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Parenting Time Journal 2008




Mom called at 6:51pm and talked to "Q". 

5:36pm Mom called to say that she had arrived at my house. I was returning from the store with "Q"’s new medication. I gave the medication to Mom and told her that it replaced Q-Var. I told Mom that according to Dr. Marcus and Dr. Bremmer, "Q" can not continue to have episodes that get this bad because of the dangers associated with repeated steroid treatments. Mom asked if she should continue to give "Q" the nebulizer. I reminded her that the Nebulizer was only to be given with Dr. Marcus’s permission for monitoring reasons. She left. (Paul was driving)

The events of 12/19 and 12/20 prove that Mom will not seek proper medical attention.

1/10/2008 3:53p
Mom called me then hung up.  I called her back and she asked me if I was supposed to have "Q". I told her, NO. She said OK. I believe that he got left at the school.

Mom called me to ask if I’d received "Q"’s medication from Stacey and to tell me that she was picking "Q" up on Monday since he had no school.


Amanda just informed me that Dr. Todd’s office called to confirm "Q"’s appointment on Monday.  I called the office but they had no record of what the appointment was for other than to say that it was a follow-up.  Tina offered to Cancel the appointment until they can figure out what it’s for.

Today I called "Q" at 6:30 as ordered. There was no answer so I left a message. There was no call back.

Today I called "Q" at 6:30 as ordered. There was no answer so I left a message. There was no call back.

Today I called "Q" at 6:30 as ordered. There was no answer so I left a message. I received a call back at 6:50pm Duration 3:38

6:00 pm. I met Mom at the WhiteCastle on Ford rd and I-275. Paul was driving. I told Mom that the "Q" has some issues that need to be to the doctors attention. Mom seemed shocked. I told her that we need to talk to a Dr. and find out why this is happening.

Today I called "Q" at 6:30 as ordered. There was no answer so I left a message.
I received a call back 8:40 stating that she had trouble getting meds from Dr. Todd.

Today I called "Q" at 6:30 as ordered. There was no answer so I left a message.
I received a text back from Mom saying that her battery was dead and thanking me for getting "Q"’s medication ordered. Also stated that she has insurance and will give me a card.

Mom called to offer "Q" for this whole break (again). I told her that I’d be happy to keep "Q" for the full week. She requested Easter break in exchange. I agreed. Then Mom called back to tell me that she took "Q" to the doctor but he only had a mild cold.

I called dr. Todd’s office and Tina informed me that they hadn’t treated "Q" since December.

Call from Mrs. Shumate. "Q" writing in book again and telling teacher that another student ok’d it.

Mom picked "Q" up at 6:02. Paul was driving. (Again, present)

9:48am – Call from Mrs Shumate stating that "Q" was not feeling well.
9:56am Called Mom and left her a message to call me or the school because "Q" was ill.
9;59am – I sent Mom the following text message “Call me or "Q" at school”
10:25am – After hearing nothing from Mom I called the school to see if they’d heard from Mom. They said that they had not. I drove to the school and picked "Q" up. I checked him and there was no wheezing or coughing. He stated that his chest did not hurt and had not been hurting and the same for coughing. I took "Q" to Mary’s home only to be told by "Q" that she no longer lives there. "Q" said that Mary was now living with him and his mother.
11:38am I took "Q" home and Mary was there. I told her what had happened and left "Q". Mary gave me her newest cell phone # and that of her son Brian.
11:42am – Mom called me to ask what was going on with "Q". I told her.

Mom came to pick up "Q". Paul was driving.  Mom asked me for "Q"’s inhaler. I told her that he was all out as of today.  Mom asked if I would call in  and request another prescription. I agreed.

I called Dr. Todds office to request more medication for "Q". They said that they’d need to see him again before issuing another script. I texed this to Mom. She replied with an OK.

I called to ask Mom if I was getting "Q" for the weekend. (we’d agreed to me for spring break and her for Easter week). Mom said that I could p/u Thursday. On this same day, Dr. Todds Pediatrics called to confirm "Q"’s Wednesday appointment. I texed this to Mom as well.

