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Parenting Time Journal 2007



Today I arrived at Birney Elementary at 2:32 to p/u "Q". Mom arrived a few minutes later. I approached Moms car (black Cadillac) and asked her if she forgot that I was supposed to pick up "Q". She said that she had forgotten. I walked to the door and waited for "Q" to be released. "Q" watched Mom drive away and wanted to say goodbye. I drove to Mom's house and let "Q" spend a few moments with his mother. Mom took "Q" inside and changed his clothes. "Q" came back out to the car and we left.

I called to speak to "Q". Left a message but got no return call.
1/27/2007 1732
Called to speak to "Q". Left a message. Got no reply.

1/30/2007  1700
Called to speak to "Q". Got no answer.

1/31/2007 1705
Called to speak to "Q", Got no answer.

Today I arrived at "Q"’s school at 1430. Mom is supposed to pick "Q" up, and has been told so many times, but she was not here. "Q" was released from school at 1442.

Today I took "Q" to school arriving at 0727.
Amanda picked "Q" up at 1340.

2/4/2007 (Recorded)
Today Mom arrived at 1720 to pick up "Q". I walked "Q" out to the car and handed Mom a bag with three new school shirts and one new pair of pants. I told Mom that I bought the shirts so that she would not have to send "Q" to school out of compliance on the days that I have him. I asked Mom when we could discuss the one day a week that I’m supposed to have "Q". Mom said that I should call her. I told her that calling her never worked. She said that she’d call me. I told her that that never worked either but I’d wait for her call. Update: As of 2/21/2007, this return call has not happened nor does Mom answer or return my calls.
Picked "Q" up from school at 2:35pm. AGAIN, Mom was not present.

I called Mom’s numbers again (13:30) and left a message requesting that she call me back. Got no response.

I called Mom again (11:17am) and requested that she call me back to discuss me keeping "Q" until Wednesday as he’s on a 1 week break from school. No response from Mom.

Mom called me and said “Hey, Dad, I just found your number and got your message. I’ll pick "Q" up on Wednesday.” (It’s Monday, and she’s calling to confirm or relay this information 24 hours after the normal scheduled pick up.) Also, Dad's cell phone number has been the same since 1997

Today at 1745 Mom called to tell me that she was here to pick up "Q". I told Mom that "Q" was outside playing, that I’d have to change his clothes and he’d be ready to go. I changed "Q"’s pants, underwear and shirt. While walking out to the car, "Q" fell onto the concrete driveway. Mom got him into the car and I asked her where she was working. Mom said that she was working for Kelly Services. I told Mom that that’s not an answer. She asked why. I told her that I was supposed to have "Q" while she was at work. Mom said “Who told you something crazy like that?” I told her that the Judge had, when he granted the right of first refusal request. Mom said “All I know is that we got another court date coming up and I’ll see you then.” With that, Mom closed her car door and backed out of the driveway.
Summary: Since our last court date on 1/12/2007, Mom has failed to pick "Q" up from school on Thursday's at least three times. On 1/18/2007, 2/1/2007and 2/15/2007.

I’ve missed Talking to "Q" each and every day.

Mom has stated that she is working, but will not tell me where, nor will she honor the ROFR.

Picked "Q" up from school today at 2:40pm. "Q"’s teeth were covered in a yellow pasty looking material. I asked "Q" if he had brushed his teeth this morning and his reply, as always, was I forgot. To ME, this is a form of neglect. Once home, I brushed his teeth while talking to him about the importance of dental hygiene. Later at bath time, I noticed that "Q"’s torso was covered in bumps. Some were scabbed and healing. I took pictures.

I took "Q" to school arriving at 7:25am. While in the school, I spoke to Mrs Ralls about our requested information. Mrs. Ralls said that she was waiting for approval from the school board to release the information.
1:40pm I picked "Q" up from school.

Today, Mom called me from yet another # (313-778-????) @ 6:01pm to tell me that she was a few moments away. I asked Mom if we were going to discuss the first right of refusal when she got here. Mom said that she had a bad connection and could not hear me. She hung up. Mom arrived at 6:24 in her green explorer with Paul driving. I walked "Q" out, told Mom that we had not yet done his homework. She said OK. I asked her if we were going to discuss her work schedule and the right of refusal. Mom closed her door, put her hand to her ear like a cell phone (Thumb and pinkie extended) and mouthed the words CALL ME. They backed out of the drive way and left.

It’s apparent that Mom will not follow the order by its mere existence.

Today I went to "Q"'s school at 07:45am. When I arrived at "Q"'s class room I spoke briefly with another parent that was watching the classroom while Mrs. Pierce was running an errand. When Mrs. Pierce returned, I spoke to her about the possibility of "Q" being sick as my other two boys were. I also spoke with "Q" momentarily. "Q" was wearing a dirty blue button up shirt. The shirt had a chili looking stain on the right shoulder and the back of his left pant leg had two small but distinct stains. I asked "Q" if he'd brushed his teeth today. He said that he forgot. Again I told him how important this was. I took pictures with my phone of the shirt and other stains.
3/9/2007 (Morning)
Today I went back to "Q"'s school. He was wearing the same cloths with the same stains as yesterday. I took "Q" into the hall and checked his socks, underwear and undershirt. All were dirty. The sock on his right foot was extremely stained while the other looked as though it were used in place of slippers. "Q" said that he did not wear clean clothes because "my mommy said you have all my shirts." I took pictures with a camera and left for the day.

