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Parenting Time Journal 2010




Called Judge Adams court to request an adjournment on our Jan 11th court date due to no FAME mediation date being scheduled yet.


Clerk insisted that I call Wayne Kristall. I tried to tell her that we had court in 2 business days and that there was no way that this would be done so an adjournment was necessary. She insisted that I did not know that and that I call Wayne Kristall.

So I called and left a message.


1/6/10 7:00pm 313-529-8326

Called but no answer and no call back


1/8/10  7:00pm  313-529-8326

Called but no answer and no call back


1/9/10  7:00pm  313-529-8326

Called but no answer and no call back



1/16/10 6:35pm

My ex called me from 313-974-xxxx to tell me that her phone has been turned off and that this was her new number.


2/7/10 11:48am

CVS – Dexter rd called to tell me that Q’s medication had not been picked up. I called and spoke with the Pharmacist, the script was called in and filled on the 4th. There is no co-pay and it still has NOT been picked up. Ordered by Dr. Freeman from an office on Beech Daily.


4/7/10 Dentist

Q had a 1:00pm dentist appointment on today.  my ex has known about this.

I picked him up at Fairlane Mall at his mothers request.

He was wearing a pair of 5/6 jogging pants. He wears a 14 husky. ((Ridiculous.))

He was eating Pizza and of course his teeth were un-brushed. (((He’s going to the dentist)))

He was stinky. we called and had his appointment postponed to allow us the time to get him home and cleaned up first. In questioning him, I discovered that he had been at his Grandmothers since Thursday night, had not brushed his teeth since nor had a bath, shower or wash-up.


To me, this is extremely unacceptable, to say the least.


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4/11/2010 5:05pm

my ex admits, via text, that she is at LaDrakes (my ex’s Brother) house. LaDrake is a registered criminal sex offender.



0700 I called but there was no answer



700-  my ex’s Phone is disconnected.



04:18 my ex let Q call me to wish me a happy birthday.



4/21/10 7:00pm

I called and as usual, Q was not available. my ex said that she was not at home but would have Q call me. At 7:34pm, I received a text that said “You know… You can all ways call Q on the house phone 529 8326”. 

I didn’t even know they had a house phone.


4/28/10 7:00pm

Called my ex’s cell. She said that Q wasn’t with her but would call me back. She called me back at 7:08.



Durfee called to say that Q was coughing pretty badly and was in the office. They caller said that they were unable to get in contact with mom. I left work, drove to the school, picked Q up and called Dr. Todds office. They recommended over the counter meds and observation.


7:00pm I called to but got no answer.


5/3/10 8:25am

Durffee called to say that Q was having another episode in the office and that they were unable to reach mom again. I called my ex at 8:29 and told her what was going on. At 9:14am, Durfee called to say that Q was still there and still coughing and wanted to know what we were doing. I told her that I was on my way. At 9:19, I was driving on I-275 when I received a call from the school stating that mom had just arrived. I returned to work.


7:00pm – I called and my ex said that she’d have Q call me back. At 7:07, Q called me back from 313-646-8237


5/9/2010 (Mother’s Day)

After hearing nothing from my ex by 9:49am, I decided to send her a text asking if she was coming to get Q.


 At 2:14pm, she responded “About 5”


At 4:40pm, my ex sent the following text “Hey, I’m helping my mother move can you drop Q off later?”


Her Uncle Mike picked Q up.



I called at 7:00pm and left a message but got no response.


5/12/10 (No answer)

I called and got no response so I left another message. Again, I got no response.


5/13/2010  (Called back 49 minutes later)

Today, I called at 7:00pm. my ex answered and said that Q was outside playing.  At 7:49pm, I got a call back from Q.


5/14/10 (Mailed this letter to my ex)


I (Leander Richmond) would like to exercise my summer parenting time schedule on the following dates.

From June 17th 2010 at 5:00pm from your house on Buena Vista (This will give Q time to get ready for summer parenting time)

Until July 30th 2009 at 2:00pm


I realize that this notice is coming after the court ordered May 1st requirement but this still does not mean that the summer parenting time schedule will not be honored. I sent you a text message on May 8th which stated:


“I have Q’s Advair. Remind me when you pick him up. Also, I know that I’m 8 days late but I’d like the first six weeks of summer starting on the first Sunday after the last day of school.”


You have not responded to that request so to avoid any confusion, I am attempting to communicate my wishes.


Disney World: We have a trip planned to Disney World (Orlando, FL) in November.