I p/u "Q" and he told me that he had been to the Dr that day. I confirmed with Dr office that he was OK and checkup went fine. I called Mom to ask if "Q" had been without medication for a week and a half. She said no. I don’t believe her.

"Q"’s underwear were FULL of poo. When I asked him why he didn’t answer. I had him take a shower. During the course of conversation, "Q" stated:

That he only takes baths at home when he asks to.

That he sometimes gets teased for being stinky.

That he doesn’t remember the last time that he brushed his teeth.


This is probably the 10th pair of underwear that we’ve had to throw away because "Q" soiled them so bad.


6:14 first call 6:24 arrived. Paul present - driving.
Mom came to p/u "Q". I told her we need see about a Dr for "Q". She asked why. I told her that this pooh issue that he’s having may be psychological. She smirked and said she’d look into it.

Just received a text from Mom 10:42am  “Give me a call around 12:30 so we can talk. Thanks”

2:34pm – Mom calls and said that I said that we needed to talk. What? I told her that I already told her WHAT. We need to get "Q" to a doctor to find out why he has these pooping issues.
Mom’s response “Well…….. it seems that when he has these issues…….80% of the time , he’s with you.” I said “Well then we need to get him to a doctor to find out if it’s something here that’s causing it.”

Mom went on to say that there was only one incident where Paul found some dirty underwear in a basket and they asked him about it. She continued that "Q" will call her if he’s having issues while he’s in the bathroom. ????????????????? Let the lies begin, again.

Mom said that she’d call me back tonight to discuss it further because she only had a 15 minute break.

Truth – Mom called me a few months ago to tell me that "Q" was having issues with his underwear where he was pooping in them. But she probably doesn’t remember it. 

Called today at 7 00 on the dot. There was no answer so I Left a message. As of 9:03, there was no call back.

10:53am Mom called me from 734-422-???? and asked me if I’d contacted any Dr’s. I told her that I had not because she said not to worry, she would handle it. Mom told me that "Q" pooped on himself at school yesterday. I made an appointment with Dr. Todd for "Q" for Monday 4/7/08 at 3:15pm. I texted this info to Mom and asked her if she could have him there.

Called Mom @ 7:00. No answer, no call back.

Today I called Mom at 7:00 as agreed upon. At 8:24pm Mom returned my call and put "Q" on the phone. It was too noisy and I asked "Q" why. He said that he was at Chuck E Cheeses. I let him off the phone as he would be unable to talk. It’s Sunday and "Q" has school tomorrow morning.

Dr. Marcus x-rayed "Q" and confirmed that he was impacted. Medication was provided.

I called Mom today at 7pm. There was no answer nor call back. At 9pm she texted me “I can’t get him there until Friday. Let me know if you can get him there sooner.” Referring to "Q"’s missed Monday appointment.

Again I called at 7pm and got no answer. No call back as well.

1:15, interviewed with Bill Gallagher about Dump on Elmhurst. During the interview, Birney Elementary school Principal, Mrs Rall, called to thank me for the coverage on the abandoned home recently demolished by the city.  After the interview "Wife" and I stopped by "Q"’s school. We spoke with Mrs Ralls and visited with "Q". "Q" was wearing dirty clothes.

Today I called Mom at 7:00pm but there was no answer so I left a message.


Today I called Mom at 10am to exercise my Birthday parenting time. There was no response. At 12:30 I pulled up to Mom’s house. Mom answered the door and told me that "Q" was with her mother. Mom gave me directions to her mothers new house.

I drove to Mary’s home on 12th street and picked up "Q". "Q" was still wearing his school clothes from yesterday. I asked Mary if "Q" had been there all night. She confirmed that he had. "Q" also stated that he had stayed the night. Mary is, again located next to an abandoned home.