3/9/2007 (Evening)
9:15pm I arrive at 1964 Leslie in Detroit and knock on the door. (Mom’s green Ford explorer is parked outside.) There are kids running around and inside and someone comes to the door. They ask who it is. I say Dad. Then there is silence for the next 5 minutes. I continue to knock but there is no answer.

I call DPD and request assistance. At 9:40pm Mom, Paul and Mary pull up in Mom’s Black Escalade. Mom was driving. I get out of my car and approach Mom who asks “What are you doing here?” I tell Mom that I’m here to discuss the right of first refusal and her work schedule. Mom wants to argue about weather I called her or not. I told her that this is not why I’m here. I wanted to talk about the order and her schedule. Mom starts talking about our upcoming court date again and that we’ll discuss it then. I told Mom that I didn’t want to wait until court. Mom said that I should rush back home to my new wife and that I must not be happy if I’m here. They closed their house door leaving me outside.

As I was about to drive off, I saw Paul come out of the house. I asked Paul if we could talk. Paul said yes. I told him that Mom is not helping herself or "Q" by continuing to ignore these orders. Paul asked “What order?” As I started to explain the ROFR, Mom came out telling Paul that he doesn’t have to listen to me and directing him with hand motions to continue on his task. I told Mom that this was the whole problem. She doesn’t want to talk about it with me and she wants to control others as well. “Paul is a grown man but you don’t see it that way do you? You can’t even let him talk to me alone, can you?” Mom said something about court again. I drove off and thanked her for not keeping me informed as to where she was living. (Sarcastic)

3/13/2007 (Emerency Room Visit)
"Q" was taken to the Botsford ER but I didn’t know about it until 10/5/09 after call from collections company.

3/29/2007 (Dirty shirt, 4th time)
10:00 Reggie just called me to explain that he wasn't trying to hurt "Q" as Mom may have described. Reggie said that he simply roared, scared all the kids and grabbed "Q".
Reggie said that Mom got unholy on him verbally about the incident saying that "Q" has Asthma and that he could go into an attack. (all this and she hasn't once sought any preventive medical attention for "Q"'s condition.) Reggie apologized many many times stating that he would never do anything to hurt a child. Reggie also said that Mom called him to kind of apologize. (Call Recorded)

Today at 2:40pm, I picked "Q" up from school. Once we got home, "Q" took off his coat and I noticed that his shirt was filthy. I looked a little closer and noticed the same stain on the right shoulder where it had been a week and a half earlier.  I took the shirt, photographed it and placed it into a cloth bag. I also put "Q"’s socks in the bag because they were also disgusting. It’s my belief that Mom will deny that "Q" is going to school wearing dirty clothes. I discussed "Q"’s wearing of dirty clothes with Mrs. Pierce on the days that he was wearing them. Specifically, I mentioned the chili stain.

4/2/2007 (Notes)
I've been testing "Q" for the quality of his answers. Each time I see him at school, I ask him if he brushed his teeth and his answer is always the same. "Ummm. I forgot" I didn't believe that this was possible. Now I do.
He's been with us since Thursday night. Each morning except Sunday, he brushed. When asked (around 1pm) if he had brushed, he replied "Yes" except on Sunday when he answered accordingly. We then had him brush. For the record, they brush before bed as well.
I did this because I wanted to know if "Q" is being exposed to smoke. Today, I asked:
Does your mommy smoke?
Does she smoke around you?
No she usually tells me to go to my room but I can smell it.
You can smell the smoke?
Do other people smoke there?
Yeh. Sometimes.
"Q" has Asthma. Mom has had him in the ER a few times for Asthma attacks.

Today, I tried to reach Mom to discuss "Q"'s visit to Dr. Todd’s office. I could not reach Mom. I called her mother, Mary. I gave Mary information on "Q"’s ear infection, allergy report and asthma. I also asked Mary to tell Mom that I called and wanted to discuss this with her. I also told Mary that I would provide Mom a copy of the report.

"Q" first said that he couldn’t hear from his left ear on Friday. On Monday "Q" made the comment again. An appointment was made for today at 1300.

Today, Mom picked "Q" up at 1800. Mom was driving her Blk Cadillac and parked in the street instead of the driveway. I approached the curb side of the truck and motioned to Paul to roll down the window. While the window was open, I handed Paul a copy of "Q"'s allergy report and a clean blue shirt identical to the dirty one that "Q" has worn many times. This clean shirt has been marked, by me, with a purple Sharpie marker. I scribbled over a few letters on the tag. I also took pictures of the markings. I asked Mom why she insisted on waiting until we get into court to talk about this. Mom smirked, put her car in drive and drove off.

