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Parenting Time Journal 2009




6:08pm – Candy calls to say that she’s running a little behind but she’s on her way.

7:42pm – Candy calls to say that she’s on Haggerty and will be here in a few minutes.

7:54pm – Candy arrives. Paul is driving




Thursday, I go to Quincy's school to pick him up. His teacher tells me that he was put on the bus, at his mother’s request.


I go to Buena Vista address. Paul is there and gives me Quincy. Paul also apologizes for the missed communication.


Candy sends text asking why I didn't pick up Q.


Feb 12 2009 5:17pm – Candy: Why didn’t you pick up Q?

Feb 12 2009 5:18pm – Leander: What time does he get on the bus? It’s b4 school lets out. I was there, he was not.

Feb 12 2009 5:20pm – Candy: He should have went with you! Not gotten on the bus. And you could have come to the house.   - You should have called me.

Feb 12 2009 5:23pm – Leander: What are you talking about? He rode the bus home. I picked him up, there. No problem. That’s where I figured he’d be. Why should I have called you?

Feb 12 2009 5:26pm – Candy: Sorry, not home yet, thought Q was with mommy. No problem.



I send Candy a text requesting confirmation that she has received our new address. She called me to tell me that she again has no gas and wants to know if I will bring Quincy home. I told Candy that I’d call her later with arrangements.


We’d planned a day of shopping at Twelve Oaks mall. Because of this issue we now decided on Fairlane Mall instead. I called Candy and asked her if she could meet us at Fairlane mall at 6:00pm. Candy said that she didn’t even have the gas for that.


I dropped Quincy off at Candy’s home at 17:53pm.




Today, I went to pick Quincy up from Candy’s house on Buena Vista. Candy told me that she wouldn’t be home but Paul would be there with Quincy. When I arrived, there was a red car in the driveway with the passenger side door open.


I stood on the porch and knocked on the door. As the door opened, two women exited the home. As they did, the first said hello. The second, paused as she passed in front of me, looked me up and down and mumbled “Hmfp., need to pay some child support”. This statement led to a confrontation.


There were some very unpleasant words exchanged before they drove off in their car. Quincy appeared at the door 30 seconds later.  We left. The women’s name was Mrs. Novella. I have never seen nor met this woman before today.


It was also discovered that Candy made an appointment for Quincy to see Dr. Marcus on Thursday at 3:30. she did this without my consent. Once at the Doctor’s office I asked what the check up was for and was told that they’d called mom on Monday to tell her that Quincy was due in for an evaluation. We had him seen today. Candy made an appointment on my schedule without my permission.


Upon trying to fill his prescription, later that evening, I discovered that Quincy is again on fia or Gov’t insurance




2:33pm  Candy – Are you bringing Quincy home.

4:12pm  Candy -  Are you bringing Quincy home.

4:52pm – Leander – No. R U picking him up?

4:52pm – Candy I’m sick

               Leander – I’m sorry but I don’t feel like driving.

               Candy - I understand ive been im bed all weekend, im on medication.

-          OK, then will you take him to school I just cant make it.

               Leander - I’m not surprised but whatever. Not the way it’s supposed to go. AGAIN, here we go with the non compliance.

               Candy  -  I’m sorry. I forgot im not aloud to be sick on your time or your weekend.

               Leander – Does that mean you’re not picking him up?

               Candy – Why does this have to be a fight? I’m not feeling well. Is it to much to ask that you bring him home or take him to school?

               Leander – 3rd time in a row??? And you think I’m being unreasonable.

-          Nevermind. As usual, I’ll do what needs to be done.


This is a copy of the text between Candy and I. It began with the assumption that I would take Quincy home. Why would I??? I took Quincy home, arriving at 8:50pm.


3/8/09 7:00pm

I called to talk to Quincy. There was no answer so I left a message. Candy called me back at 8:12pm I spoke to Quincy. He was playing video games as usual.


3/9/09 7:00pm

I called Candy’s phone to talk to Quincy. There was no answer and no call back as of 9:50pm.


3/10/09 7:00pm

I called to talk to Quincy. Candy answered and put Quincy on the phone. I spoke with Quincy briefly about his homework and day. He was watching a movie but didn’t know the name of it.


3/15/09 6:44pm

Today at 2:44pm I received the following text from Candy:

I need directions to your house.

I responded Again!!!!! M14 to beck south to Swanmere left to 46477.

Candy responded – Again?? You only gave them to me once, on that paper u mailed. SORRY TO HAVE BOTHERED YOU!