Once in the car, I asked "Q" about his new surroundings. I asked him where he slept and he said on the car seat. I told him that I did not believe him. He said that DJ went out to the car and got  the car seat for him to sleep in.


Mom never picked up "Q". It is now 7:30 pm and I called Brian, to get a hold of Mary to get a hold of Mom for me. Mom called and said that she thought that I was going to return "Q". We had a few words with the end result being me taking "Q" home. Mom wanted me to take "Q" to school in the morning. I told Mom that I could not do that. She couldn’t meet me half way tonight. I took him home.

I called Mom at 7 but got no answer. I text’d Mom “Got new insurance and need "Q"’s Soc #”. That also brought no response.

I called Mom and got no response. There was no call back.

7:00pm – Today I called Mom in an attempt to reach "Q". There was no answer, I left a message but got no response.


Typed and sent this to Mom via mail.

                                                                                                                  Case No. 01-138???


Summer Parenting Time Notification and Call Time Change Request.


I Leander Richmond am responding, as ordered, to notify Mom Lawrence Richmond of my request for summer parenting time to begin June 21st at 1:00pm until August 2nd at 1:00pm

I would also like it noted that since February 13th, per request of Mom Richmond, I would agree to adjust the daily call time from 6:30pm to 7:00pm. This was requested by Mom because the 6:30pm time was inconvenient.


Mom arrived to pick up "Q" at 5:55pm. Paul was driving and their other two children were in the back seat.

Mom called me at 8:00pm to ask if I could pick "Q" up from school. Mom said that her mother’s car had a flat and no brakes. I suggested that she let her mother use her car.

4/29/2008 (Wednesday)
At 7:00 pm, I called Mom’s phone but there was no answer.

1:29pm, Mrs Shumate called me to inquire as to "Q"’s absence since Friday.  She said that she called Mom’s numbers and Mary’s number but got no response. I called Mom’s phone and left a message.

Again I called at 7pm and got no answer. No call back as well.

I called at 7pm and got no answer. No call back as well.

I called at 7pm and got no answer. No call back as well.

5/6/2008 3:29pm
Mom called to tell me that her phone is broken and that she can’t replace it until she pays a deductible. She instructed me to use this number 313-748-????

Mom picked up "Q" 5:55pm. Paul driving.

Called the temporary Mom Number – disconnected.

Temp # still disconnected.

1:43 pm – Mom called to say that her phone would be off for a few days.  (I have "Q", so this means nothing as it is not likely that I would call her) She also said that she’d p/u "Q" on Monday at 6:pm

Called the Temp # at 7pm. The phone is still off.

Called the Temp # 7:00pm. The phone is still off.

Called the Temp # at 7pm. The phone is still off.

5/30/2008 10:54am
Mom just called me from 734-422-???? to say that I’d erroneously selected June 2nd to begin summer parenting time and that school did not end for "Q" until June 12th. I looked at the form and corrected Mom. I'd requested June 21 at 1pm until August 2nd at 1PM.

Mom then asked me if I planned to attend "Q"’s graduation. I said NO. She said that she wasn’t going and that she would see if her mother could go. I told her not to ask, that "Q" was our child and that one of us should be there. I told her that I would go.

Called the Temp # 7:00pm. There was no answer. I left a message.

6/15/2008 (Fathers day)
I picked "Q" up at 10:00 as agreed. "Q" handed me a card that said happy father’s day to my 2 dads. The card mentions Paul but not me. I thank "Q" for the card and we go home.  At 12:36 Mom called me and asked if I would keep "Q" until Monday evening 6pm.

6:19pm Mom arrived to pick up "Q".

Called the Temp # 7:00pm. There was no answer so I left a message.

6/31/08 Sunday
Mom called to talk to "Q". 8:25pm. After talking to "Q" she asked him to speak to me. She said that he sounded unhappy ect…. I assured Mom that "Q" was fine, that he was again jumping on the trampoline with the other boys and screaming from the fun.

Mom called to speak to "Q" 8:37pm.