Today I picked "Q" up from school. The shirt that he was wearing was the same shirt that I had marked with a purple marker. The shirt had also been worn for more than one day. "Q"’s body is covered in small bumps every time I pick him up and the bumps are gone when I send him home. (Following showers and lotion)

Mom called at 6:18pm to say that she was on her way. I asked what that meant. She said that she was leaving her house. At 7:06pm, Mom called to say that she was outside. I got "Q" dressed and walked him out. Once outside, I asked Mom if she wanted to discuss this stuff yet, she declined stating that she wasn’t feeling good.


Letter written to Mom.

I picked "Q" up from school today at 2:40.

I picked "Q" up from school today at 1:40.

Today at 18:34 Mom arrived to pick up "Q". There was no courtesy call to say that she’d be late. She just didn’t show up until 18:34. We were at Jennifer’s Graduation party and left at 17:45 to have "Q" available on time.

It is 3:36pm. Mom just called me on my cell to say that she was trying to make up for yesterday, (court) by working until 5pm today. She asked me if I wanted to go pick up "Q". I asked where he was. Mom replied, “with Mary”. I declined as it would involve an hour of transportation for a 20 minute visit.
Question: Did Mom just find out at 3:35pm that she was working late? The world may never know.

Later: At 6:05 I called Moms phone as ordered, in an attempt to reach "Q". Mom answered but asked me if she could call me back. I said yes. 5 minutes later, my phone rings. I answer and "Q" asks, “Daddy, why did you break up with my mommy?”
There was no “hello” or other greeting. I managed to change the subject and move on to other topics.

Today at 6:05 pm I called Mom’s # 313-522-???? but got a message that stated that the person was not receiving calls at this time.

Today at 6:05 pm I called Mom’s # 313-522-???? but got a message that stated that the person was not receiving calls at this time.

I picked "Q" up from school at 2:40pm.  Had I not been there, he would be stranded, again.

Called 6:13pm, left message. No response.

Called 6:14 left message. 6:34 Q called back. Talked for 2 minutes then heard Mom tell Q to tell me that he could call me back when they got home.

5/13/2007 Mother’s Day – missed again
After last years, (from 6/20/2006 transcript page 15 line 7)
 Schultz: Asked him what his excuse is for Mother's Day.  He kept this child on Mother's Day, Your Honor.  That's pretty outrageous, I think.
I didn't hear a word out of Mom until 6:09pm when she came to pick up "Q". Mom did not call or even inquire about the Mother’s Day holiday schedule. There's no doubt in my mind that she'll be dumb enough to say that I kept "Q" for another Mothers day.

6:05pm I called Paul’s phone. There’s no answer so I leave a message. At 6:28pm, my phone rings. "Q" says “Hi Oran”. I asked him why he called me Oran and he said he didn’t know. Just being silly. I talked to "Q" for a few minutes about the Kick-a-Thon that he in on Saturday as well as a few other things. At 6:31 Angel asked me if he could speak to "Q". I gave him the phone. They were talking for about thirty seconds then I heard Angel calling for "Q". I asked Angel to hand me the phone. I looked and the call had ended. I called back, Paul answered. I asked him to put "Q" on the phone. He did. When "Q" got back on the phone I asked him why he hung up. He said “My Mommy told me too. I gotta eat.”  I said my goodbyes and hung up.

Today at 10:00 I stopped in "Q"’s school. When I got to his class, I noticed that he was coughing. His teacher told me that he had just returned from the office where he was allowed to take his inhaler.  I noticed that he was still coughing. I listened to his chest and could hear a light wheezing. I called Dr. Todd’s Pediatrics and made an appointment for 4:00pm. I called Mom and Mary to inform them of the appointment. Mom at 11:30 to say that she couldn’t make it today and asked me to reschedule for tomorrow. Then Mom said that she couldn’t talk because her break was over. At 11:53 I received a call from Birney explaining that "Q" had gotten worse. I told them that he would be picked up soon. I called Mary explained that I was in Ypsilanti and that the school had called. Mary agreed to get "Q" from school. Mary called soon after to tell me that she had "Q" but could not make the appointment. I told Mary that I would pick up "Q" at 3:00pm and get him to the Dr. Mom called to say that she was working a little late and suggested that she pick "Q" up from my house after work.

I picked "Q" up at 3:00, we arrived at Dr. Todd’s at 3:35pm. "Q" was seen by Dr. Todd and diagnosed with acute asthma. In questioning about the frequency of attacks, dr. Todd discovered that "Q" was taken to the ER in December, an incident that had not been brought to his attention. He made the comment that "Q" should have been diagnosed months ago. (Follow-up visits)
Dr. Todd said that he wants to meet with Mom and I face to face to discuss "Q"’s condition, the lack of communication and risk which "Q" is exposed to. Dr. Todd demanded a 5/17/07 or a 5/22/07 meeting. He said that it was our choice.

I took "Q" home as agreed. I did not drop off his prescriptions because Dr. Todd said that the Orapred 15mg and  Xopenex 1.25mg may have to be ordered. It would be more convenient to Mom to fill them near her home.