I sent no reply.

Candy arrived at 6:43pm to pick up Quincy.



Called at 0700 pm – Phone disconnected.



Called at 0700 pm – Phone disconnected.



Called at 0700 pm – Phone disconnected.



Called at 0700 pm – Got VM. No answer and no return call.



Today I spoke with Mrs. Ralls about the call that I’d placed to the Superintendent. Among many things, she insisted that CPS had NOT been to the school nor had she had any contact with CPS concerning Quincy.



Quincy had a note in his backpack that said that he had failed a poetry assignment for failing to memorize the poem. He spent the weekend studying the poem and was able to recite it fully and unassisted b4 he went home today. Before sending him home, I marked his shirt in two spots with a red marker. One mark was placed in the letter in the logo inside the neck of the shirt and on the stitches of the button on his left sleeve.



Today, I went to visit Quincy at school. I checked and he was wearing the shirt which I had marked. The shirt had a small brown stain on the back almost like a dripping of chili.



Today I went to visit Quincy at school and verified that he was wearing the same shirt and that it was dirty. (I told him to fix his collar then I fixed it for him.) The red dots were there. I also spoke with Mrs. Ralls and wished her well in her future endeavors. Today is her last day as Principal.



Today I was at Birney Elementary School at 8:10am. I went to the office and signed in then I went to Quincy’s class room. Mr. ??? allowed me to visit with Quincy briefly. I noticed that his shirt was dirty and had the same brown stain on the back that was there on Monday and Tuesday. I spoke with him briefly and nonchalantly checked the collar of his shirt. The red dot was on the zero in the 10 of the size. Three days in a row with the same unwashed shirt.



Today again I went to Birney Elementary School at 8:02am. I went to the office and signed in then I went to Quincy’s class room. AGAIN, Quincy was wearing this dirty shirt with even more stains and dirt. I asked Quincy is he was wearing the same pants as well and he said “Yes”. I met with Mrs, ??? the principal for about 30 minutes.



Today, I went to Quincy’s school. His shirt is filthy and ridiculously dirty. It now has a large yellow stain that extends from the right collar down to about the 4th button. I asked Quincy where he got the shirt and he said off of his toy box. I asked him how it got there and he said that that’s where he put it yesterday when he took it off.



Today I called Quincy at 0700. Candy asked me if she could have him call me back. I told her yes. Candy called back at 7:14pm.



I went to Quincy’s school today and he was wearing the same shirt AGAIN. This time it had a stain on the front that looked like someone had spilled OJ on the collar and the front. About a 6 inch stain.


I also watched as Quincy was dropped off at home at 3:39pm by a light brown colored Malibu, Pictures were taken.


4/7/09 0913

Sent text to Candy requesting Mrs. Sullivan’s phone #.

0930 – Left a VM with Atty Wayne Kristall requesting a call back.

11:24 left a message with the secretary to have atty call me back about the missing contact information or obtaining it from his client.

1532 – Watched Quincy get dropped off at home by someone driving a GMC Suv. Pictures Taken.

1610 – Still no response to Phone #.

1918 – Candy sent 313-300-4323



Today I took doughnuts to Quincy’s school. Quincy was not there. He arrived very late. At 2:30 I went back to the school and spoke to Quincy. He confirmed that he did in fact go straight home yesterday with Mrs. Sullivan. He said that Paul was home.


Today, they had parent teacher conferences and I wanted to speak to Quincy’s teachers. Mr. Fisher, Mrs. Harris and Mrs Sullivan. I met briefly with Mrs. (Principal) in the office. She provided me with her correct phone # 313-834-8980. I offered to take Quincy home after meeting with his teacher and Mrs. Sullivan agreed that it would be OK. I then told her that I did not want to create any problems if she was taking him home. She said that she was taking him right home so there would be no problem.

4/2/09 - Stopped in to DHS Office. Met with Mrs. Billups. These were comments that she made. "We have some really serious cases of abuse with kids being beaten and molested, but not to discount your situation." and "School uniforms can be worn for 5 days without a problem because they don't appear as dirty." among other stupid assed comments, she really wanted to know why I wanted the reports that she had not yet produced. I just called and provided her with the dates of the most recent Dr. Referrals. 5/31/07 & 10/10/08 Current time 1621



1238 - Got Mrs. Billups on the phone. The report from 10/10/08 is available and being mailed to me. The report from 5/31/07 was "Screened Out" meaning that there was no report or investigation.