Mom called to speak to "Q" 1:28pm

Mom called to speak to "Q" 8:40pm

Mom called to speak to "Q" 1:35pm

"Q" was taken to Dr. Todd by mom.

I called to speak to "Q" at 7:00pm. The call was returned at 8:14pm.

Mom picked up "Q" at 07:42. Paul was present and driving. I gave Mom some new school uniforms for "Q", two new pairs of pants and three new shirts.

8/15/2008 ( Emergency Room)
Found out on 19/5/09, that "Q" had been taken to the ER on this date.

Called at 0:700pm to speak to "Q". Mom called back at 7:18pm

I called to speak to "Q" at 07:00pm. At 07:52, Mary called me from 313-685-77?? to let me speak to "Q".

I called at 07:00 to talk to "Q". There was no answer. Mom called me back at 7:11.

I go to "Q"’s school to meet and acquaint myself with his teacher.  I met Mr. Kade. We discussed "Q"’s education, behavior and medical needs. Mr Kade stated that "Q" had an episode last week. In the gym running around when My Kade noticed that "Q" looked as if he were struggling to breath. Sent "Q" to the office. Notified mom of incident. The next day, "Q" was sent to school with his Advair medication. ***Advair will NOT stop an attack.**** Advair is a maintenance drug, not a rescue drug.

The next morning I took an Albuterol inhaler into the office and again, gave them the instructions. There is no school nurse but the school has our contact information.

Mom called and said that she has no gas money. She asked me to bring "Q" home. I agreed. I had him home at 6:45pm.

I called at 7:00pm. Mom said that she was at Meijer. She said she’d call back when with Q.

Called back at 10:15 – Apparently - Drunk. She was rambling and slurring her words. I p’d/u up Q took him to Urgent care on Warren in Canton, MI.

Mom  called me at 10:30 pm, in a seemingly drunken state, to tell me that our son wasn't feeling well, then he was, then not again. I began recording about three minutes into the call because it made absolutely no sense. After being unable to get a definite answer on the condition of "Q", I told her that I'd just pick him up. 25 miles later I got out of my car. "Q" was standing on the porch with his mother. I could hear him wheezing from 15 feet away. I put the usual life saving techniques into play. I called the Dr's. emergency #, while heading to the urgent care unit. 

Emergency medication was provided but on Monday, I took "Q" to see his Primary care physician, Dr. Marcus. Dr. Marcus placed "Q" on a week long, round the clock medical regimen designed to eliminate the wheezing and end the attack.

All of this was provided to Mom with detailed instructions. There were 24 viles to be taken at 4 hour intervals beginning on Monday afternoon. When I picked "Q" up from school on Thursday, there were 18 viles left. The medication had not been administered as directed. The school staff knew little about the medication. They were provided no specific instructions. They have no nurse on staff and my son must medicate himself. He is now 8.

At the follow-up appointment Dr. Marcus said that "Q" was still wheezing and asked about his medication. I told the Dr. about the remaining meds. He instructed me to keep "Q" in my care until his medication was depleted and he was cleared of the wheezing. His office also contacted CPS again.

In my follow up conversation with the worker, I asked her if she'd contacted my ex-wife to inform her that there was a pending investigation and a home visit. The case worker assured me that they (CPS) did not function this way. I told the worker that my ex-wife had called me at 1200 on the day of the home visit to tell me that I could not pick up our son until after 5:30pm because the worker would be paying a visit. The worker then admitted that she did pre schedule the visit.

The CPS case worker informed me that she went to the school and verified my sons medication was there. She also said that she went my ex wife's home and that there was medication and that mom said that son was getting it on a regular basis. Well, I don't know about you but I'm convinced. When I dropped my son off at school this morning, I spoke with the office staff, the Principal and his teacher, all of whom stated that they have had no visits from CPS about "Q".

"Q"'s school just called and said that he showed up with his nebulizer and wants to know when was the last time he took it so that they can administers every 4 hours.

Dr. Marcus office makes 2nd complaint to CPS, Child Protective services.