Mom arrived at 5:28pm to pick up "Q". I gave Mom the scripts and updated her "Q"’s condition. I told her about Dr. Todd’s request for a face to face. Mom indicated that this would not be possible with her work schedule.  I told her to think about it and let me know what works best for her. Mom said that she had no money for prescriptions. I told her to drop them off and have the pharmacy call me.

Today I went to CVS at 10:00 and made the payment for "Q"’s medication. I called Mom and Mary to tell them so. At 3:08pm, I received two calls, one from Stacey and one from the pharmacy. I confirmed that Stacey was ok to receive "Q"’s meds. 
At 6:05pm I called Mom and left a message. The call was never returned.
At 11:29am and 6:05pm I called to talk to "Q". There was no answer and no reply.

5/17/2007 Paul upset
Today about 11am, I called Mom to see if she was going to keep the 4pm appointment today with Dr. Todd. Mom said “no” and that she would call Dr. Todd’s office to schedule something. She asked me for the #. I gave it to her. At 2pm I called Dr. Todd’s office to see if he still wanted to see us. He said yes. I told him that Mom couldn’t make it. Dr. Todd asked me for Mom’s Phone #. I gave him the 778 (court ordered) number.

At 6:05pm, I called 313-778-6173 but there was no answer. I left a message. At 6:40pm I decided to go to Mom’s house to check on "Q". I got to Mom’s house on Buena Vista and knocked on the door. There was no answer for 6 minutes. I flagged down a passing Detroit police car. As I approached the squad, the officer said “Man, y’all at it again? Is this woman still giving you hell?” I told the officer that I’m not her boyfriend and that I was here to check on my son. The officer said that Mom had just come out of her house. I turned around and noticed that she had. Mom asked why I called the police. I told Mom that I had not and asked her when the Detroit Police had ever shown up in five minutes. I told her that I wanted to check on "Q". Mom said that "Q" was at her Mothers. I said thanks and headed for my car. Mom said, “Wait. Before you go over there making trouble…” I told Mom that I only wanted to see that "Q" was alright. Mom insisted that I tell her what the police were doing at her house. I pointed down the street to another police car that had been parked down the street since I’d arrived and told her that I didn’t know. Again, Mom asked why I called the police to her house. I closed my car door and drove off. (Recorded)

I arrived at Mary’s house a few minutes later. 5 minutes of knocking and no answer. I drove a block away and waited for Mom to arrive. Mom’s car pulled up a few minutes later and she and Paul got out and headed for Mary’s house. I pulled up, got out of my car and followed them. Once inside, Mom locked the armor guard screen door and asked me what I wanted. I told Mom that I wanted to see "Q" since I haven’t been able to reach him by phone. Mom said “Is that all you want, to see him?” I said “I just want to talk to him for a second Mom”. Mom called "Q" to the door, pushed the mail slot open then pushed "Q"’s head up to the mail slot. She then said to "Q" “Here, your Daddy wants to talk to you.” I asked Mom not to make me talk to my son through a mail slot. I asked Mom why she was doing this. She said “because you scare me” I asked Mom if I had ever done anything to her. Mom said yes. I asked when. There was no reply. Mom just wanted me to talk to "Q" through the slot. She continued with this for a few moments. I told Mom that this crap was going to end. She sent "Q" into the house.

As I turned to leave, Mom walked outside. (Though she has admitted to having this great fear of me) I turned around and asked if she was ready to let me see "Q". She threatened to mace me if I came onto the porch. She actually said, “If you come on this porch, I will fuckin mace you.” I was floored. (Why would she come outside if she was in such fear of me?) I knew she was simply playing the victim and trying to get me to do something stupid so that she can get yet another PPO. Again, Mom started in on Amanda who was seated inside my car, which was parked three houses away and facing away. I told Mom that Amanda had nothing to do with this and that she should leave her out of it. Mom made some comment about lipstick. I told her that her boyfriend should be wearing lipstick, the way that he lets her boss him around. I told her that if she had a real man, that I would not be going through this crap with her because a real man would never stay with a woman that was obsessing over an ex-husband. I told Mom that the reason that we were not together is that I am a man and would never tolerate the stupidity of her actions. I told her that Paul was less than a man because no man with children and paying child support would stand by and watch the crap that she does to me and "Q". I didn’t do anything but after I made a couple of statements, Paul acted as though he wanted to break the door down and fight. Mom held him back. Of course she called the police. There is no doubt that another PPO will follow though I didn’t really do anything wrong. I never threatened anyone and I was standing on the sidewalk some 15 to 20 feet from Mom.

Today at 6:20pm I called Paul’s cell phone to speak to "Q". Mom answered, and stated that she had to run to a bridal store and that she would have "Q" call me back as soon as she got home. Current time 10:18am 5/20/2007. There was no return call.

Tuesday I called at 6:10. Mom claimed that "Q" was in the tub and asked if she could have him call me back. I told her that I would appreciate it. There was no return call.