4/16/09 – Asthma ER Candy

I learned on 6/22/09 of this visit. Candy did NOT tell me. Instead, on 6/22/09, she handed me a box of meds for Q. I back tracked to discover this.

This is a note from the ER report:

Discharge from ED: The patient is discharged to home . Patient's condition is satisfactory . The patient is to follow up with Todd S. Marcus, D.O.; 36650 Five Mile Suite 106 Livonia, MI 48154; (734) 464-7700 in 2 day(s) without fail . Purpose of referral: for re-evaluation and further treatment.

Prescriptions prepared.

The FOLLOW-UP, took place on 6/18/09 and NOT as directed on the ER discharge report.





Court today. Candy made false claims about what the Referee asked for. I told Judge Debra Ross Adams that he asked for receipts for the child care. She responded “Now THAT sounds like something that my Referee would say.” “Do you have the receipts?


No receipts. They tried to present the foc form as a receipt. It was shot down by me. They showed a bank deposit slip for $400.00 with Beverly Sullivan’s name hand written in the upper right hand corner. This too was shot down. The Judge tried to get me to accept child care expense of $70.00 a month. I told the judge that Quincy was going home daily, that I had 3 weeks of documentation and proof and that there was no child care expense. The judge grilled Candy and agreed that this was transportation, not child care.


The judge asked me again to accept the $70.00. I did, and thanked the Judge for being so patient and gracious.


4/26/09 2:52pm (No gas money, no pick up again)

Received the following text from Candy.

Look, being a straight shooter. I’m brook and I don’t have the gas to pick him up, so bring him home or take him to school. If you feel this is non compliance Then take me back to court and complain.


I took Quincy home at 7:00pm



I texted and mailed Candy information about our planned trip to attend Todd’s wedding. Candy replied via text that she was not sure yet.



Candy texted me her response: “Quincy wont be able to attend, the dates are too close together to things I already have planned.” After some prodding, Candy finally said that she had her own ceremony on the same day.



6. Each party shall notify the other of all overnight vacation plans within fifteen (15)

days of said vacation. Each party shall provide the other with a complete itinerary and contact information with ten (10) days of the vacation or other out-of-town plans.


Family Reunions or weddings.

8. The parent whose family is having the event shall have the child as long as it

does not interfere with a scheduled holiday time for the other parent, or other prior arrangements of the other party. The parent shall give two (2) weeks prior notice.




5/2/09 (No answer)

I called Quincy at 7:00pm but there was no answer. The call was returned at 8:31pm.



Candy texted me to say that she would pick Quincy up on Monday. I text her beck telling her that she could get him on Sunday and she replied Monday.



4:39pm Candy called to say that she was on her way after walking their dog.

5:46pm Candy arrived to p/u Quincy. Paul was driving. She called from a new number (313-645-2997). She said that her phone was gone and that this was the new #.


5/29/09 7:01pm

Today I called Candy’s newest provided number and her current number but got no answer and no return call.


5/31/09 7:00pm

Today I called Candy’s newest provided number and her current number but got no answer and no return call.




At 6:32pm, candy called to say that they were ten minutes away. At 6:39pm, Candy arrived in the passenger seat of her escalade which was driven by Paul gates. Quincy was outside riding his bike. I sent him in to get his back pack. He left with his Mother.



Called and got no answer.



Called at 0700. There was no answer and no return call.


6/14/09 1255

I got a call from CVS on Dexter in Detroit informing me that Quincy’s Advair Medication still had not been picked up.


6/15/09 1225

I just called the CVS Pharmacy on Dexter in Detroit. They informed me that the Advair is still there, another script for Accolate had been called in today and the last time that Advair was filled was on 4/27/09.


6/ ?? /09 Paul is arrested on 6/2009. The report number is 0906250503 and was a Domestic Violence arrest at 4232 Buena Vista.


6/16/09 1616

I just got a call from Pat Obrien in the Attorney Generals office. Aside from telling me that he only has the authority to issue a warrant for my arrest if I was behind in support payments, there’s nothing that they can do. I should contact the Ombudsman office or the Wayne County Prosecutor’s office.



On Thursday I called Candy the confirm the time that I would be picking up Quincy from her house (school is out so no p/u from the school). Candy answered and said that she thought I was picking Quincy up on Monday. I told Candy that this was my weekend. Candy insisted that she had the weekend planned out and that I could pick Quincy up on Monday. I told Candy that at the very least, I was getting Quincy on Sunday for Fathers day. Candy responded “Yeh, OK.” I told Candy that I’d be there between 9 and 10am.