We depart Detroit Metro Airport on October 27th at 7:30am (We’d like to have Q on October 26th by 5:00pm)

We return on November 3rd at 10:30pm (We’d like to return Q on November 4th by 5:00pm)


I will need a response to both of these requests by May 28th, 2010. Failure to provide a timely response will force me to have these requests heard by the court which I feel is a waste of everyone’s time.

Today at 7:00pm, I called my ex’s # and her phone was disconnected.


5/15/10 Today my ex and I exchanged the following texts. Read Texts



My ex text me out of the blue with this random offering “We have a family reunion”. At first I thought she was saying that it was tomorrow and that she wanted Q. I asked when but she never responded. Then I realized that she was talking about sometime during my requested parenting time. This is still rather bland as it doesn't state any dates. (typical)



Today at 5:15pm my ex sent the following text. I took Q home at 8:47pm

Paul answered the door in nothing but boxer shorts. He was dressed the same on Friday when Q and I stopped to get his mp3 player.


5/29/10 – MD WE late notice.

Today at 10am I called and left my ex a message explaining that I would not be able to pick Q up until Saturday at 10:30am. There was no answer so I left a message.


5/30/10 (Police)

Today I called my ex to get Q. Went to her house she wanted to argue about WHY I was there. My ex said that Q was not there and she would not tell me where he was. I call the police. They arrived and spoke to my ex but she would NOT tell them where Q was and they were unable to sway her. I did not get Q.



I just picked Q up from school and through casual conversation, discovered that he spent Memorial day at the home of his sex offender registered uncle Lad???? Lawre???.



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Last night I spoke to Q for the first time since he went home on 6/6/10. Q thinks that he’s out of school for the summer yet school is not out until 6/18/10. I called the school and spoke with Mrs. Chudy who stated that they’d turned in their grades BUT were still taking attendance.


After hearing nothing from my ex in request for a summer schedule AND knowing that Q missed his last week of school I did not expect a response from my ex. The last day of school would begin the summer schedule which negates our regular bi-weekly schedule.


While in Saline MI at 2:50pm I received a Call from Q. He was at school stranded at the school and his mother has refused to pickhim up. This could have been avoided and could have placed him in danger.



Today we took to Q to the Dr for his breathing test. She called me to tell me that Q had just failed his breathing test. Amanda also told me that Q said something about falling, scraping his knee and his mother giving him three shots trying to get blood from him.


(I called the Dr’s office and spoke to Nikki. She said that Q’s results, which were measured on a Microlabs Spirometer, were 24 and 63 and that both should be below 20. She also said that the Dr noted Q’s “Lung Age” at 20 years. )


Once I got home I questioned Q about the incident which he claimed happened last week before I picked him up from school. He said that his mother stuck a needle in his right ankle, then in the inside of his right elbow and finally in the back of his right hand but was unable to draw any blood. Q then went on to say that his mother showed him how to stick the needle into her arm, in the vein and how he was successful in getting blood out. He described a tube that carried the blood from the needle.


I asked him if it hurt and he said that it hurt a lot. I asked him if he cried and he said that he did not because he was 9 and a big boy.


I called CPS the report # is 2690???




My ex picked Q up (Bill was driving his van), at 6:24pm

Q went home.

Check note in text on phone.

Next pickup is 8/26/2010








CPS case file is now open on report # 2690??? because of my ex practicing her phlebotomy techniques on Q. He described in detail how his mother tried to get blood from his ankle, elbow and wrist then instructed him in drawing blood from her.


On 6/21/10, Q failed his quarterly asthma breathing test administered by staff at his pediatricians office. His results, which I am told should have been below 20, were 24 and 63. His current lung age is 20.



Mediation with Mrs. Wells today.

My ex showed up 45 minutes late.

She brought all of her children and Paul. (Mrs. Wells interviewed Paul)

my ex said that I:

  • Am a cheat
  • Am obsessed with white women
  • An a control freak
  • Hate her because I don’t get my way
  • She and her family were devoted Jehovah’s witness’s (but they celebrate Christmas)


my ex also admitted to Mrs. Priscilla Wells that she did in fact try to take blood from Q. This was something that she denied during the CPS investigation. The CPS case was closed based on her denial of this.


Mrs. Wells asked what happened and my ex said “Ok. I had a job with ???? where I had to get in home blood samples. I had to drive all over to people houses and get samples. I didn’t like goin into other peoples homes. I wasn’t comfortable with that so I quit. I had the kit at home because of that job so we practiced.”