I called at 6:08 pm, there was no answer but there was an immediate return call. Mom said that "Q" was sleeping. Mom said that she would have "Q" call me back. He did at 7:15pm.

Today at 2:35 I arrived at Birney Elementary to pick up "Q".

Mom called at 3:50pm and stated that she was on her way to pick up "Q". She said that she was 15 minutes away. I said OK then checked my order. I immediately called Mom back to inform her that I was keeping "Q" until tomorrow morning as ordered. She insisted that I’d have to take "Q" to school. I agreed though this is not the order.

I took "Q" to school arriving at 7:32am.

Today at 6:05pm, I called Mom’s number 313-778-6173 as ordered number. I left a message for Mom stating that I was trying to reach "Q". There was no return call. I did not get to speak to "Q".

Dr. Todd Marcus office filed a complaint with CPS Child Protective Services.

Today at 6:09 pm I called Mom’s phone. There was no answer. Mom did not return my call.

Today, I noticed Mom’s car parked at Takeo in Canton, MI at 10:00am. I went to her mothers home and knocked on the door but there was no answer. As I returned to Canton I drive past Takeo again at 1:20pm, I noticed her car still parked there.I called Mom’s number. There was no answer. "Q" called me back.

I called Mom’s phone. There was no answer.

Today I called number 313-778-6173 as ordered. At 6:08 "Q" called me back.

Today I called number 313-778-6173 as ordered. Mom did not answer.  At 6:44 Mom called me back and stated that her phone charger was broken.  She let me speak to "Q".

Today I called number 313-778-6173 as ordered. There was no answer and no call back.

Today at 2:40pm I arrived at Birney Elementary and picked "Q" up from school.

Today at 6:18pm Mom called to tell me that she was arriving momentarily to pick up "Q". At 6:22pm, Mom drove up in her black truck. Paul was with her but was not driving.

Called 6:13pm, left message. No response. I did not get to talk to "Q".

Called 6:21 left message. 6:34 Q called back. Talked to "Q" for 2 minutes then heard Mom tell Q to tell me that he could call me back when they got home. There was no call back.
("Q" pauses before answering most of the questions that I ask him. I’ve asked him before why his mother listens to his phone calls. His reply was “I don’t know.” I asked him if he ever asked her to not listen in and he replied “no”. Today, "Q" asked me to speak up twice. I asked him why he wanted me to speak up. He didn’t answer. A few seconds later, Mom (in the background) instructed "Q" to get off of the phone.)

3:44pm Mom to say that she’s working late and wants to know if I want to pick up "Q". I told Mom that I could not today.

6:24 I Called no answer.
6:31 Mom called back but didn’t say anything. oops.
6:31 Mom called back again to say that "Q" had gone to store with Paul and that she would have him call me when they returned.

At the Toledo Zoo. I asked "Q" why he didn’t call me back. He said that he didn’t know. I told him that he was supposed to call me when he got home from the store with Paul. "Q" said that he didn’t go to the store with Paul yesterday.

6/16/2007 (First refusal)
At 7:30 I go to Tenako and see Moms car in lot. I drive to Mary’s arriving at 8:30. Mary and I talk. She says that she’s waiting for Mom to call. I realize that "Q" has not been awoken. I tell Mary that I need "Q" awake and dressed. Mary says that "Q" was there all night.  9:14 I leave with "Q". Mom calls and we agree that she’ll pick "Q" up after work. 3:45 Mom calls and I meet her on Cherry Hill and Haggerty in lot of party store. In car "Q" says that he wants’s to be a part of my family. I ask Mom for a good time to pick up "Q". She said that she would call me by 9 am.

Mom did not call me to tell me that she had been working weekends.

9:30am and no call from Mom, I head to Detroit. At 10:14 I call Mom to tell her that I’m on my way to get "Q". She had no issue wit it. I picked "Q" up at 1018.

Mom called me at 6:01pm to say that she did not receive the paper from me requesting summer time and had decided to take the first half of the summer. I told Mom that I had plans as I had discussed with her a few days ago. Mom said that she’d call me back as soon as she got into the house.

8:00pm I called Mom back and left a message.

9:49pm Mom called me back to say that she wanted the first half of the summer. I reminded Mom that the summer time was not an even split but 6 weeks to me and four weeks to her. I reiterated the 3 week to me two weeks to her and three weeks to me schedule again. Mom said that her assignment was over at Teneko and named that as the reason she wanted immediate summer time. She said that she didn’t know when her next assignment would come. Mom tried to close the call by telling me not to pick up "Q" tomorrow. I told Mom that “IF” we went with her schedule, that I at least wanted the weekend. Mom started complaining about me having "Q" for the last two weekends in a row as well as mothers day. I told her that I was supposed to have him the last two weekends and that she had done me no favors and as for Mothers day, she had failed to pick "Q" up which had nothing to do with me.  I told Mom that it was a little rude to call me the day before I’m expecting to pick up "Q" and tell me that she would just keep him for a month straight. Not gonna work. I told her that I want this week end and that we would discuss the rest over the weekend.

