9/14/2006) is the first day of school for Detroit Public Schools. I went to the school to see "Q" on his first official day of school and to meet his teacher. I arrived at the school at 7:55am and was directed to Mrs. Pierces' room. "Q" was not in attendance though I did meet with Mrs. Pierce and discussed with her the curriculum and any needs that she might have of parents. Mrs. Pierce requested hand sanitizer and a box of tissue for "Q" to keep in class. She said that all else would be provided by her. I left the school at 8:19am
I called Candy's phone #'s but got no answer as usual. In leaving the school, I drove by Moms house which is located six streets away from the school and noticed that both cars were in the driveway. The Black Escalade was parked nose first in the driveway with the green Ford explored parked partially on the sidewalk, was backed up to the escalade.
"Q" missed his first day of school.

9/15/06  Pick up "Q" from school
Today I went to Birney to pick up "Q". Mrs. Pierce informed me that "Q" and Mom made it to school yesterday shortly after I left.

At 1802 I called Mom at 313-522-???? but got no answer. At 9:44pm I called the number again and left a message asking Mom what time she was planning to pickup "Q" in the morning so that I could have him ready. I then tried the 313-491-???? number and got a “This line has been disconnected message.” It is my guess that I will have to take him to school because Mom will not pick him up.

Today I took him to school wearing a pair of plain black shoes as his school requires. The sneakers that he was wearing when I picked him up, were not in compliance with the uniform code. Mom never responded to my call nor did she arrive to pick "Q" up. I drove by her house on Buena Vista at 7:25 and noticed her black Escalade parked in the driveway.  "Q" was in class at 7:30.

10/6/2006 Visit to Birney
Today Amanda and I went to Birney to check on "Q"’s attendance and introduce Amanda to his teacher. In the classroom, I spoke to "Q". I noticed that his teeth were not brushed. I asked "Q" if he had brushed his teeth today. "Q" said that he forgot. I reminded him to brush his teeth every day. We spoke with Mrs. Pierce for a few minutes then we left.

10/26/2006 "Q" not picked up
Today at 2:51 I received a call from "Q"’s school informing he that he had not been picked up. The caller told me that they got a hold of Mom but she refused to pick "Q" up stating that I was supposed to do it. I left work, drove 22 miles to the school and picked "Q" up.

Today at 2:40pm, I received a call from Birney Elementary school informing me that Q hadn't been picked up again. I left work, drove to the school and picked Q up. I arrived at the school at 3:12pm. Q was waiting in the office. I spoke to Mrs. Harris briefly about the schools policy on parents not picking up their children. She referred me to Mrs. Ralls, the Principal, who was out of the building.

Today I took Q to school arriving at 0730. 
Quincy had a half day today and Amanda picked him up at 10:37am.

11-23-2006 Thanksgiving at the Hospital
Today at 4pm Candy Gates called me to ask me if I planned to pick up Q. We agreed on 7pm. At 6:45pm I arrived at Candy’s home to pick up Q. Candy came to the door and said that Quincy has just thrown up, wasn’t feeling good and asked me if I still wanted to take him with me. I said yes and waited on the porch for Candy to get Q. A few moments later, Candy returned to the door with Q. Candy said that Quincy probably ate too much cake and had just thrown up. In the car, Q was coughing really hard. I asked him how many times he had thrown up. Quincy asked “today or yesterday?” I said both. He said that he threw up two times yesterday and two times today. Q fell asleep for a few minutes then woke up and threw up. I gave him some paper towel, cleaned him up and continued home. Once in the house I noticed that Quincy was wheezing loudly, and still coughing. Quincysaid that he didn’t feel good and that his chest hurt. My fiancee (Amanda) and I took Qto the Canton Urgent care center on Lilly and Cherry hillrd. He was seen by Dr. Basel Altantawi. Dr. Altantawi looked at Q, listened to his chest and immediately turned to me and said "Why did you wait so long to bring him in?"  I explained that I'd just picked him up from his mother.

I called Candy and told her that we were at an urgent care center, that Q was in bad shape and that I needed more info on the past couple of days. Candy said that Qhad been coughing. I asked if she had given any medication. She said that she had given Q Dimetap. I told Candy that Q’s cough was Asthma induced and that she knew that. I ended the call. The Dr. diagnosed Qwith Bronchitis and Wheezing and x-rayed his chest. Qthrew up again immediately after the first x-ray was taken. They Gave Q a steroid shot and a breathing treatment. They also gave prescriptions for Prednisolone, Andehist DM, Azithromycin and instructed me to administer Abuterol as needed.  

We went back to Amanda’s mothers house, gave Quincy the first of his medications. Three minutes later, he threw up again. We let him sleep until 1030. We woke him to attempt more medication. Q complained that his chest was hurting. We gave albuterol. A few minutes later, we decided to take him to St Mary’s hospital in Livonia. The time at 12:36am. Q was treated until he was stable
Document: Letter From Dr.