Mrs. Wells said that we need to get together and that she was going to help us get to that point. I told Mrs. Wells that she had failed in this already 5 years ago and that she would not be successful now. I told her that there was no way that she was going to accomplish today what she and 6 Judges and 3 magistrates had already failed to do.


She offered me every odd or fifth month weekend. I refused, telling Mrs well that this would only confuse my ex.


Mrs. Wells said that we would try this for a year and I told her that we were not. I told her that I wasn’t wasting any more time. I said that I’ve gone through this for 9 years and I already know the outcome. MW accused me of being negative and uncooperative.


In a frustrated moment I told Mrs. Wells that there is one thing that will bring about an end to all of this crap. She asked what that was. I told my ex to start telling the truth about everything that pertains to Q.  MW acted as though I’d committed a sin with that statement by trying to cause an argument.


Mrs. Wells asked what grade our son was going into. When I said 5th, I was quickly corrected by my ex who stated that Q was going into the 4th grade. Mrs. Wells admonished me for not being “more aware” of my sons schooling and activities. When Mrs. Wells was done chewing my ass, I said “Q’s Kindergarten teacher was Mrs. Harvin, his 1st grade was Mrs. Pierce, his 2nd grade teacher was Mrs. Shumate, he started the 3rd grade was Mr. Kade who was transferred to another school leaving Mr. Fischer for the remainder of that year. His 4th grade year was at Durfee with Mrs. Chudy. my ex did not object. Not surprisingly, Mrs. Wells had nothing to say. She didn’t get on my ex like she had ridden my ass.


Mrs. Wells was clearly frustrated by us. At one point standing up and saying that we’ve gotten on her damn nerves.


8/11/10 – Called  but no contact

I called Q at 7:00pm but there was no answer. I left a message but got no return call.


8/13/10 – Called but no answer


8/15/10 – Call, service disconnected.


8/16/10  -  called, service disconnected


8/19/10 – Called, service disconnected.


8/20/10 – Called, Service disconnected


8/23/10 – Called at 7:01. Phone still disconnected.

8/26/10 Today I picked Q up from school. We had to go to my exs’ home to get his asthma medication. There was a tow truck loading up her car (black escalade).


9/12/10 – 1:27pm I called my ex to tell her that we’d be out and offered to take Q home. my ex accepted and I took Q home at 6:47pm


9/15/10 – 7:00pm Called, no answer 


9/26/10  – No pick-up

0635pm my ex called to ask me if I can take Q home. I told her that we were finally winding down and she asked if I would take him to school (as if I have a choice). I took Q to school on Monday morning.  I stopped by my ex’s house on Wildemere street and placed Q’s Accolate and Advair in the mail box. As I was pulling off, my ex called to say that she had just come to the door and I drove off. I told her that Q’s meds were in her mailbox.


10/10/10 – No contact from my ex.

It is not 9:30 pm and we’ve heard nothing from my ex who was supposed to pick up Q at 6:00pm. No call, no text…..nothing. I assume that this means that I will be taking Q to school in the morning which will make me late for work.


10/11/10 – Took Q to school

Today, I took Q to school.


10/14/10 7:00pm. Called , no answer.


11/14/10 – no pick up

It is now 8:55pm and my ex did not come to pick up Q nor did she even call.


11/15/10 – Took Q home / Called Dr Girwalds

Today I called Dr. Girwalds to complain about Mrs. Wells misstatement that my claims about the blood drawing incident were unfounded. Dr. Girwald explained that she’d spoken with Mrs. Wells about the statement in her report and Mrs. Wells claimed that she wrote “Unfounded” because mom did not state that she actually drew any blood. After I gave my opinion on such a weak explanation I requested that the report be corrected to include the confession as it was understood by Mrs. Well because her current report was misrepresenting. Sent instructions to attorney to file request.


12/21/10 – Typical stupidity

Today, at 0700, my ex sent the following text “I’ll be picking Q up after 12 noon today. &Ill call u when I’m on my way””


At 7:24am I responded “No. Read the schedule.”


At 12:53pm, my ex called:

Dad: “Hello”

Mom: “Oran, it’s my ex”

Dad: “I know. What’s up?”

Mom: “I was gonna sent Paul to pick up Q today”

Dad: “You’re supposed to get him on Christmas eve”

Mom: “So you want me to come get him tomorrow?”

Dad: “No. I want you to come get him on Christmas Eve”

Mom: “O.K. Bye”