6/21/09 (Father’s Day)

(((Referee Schewe Sanctioned Candy for this))))

Today I arrived at Candy’s house on Buena Vista. The living room window was open about 3 inches and I could hear kids running around inside the house. I knocked on the door and all went silent. I stayed for 20 minutes, knocking on the door and calling Candy’s phone. There was no response on either. I sat on her porch hoping that she would grow a heart and open the door. After another 10 minutes, I left without Quincy.


Fathers Day 09 1:35pm

Candy called to say that she’d just returned from Cedar Point and she didn’t realize that she’d be that long. Candy offered that I could come and get Quincy now. I suggested that she drive him out to me. She said that she wasn’t trying to drive and blah blah blah. I hung up.


At 3:39 Candy called back again and said that I could come and get Quincy. I said OK and hug up.

The courtesy of a phone call BEFORE I drove over there this morning would have been nice. Also, there were people in her house so I don’t believe that she went to Cedar Point. (see “Court 9/4/09” In court, she claimed her wedding.)


8/21/09 Court – No Show
Today was scheduled a show cause. Candy did not show up. The hearing was adjourned to 9/4



Today we were in the court room of referee Schewe. Candy was sanctioned again. The funny thing is that she lies so much so that while I was reading from a previous transcript, she was denying the content. She denied the fact that Judge Debra Ross Adams had scolded her harshly about the failed phone contact.


9/4/09 (No CONTACT)

I called at 7:00 and there was no answer.


9/6/09 (No CONTACT)

I called at 7:00 and there was no answer.


9/7/09 (No CONTACT)

I called at 7:00 and there was no answer.


9/8/09 (No CONTACT) 1st day of school)

I called at 7:00 and there was no answer.




Today, I went to Quincy’s school to give his teacher the medical authorization and a new Albuterhol inhaler. Mrs. Chudy placed it in her bottom desk drawer and showed Quincy where it was. She also instructed him to only use it if he needs it and to get permission first.



9/17/09 (Absent from school) – (NO CONTACT)


Today at 9:35am Mrs. Chudy called to tell me that Quincy missed school. I called candy's phone and got no answer. I sent a text and got no response. At 7:00pm I called again, got no answer, left a message but got no return call. Don't know if Quincy is ok.




0920 I just got a call back from Mrs. Chudy (Quincy’s 4th grade teacher) and she said that Quincy is in school today but was out for the whole day yesterday. She said that she told Quincy that she’d need a doctor’s note. I went to Quincy’s school to check on him because it is Friday, and possible that he won’t be seen by anyone but Candy and Paul. I wanted to be sure that he’s NOT wheezing. He is fine but complains of a dry and sore throat.


9/19/09 (NO CONTACT)

Today at 7:00pm, I called candy’s phone. I got her voice mail. There was no answer nor return call.


9/20/09 (NO CONTACT)

Today at 7:00pm, I called candy’s phone. I got her voice mail. There was no answer nor return call.


9/21/09 (Doctor Visit)

Candy took Quincy to see Dr. Sundrum. (against court order)

Transcript (2007 3 17 Adams) Pages 85 – 88. Judge refusing to change Dr. and explaining what must take place before she would allow a change of doctors.)



9/28/09 (Absent from school)

Quincy missed school today.


9/29/09 (***ADDED 8/30/10***)

Just found out via records from Dr. Sundrum’s office that Quincy was seen on this date for Asthma symptoms. Dr. Sundrum noted that “Consistency in delivering medications has been stressed to the mother.”


9/30/09 (30 Minutes Late)

Quincy arrived at school today 30 minutes late.


10/1/09 (Absent from school)

Today at 7:00pm, I called candy’s phone. I spoke with Quincy. He told me that he did not go to school today.


At 9:46pm, Candy called me to say that she heard Quincy tell me that he had not gone to school today and she wanted me to know that it was because he had gone in for a Flu shot. He missed the whole day of school for a flu shot. Candy went on to say that she wanted to have Quincy vaccinated with or for Swine Flu. She, for some reason, went on to say that this was the reason that she did not let Quincy go to Minnesota with us. She said that it had nothing to do with anything else. She said that she noticed an outbreak of the Swine Flu in Minnesota. I told Candy that I’m not interested in having any of my children injected with this disease.


10/2/09 (Mom 60th Birthday)

Sent Candy a text AND mailed her a letter requesting permission to take Quincy to Minnesota for my mothers 60th birthday. On 10/6/09, she replied “No, Quincy does not need to miss school.”