"Q" was awake during this call (Mom was talking to him)

Thursday – I pick up "Q". I called Dr. Todd’s to see if Mom kept the follow up appointment. She had not. I made the Appointment for Friday.

I took "Q" to Dr. Todd’s Pediatrics at 11:30. He was seen by Dr. Brenner. She noticed nothing strange and instructed us to continue the medication as instructed by Dr. Todd.

Sat – Mom called and asked me if she could pick up "Q" on Monday. She said that she had to work Sunday. It didn’t make since to me but I didn’t care because the end result was more time with "Q".

I called Q at 6:05pm. Mom answered and put "Q" on the phone. "Q" said that he was getting dressed to go to Grandmas. He said that he had to go because he had to get dressed. I told him that he could get dressed when we got done talking. "Q" and I started talking. A minute later, Mom got on the phone and said that she had to run some errands and asked if she could call me back. I said sure. There was no return call.

I called to speak to "Q". There was no answer so I left a message. There was no return call.

Today I called Mom and left a message. I got no response.
6:14pm Today OI called Mom and spoke to "Q". After doing so, I asked to speak to Mom.  Mom got on the phone and immediately asked if she could call me back. I told Mom that I just had a quick Question. I asked her when she wanted me to pick up "Q". Mom said that she would call me on Sunday. ????? I reminded Mom that I was leaving for Minnesota on Saturday. Mom asked if that was the 8th. I said Yes. She said that she would call me back. Current time is 6:24pm and I know that it will not happen.

6:05pm. I called Mom, there was no answer. I left a message, there was no return call.

1:56pm I called Mom to ask her what time she wanted me to pick up "Q".  There was no answer but I left a message and she called me back.  Mom said that I could pick "Q" up on Sunday the 8th.  I reminded Mom that we were planning to leave on Saturday. Mom said that she’s sticking to the 8th like I told her. I Reminded Mom that I told her Saturday at least three times and that she stated that she would call me back but never does.
Mom refuses to commit to dates and times which continue this ambiguity. She keeps telling me that she didn’t get the summer schedule that I sent out. But she knows that I sent it. When I ask “Mom, what time or date….?” When we are discussing how to handle the summer schedule, her response is “I’ll call you.”  She never calls. She just keeps playing these games.

I went to Buena Vista at 10am and parked a block away. Mom had stated that they had a family stuff to do today. I waited and watched until 2:30pm. There was no activity and her Black Escalade never left her driveway nor did her green explorer.  I believe that Mom wanted to delay my trip or cause "Q" to miss the trip.
I called at 6:24pm. No answer. I left a message. There was no return call.

Today, I arrived at Mom’s house at 0800. Paul answered the door. I told Paul that I was there to pick up "Q". Paul stated that they were sleep and asked if I could come back in 45 minutes. I told Paul that I would take "Q" sleeping. Just pick him up and hand him to me. Five minutes later, Paul returned to the door with "Q". "Q" and I left. (again, I have to deal with Paul but Amanda is banned????)

"Q" asked to talk to his mother. I called Mom. There was no answer or return call. Today, "Q" stated that he had a Step-dad. I asked who it was. "Q" responded, “Paul”.

Again, I called Mom so that "Q" could speak to her.

8/28/2007 1830
Today I called Mom’s phone. There was no answer but there was a call back. I spoke to "Q" for 10 seconds before he asked if he could call me back. He said that there were a bunch of people there and that his mommy wanted to use the phone. I told him that his mommy didn’t need the phone with that much company over.

8/29/2007 1830
Today I called Mom’s phone at 6:30 and spoke to "Q". I asked "Q" why he rushed off of the phone yesterday. He said that his mommy told him to. (Recorded)


Called "Q" at 6:30.
Mom - Hang on. ……..He’s sleep.
Oran - OK
Mom - What, you want me to wake him up?
Oran - Unless you’re gonna have him call me back.
Mom - "Q"!!!!
"Q" - Hi Daddy….Hang on Daddy.  Can I call you back?
Oran - Yeh Son. Go ahead.

Time - 2016 Mom called to discuss me our pick up schedule. We agreed on the 13th of Sept then each other weekend there after. This is all that was discussed.

Court – Judge Debra Ross Adams, State Of Michigan 3rd Circuit Court.

Amanda picked "Q" up from school 3:15pm. "Q"’s shirt was dirty. He had a spare shirt in his back pack that was also dirty. I asked "Q" why the shirt was in his backpack, he said that he forgot to put it into his drawer.  Then we had a brief discussion about where he dirty clothes go. We talked for a short while about life at Grandma’s. Again "Q" said that, when he spends the night at his grandmothers, he sleeps on a chair. Again, I asked him what kind of blanket he has and he said a towel.

Today I picked "Q" up at 3:15pm. There was a miscommunication between Amanda and I. I called the school at 2:35. I arrived at 3:10pm.

6:00pm Mom arrived to Pick up "Q", ON TIME. Anyway, she was driving and Paul was in the passenger seat. I told Mom that "Q" had a Dr’s appointment on 9/24 with Dr Todd Marcus. She said ok then asked about "Q"’s uniform. I checked "Q"’s back pack. No uniform. I went into "Q"’s closet and grabbed a pair of pants and a school shirt. I gave them to Mom.