11/28/2006 (Tuesday)
Took Q to school stopping first at Candy's house on Buena Vista. Asked Candy for Q's backpack and gave her his medications. I also gave candy the list detailing each medication and it's dosage.
I called Candy from the urgent care center and told her that Q was sick. My exact words to her were "Quincy is in bad shape." She asked "What do you mean bad shape?" I told here that he was having a full blown asthma attack. Candy didn't call, not even once, the whole weekend, to see how Quincy was doing.
11/29/2006 (Wednesday)
I called Birney Elementary and asked if Q had received his breathing treatments. Mrs. Harris explained that no one had been to the school to administer the treatments.
11/30/2006 (Thursday)
I went to Birney Elementary school at 1130am. Q was just finishing lunch. A staff member brought Q to the Office. We waited for his breathing machine to be retrieved from his class room. Amanda noticed that Quincy's teeth were not clean and asked him if he'd brushed his teeth this morning. He said no. We gave the usual lecture but this time asking why he never forgets when he's with us. Quincy responded that we always tell him to. (Remember, Candy stated that these were just his baby teeth. They're not important. She doesn't understand hygiene.)
Once we discovered that the nebulizer was not at school, I went to Candy's house to get it. Candy gave me the machine, the hose, applicator and 1 vile (dose) of the inhalant. Once back at the school, I assembled the machine and noticed what I thought was water in the hose and applicator reservoir. I poured the liquid into my palm and tasted it. The liquid was very salty like the solution. I took the parts to the restroom and cleaned them as well as possible with the supplies on available. I returned to the office, gave Quincy the breathing treatment then returned him to his class room. I washed the machine parts again and wrapped them in paper towel. 
Amanda and I drove back to Candy's house. I returned the machine to Candy and reminded her that Quincy needed a follow-up appointment as soon as the medication for nebulizer was gone. She nodded assent. I returned to work.
I punched out at 1036 and back in at 1240 

12/11/2006 ()Meeting With Principal
Today I met with Mrs. Ralls, the principal of Birney Elementary, at her request to discuss some things that might begin to effect Q’s education. Mrs. Ralls wanted to discuss possible over medication with Candy and I not communicating Q’s medical needs as well as related distractions.  Mrs. Ralls also wanted to discuss the two incidents in which Quincy was left at the school.
Before Candy arrived, I spoke with Mrs. Ralls and Mrs. Noble, the school social worker. Mrs. Ralls said that she had been shocked by Candy’s response. In the first incident, she said that her secretary called Candy. Candy told her that I was supposed to make the pickup. The secretary called me and I said that Mom was supposed to make the pickup. The secretary called Candy again and was again told that Dad was supposed to pick him up then Candy hung up the phone on the secretary. Mrs. Ralls said that she was called into the office and given this information. She made several attempts to contact Candy whom she believes was deliberately not answering the phone. Next Mrs. Ralls called me. I was exiting I-96 at Davidson and would be at the school in a few moments. (This was Mrs. Ralls account of the events.) I knew that even though Candy was only 6 blocks away from the school, she would not pick up Q. I was 22 miles away but left immediately.
Mrs. Ralls and Mrs. Noble both commended me many times for being so attentive and persistent. They talked for a few moments about the community, the absence of father figures in so many children's lives and how most other meetings of this type are requests for parental involvement.
I arrived at 8:30 as requested. Candy arrived at approximately 9:20. Candy said that she didn’t know about the meeting but this wasn’t true because I asked her about it last night when she came to p/u Quincy. Mrs. Ralls told Candy that she left a message with Paul on Friday requesting her presence. 

We discussed the items above. Mrs. Noble asked who about the pickup schedule. Candy offered that I was to Pick Q up from school on every other Thursday, drop him off and pick him up again on Friday.  I said nothing. I provided Mrs. Ralls and Mrs. Noble a copy of the current order on which she highlighted the 4:30pm pick up time for me. Q gets out of school at 1:45pm. 
We discussed Quincy’s medical needs. I let Candy do all of the talking. Mrs. Ralls and Mrs. Noble requested of Candy, a calendar with the pick-up info, a permission letter from the doctor with specific info on Quincy’s medications and a copy of the court order.  Candy said that she would provide them. There was never a calendar provided.


12/12/2006 Emergency Room Visit
Mom took "Q" to ER @ Botsford. I did NOT know about this until 12/28/2006

12 22 2006
Today I took Q to school at 0730. We arrived on time and I walked him to his class room. I returned to the school at 12:45pm for the school Christmas show. Amanda, Martino, Idalia and I watched the show then went to "Q"’s classroom and picked him up.

12 24 2006
Today Mom called me to tell me that she'd pick up "Q" tomorrow at 11:00. I told Mom that that was fine but if she wanted, she could get "Q" as early as 10:00 as stated in the order. She said OK.

12 25 2006
Today Mom called me at 1100. She was having trouble locating our house. I stood on the porch and flagged her down. Mom was driving her Black Escalade; Paul was in the passenger seat. I got "Q" ready and allowed him to take some of his toys with him. I asked Mom if she wanted the first or the second half of this school break. Mom said that she wanted the second half. I said "OK, but if we do that I'll pick him up today at 6:00 or 7:00 your choice." Mom said that she wasn't sure what she wanted to do but that she would call me in the afternoon. I said "OK."

12 26 2006
There was no call from Mom. I'm assuming that she has chosen the first half of "Q"'s x-mas break.

4:35pm I called all of the numbers that I have for Mom. There was an answer at only one. I left a message. Received no call back as of 9:30pm

4:20pm pm I call Mom and get 1 VM, 1 This number is not accepting incoming calls and 1 the number that you are trying to reach has been disconnected. I left one message. I drove to Mom’s house on Buena Vista and knocked on the door. Mom came to the door and said that she wasn’t expecting me until tomorrow. I asked her how she could be expecting me tomorrow when we hadn’t discussed it. I asked her if I could have "Q". Mom said that she had a lot of running around to do tomorrow and that she would drop "Q" off. For clarification I asked her if she was going to bring "Q" to Canton. She said yes. I said ok and turned to leave. While knocking on the door, I noticed a letter in the mail box with my name on it. I took the letter. It turned out to be a bill for 964 dollars from Botsford hospital for services rendered to "Q" on 12/12/2006. I knew nothing of "Q" being sick or going to the E.R.

Mom refused to bring Q to Canton, as she agreed to do yesterday. Dad had to drive to Detroit to pick up Q. I would list that as denied parenting time since she did not uphold her end of the request.