10/5/09 (Credit / Collections Call)

Today, I got a call from a collections company saying that I owed $503 for a bill from Botsford Hospital. The date of service was 5-13-2007. This was Mothers Day of that year. Apparently Quincy was taken to the Emergency Room that evening. I was listed as the Guarantor, with Candy’s address which means that the bills went to her home and she did not inform me.


10/6/09 (Botsford Hospital Collections Issue)


10/13/09 (Court) Again, in the court room of the Honorable Judge Debra Ross Adams.

More lies



Today, I am ordering updated information on Candy’s driver’s license and I-chat report.



Today I picked Quincy up from school at 0810. Principal Johnson came out to talk with me about the missing or lost student files. She insisted that they were trying to locate the files and that another team was coming to comb her school today. Quincy came to the office. I suggested that Mrs. Johnson make sure that his Teacher had provided homework for the next two days of school. Mrs. Johnson said that this was not allowed. (This has to be the dumbest Principal that I’ve ever encountered.)

I’d already informed Quincy’s teacher about our going to Minneapolis and she had in fact already provided Quincy with his school work for Thursday and Friday.



We arrived back at home at 4:30pm. At 5:32 Candy sent a text mgs saying that she was on her way. At 6:22 Candy arrived in her black escalade. Paul was driving, Candy was in the passenger seat.


10/26/09 Missed School – Absent

Today at 7:00pm I called Quincy. Quincy said that he had not gone to school today. I asked him why. He said that he’d had enough homework to last until Tuesday. ???????



I confirmed with Mrs. Chudy that Quincy had in fact missed the whole day of school yesterday.



Called Judges Clerk to ask about our mediation hearing. (we haven’t been scheduled or received any information on it,)

I asked her if I have to provide Wayne Kristall with a summary. The clerk said “Yes” that I did in fact have to do so.

Called FOC mediation 313-224-5266. Left a message explaining court date and the need to expedite.





Today I went to Durffee to pick up Quincy. There was a group of about 15 – 20 High School aged kids outside waiting for fight. There were NO school staff members immediately available. After about 5 minutes and just as tensions started to rise. The school vice principal came out and dispersed the group.


I stopped by Candy’s house to discuss what was going on at the school and beg her to reconsider Quincy’s school.


Paul answered the door and insisted that candy was not home. I asked Paul to come out so that I could talk to him about the school. Quincy went inside the house as I spoke to Paul. Paul said that he and Candy were looking into some charter schools. The rest was me explaining the many problems at Durffee.


When we left, Quincy got into the car and I asked “did you give your Mom a hug and tell her that you love her” He replied, “Ahh Man. I forgot”.

Quincy then paused with that “oops, I’ve been busted look”

I told him that it was OK and that I knew that his mother was home. I told him that I knew that she told him that he should tell me that she was NOT there but that it was because I already knew that she was. But again, this is a classic example of how Candy will NOT communicate with me then wonders why we are in the situation that we’re in.



I sent Candy a text telling her that there was no court on the 4th of Dec. Candy called and wanted to discuss why we are in the situation that we’re in. I told Candy that in the beginning I wanted for us both to be parents and that I went 6 months without seeing Quincy. I reminded Candy that I was FORCED to take her to court just to establish my right to see my son. This was a 10 minute discussion in which Candy denied any of the events that led to where we are. I ended the conversation by telling Candy that if she doesn’t even acknowledge her own actions that there was NO way that I’d get her to understand why we are where we are.




Today Candy called me at 5:37pm from 313-645-2997 and asked me to meet her at Fairlane Mall. (This is the same location that she complained about me meeting her at once before.) I told Candy that we were already doing something. Candy asked if I could bring Quincy home. I told her NO. She asked if I could take Quincy to school. I told her that I wouldn’t have much of a choice if we waited until Monday morning.


At 6:43 I arrived at Candy’s home. Candy was NOT at home. Nor did anyone answer the door. I called Candy’s phone as well as the number that she’d called from multiple times.


At 7:14pm I returned home with Quincy.




4:20pm (An hour and 40 minutes before Candy is to pick up Quincy) I received the following text:



12/28/09 2:28pm

Candy called me to say that she was on her way to get Quincy. I told Candy that we weren’t home and asked if she could come later. Candy said that she had to get a ride and that she could not. I had to leave work early to meet her at my house. She arrived at 3:02pm. We had to get Quincy ready to go which took about 7 minutes.


12/29/09 10:39am

Call from CVS, Dexter Rd that prescription is now ready for pickup.