Called Mom at 6:30 to speak to "Q". There was no answer so I left a message. There was no return call.

I called and spoke to "Q". He was playing video games. We talked for about 5 minutes.

Today I was in the neighborhood and stopped in to drop off the hand sanitizer and tissue requested by "Q"’s teacher. In the classroom, I noticed that "Q"’s shirt was untucked. I instructed him to tuck it in. His teacher and I talked about how she would be soon enforcing that rule. "Q" pointed to his shoes and showed me that they were separated at the base almost all the way around. "Q"’s teacher told me that he had diarrhea for two days. I told her that I knew about yesterday but not tat it was still going on.

I went to a nearby Payless shoe store and bought "Q" two pair of shoes. I dropped them at the school then went home.

At 6:30 I called and Mom said that "Q" was sleep. I asked her to have him call me when he woke up.

At 9:33pm Mom called me to express her distain with my leaving the shoes at "Q"’s school. She said that she was sending the shoes back home to me. I told her that this was stupid then there was lots of yelling. I never did get to talk to "Q".

Called Mom at 6:30 but her phone is no longer in service.

Called Mom at 6:30 but her phone is no longer in service.

Called Mom at 6:30 but her phone is no longer in service.

9/27/07 Mom found in contempt of court. Awarded $500.00 to be taken out of support payments.

Spoke with Q

Spoke with Q

Spoke Again.

6:30pm I called Mom’s' number. There was no answer. As I am leaving a message, Mom is calling me back. She puts "Q" on the phone. I talk to "Q" for about 30 seconds and he says. "Daddy, I gotta go. I'll talk to you later." I said "What? Why do you have to go?" "Q" responded "My momma told me to say that." I told "Q" that I still wanted to talk to him. Then I heard Mom say that she was on the phone with another call. I told "Q" that I wanted to talk to him. Mom got on the phone and told me that she would have "Q" call me back, then hung up.

I called at 6:30 and spoke with "Q".

I called "Q" at 630pm
Mom - tell your daddy hi and ask him how his day was.
"Q" - hi daddy how was your day?
Me - - Fine and yours?
"Q" – Daddy, my mommy told me to tell you we're shopping and I’ll call you later.
They hung up. There was no return call.

I pick "Q" up from school at 3:15pm. His teacher meets me outside to tell me that "Q" has been forgetting his homework. Either not taking it home or not bringing it to school.
I told her that I would communicate with and through "Q"’s Grandmother Mary as any attempt to share information with his mother only creates problems.

Later at home, "Q" told a story about how his mother had slapped him across the face because he questioned her about weather he could play a video game. I asked him how she hit him and he described a slap. I asked him which side he was hit on. "Q" pointed to his left cheek.

I dropped "Q" off at school and took an Albuterol inhaler to the office. The secretary stated that he had an inhaler there already. I asked her how much was left. She handed me the large yellow envelope with the inhaler. I opened the envelope and immediately noticed that the bottle was Q-var. I read the label for verification. I told the secretary that this medication was not to be administered at the school. I gave her the Albuterol inhaler instead. She asked me how many puffs "Q" was supposed to take. I told her 2 puffs and only as needed, not daily. The secretary told me that "Q" had taken 8 puffs on a few occasions because that’s what he told her he was supposed to take.

I wrote the instructions on the envelope containing the medication.  2 puffs as needed of the Albuterol and NO Qvar to be administered at school.

10/25/2007 – Pick up from school.
I arrived at 3:20pm and "Q" was in the office. I checked "Q"’s back pack for homework and noticed a Q-Var inhaler inside. I asked the office staff why "Q" would have a medication in his back pack. I then reminded them that it was the incorrect inhaler, again. I told them that Q-Var would not suppress of stop an asthma attack. I told them that in the Dr’s own words, “Q-Var is not a rescue inhaler.” Mrs. Harris and another Oriental lady working in the office began two explanations that made no since. Mrs. Harris Picked "Q" up from school today. Mrs. Harris said that Someone comes to the school every day to give "Q" the medication. (?????? He’s not on a daily medication that would need to be administered at school.) The other said that Qiuncy picks the medication up after school b4 going home.

I told them that I would provide another note from "Q"’s Pediatrician that explains his medications. The school has no nurse and the secretaries claim that the children must be able to administer the medication themselves or a parent must come in to the school to do so.

10/26/2007 – Another Asthma attack
Picked "Q" up from school. Got the normal confusion in the office. The medical authorization was given to Mrs. Rahl (the principal). At 2:00 the school called me (by mistake) to say that "Q" needed his inhaler and didn’t have it. I told them that we were in the process of getting the script refilled. I also told them that we were 10 minutes away and would pick "Q" up.

I called the Dr. Office and was instructed to bring "Q" in immediately. At the office Dr. Todd’s diagnosis was “acute”. He prescribed Xopenex 4 times daily for 5 days and ????? twice daily for 5 days as well with a follow-up on Thursday.

Mom picked "Q" up and was given his medication and instructions. I also told Mom that Dr. Todd wanted to see "Q" on Thursday. She asked what time and I told her that she had to make the appointment. Mom gave me a bag of "Q"’s clothes, as requested, which were clean and folded. Hell they were cleaner than the stuff that he wears to school.

Mom and Paul arrived to pick up "Q".

6:15pm Mom arrived to pick up "Q". Paul was driving. There were no other children in the car.

I called but no answer. Mom called me back at 8:36pm. I missed the call.

I called but no answer.

12/9/2007  Mom arrived at 6:02 to pick up "Q". "Q" had trouble standing on the ice so I put him into Mom’s car. Paul was driving.

12/13/2007 Mom called and asked me if I wanted to pick up "Q" on Friday as she had to work long shifts. I agreed to do so.

12/14/2007 I picked "Q" up from school. I went into the school to make sure that he had his homework.

Mom arrived at 5:49pm to pick up "Q". Paul was driving and their two other small children were in the back seat.

6:30 I called to talk to "Q". Mom said that "Q" was sleeping and offered to wake him. I declined.

6:30 I called to talk to "Q". There was no answer. I left a message.

6:21am Mom called me to say that "Q" was coughing really bad for a couple of days. I instructed her to call Dr. Todd.
6:32am  Text from Mom “The doctor’s not responded, I’m giving "Q" a treatment.”
7:59am Text from Mom “All of a sudden Q’s fine I think it was the reminder of Santa and breakfast at school today that cured him.”

12/20/2007 - ASTHMA
9:28am Mrs. Shumate called and said that "Q" was having a pretty bad episode. I instructed her to Call Mom as Mom would be only a few minutes away. I also left work because I figured that Mom would do nothing.

9:34am I called Birney Ele School to tell them that I was on the way to pick up "Q". The secretary said that "Q" was on the phone with his mother. A few minutes later, "Q" was on the phone with me. I asked "Q" how he was doing. “I don’t feel good” was his response. I asked him if he spoke to his mother and what she said. “She told me to just rest for a while.”  I told "Q" that I was on my way to pick him up.

9:36am Mom called and said that "Q" wasn’t feeling good and how would I like to pick him up early. I told Mom that I was already on my way.

9:39am I called Dr. Todd’s Pediatrics for their advise. I was instructed to bring "Q" in at 10:45am. We arrived at 10:51am. "Q" was checked and found to be wheezing badly and had a Blood Oxygen level of 93. This was is a dangerous level and "Q" was given a couple of medications in office to get this back above 97.

Again, "Q" was put on the Xopenex nebulizer treatments for 5 days. Dr. Brenner stated that it was dangerous to continue treating "Q" this often with a steroid and again stressed the importance of proper medication to control the Asthma.

I called Mom so that "Q" could speak with her.

*When I arrived at Birney, I noticed that "Q" was wearing a dirty shirt. In questioning him, I discovered that "Q" had worn the same shirt for three days in a row. The café employees that were in the office, heard it, gasped and rolled their eyes.

"Q" had the correct inhaler. It was in his locker. “"Q" had his inhaler with him, it was not in the control of an adult.”

Last night was particularly rough for "Q". I treated him at 1:20am, 5:10am and again at 8:15am.  The treatments allowed him to sleep for a while longer. He has an appointment at 10:30.

I called Mom at 2:00pm to discuss the schedule with her and remind her not to pick up "Q". There was no answer, I left a message. I did the same at 5:26pm. At 6:00, Mom called me to tell me that she was at a gas station because her phone was dead all day. (she was on her phone) I reminded her of the schedule and Mom stated that I had "Q" last Christmas morning. I told Mom that this was why I made the schedule and that she should have mentioned it earlier if there was a problem. I told Mom that I was on my way and would be there in 10 minutes.
When I arrived at the home, Mom was parked in front. I put "Q" in her car, Paul was driving, and gave her "Q"'s medication through the passenger side window. I told Mom that "Q" had a 12/26/07 1:15pm follow up appointment with Dr. Todd. Mom responded "well aren't you gonna have him"? I said "No, I'm supposed to pick him up at 10am and you're supposed to pick up at 5pm." Mom asked "Do you really want to go through all of that?"
I believe that Mom AGAIN is not willing to get "Q" his necessary treatment.

I arrived at 10:30 to pick up "Q". There was no issue. At 6:30pm I called and asked Mom when she was picking up "Q". She said that she wasn’t. I said OK and hung up.

Mom did not come to pick up "Q" yesterday as ordered.  I took "Q" to see Dr. Todd who cleared him of asthma after 6 days of medication but increased "Q"’s daily medication strength.

6:36pm Mom called to talk to "Q".
 Mom call me to talk to "Q" at 1857.

After talking to "Q" Mom spoke to me and said that q wanted to come home and that she'd pick him up tomorrow. I told Mom that that would not work. I told her that I will have 7 days and that she could pick "Q" up on Tuesday. Mom said that she'd pick "Q" up on Wednesday. I said ok.