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Parenting Time Journal 2011

These are journal notes from my child custody case in Wayne County Michigan. Our Judge is Deborah Ross Adams. Our case is an absolute mess of unacceptable tolerance and allowances that have served no useful purpose. Hopefully, my experience can somehow assist you in your own battle.


SSW Angela Gardner-Street Refuses Parenting Time



In court – in chambers

Judge Debra Ross Adams wanted to know what happened on the missed Dr appointment.  I explained that I didn't even know about the appointment until the office noticed me that it was missed.

Judge Adams wanted to know why they called ME instead of Candy. Guessed that it was because of the insurance. (It seems that the Judge wants to mask Candy’s shortcomings)

Then Judge Adams wanted to know why I wasn't there and seemed to want to dwell on that. Nichole explained that “IT WASN’T DAD’S TIME OR RESPONSIBILITY!!!”

Judge Adams asked when the next appointment was. Candy said July 18th. Nichole asked Candy if she’d notified me. Candy’s response was “I just did, today.”

Candy said that she has a letter stating that Dr Marks wrote that Dr Marcus has been over medicating Quincy. JA asked why it was in her car and not here in the court. JA wants the letter/record sent to the court and both attorneys.

JA wants a witness list.

JA ordered a phone conference btw all parties to try to reach an agreement.

Wayne continues to rattle off lies.

JA did NOT hold anyone accountable to any of the fines that she’d promised to impose in our last hearing.

My complaint was of dental neglect, emotional neglect, medical neglect,  physical neglect, domestic violence, alcahol abuse, denied parenting time, child abuse and more. Judge adams insisted on waiting for a report from an asthma specialist. I asked JA what bearing Dr. Marks’ report had on the claims that were made in the motion that I filed. JA said that parents have the right to an opportunity to correct their behaviors. Well, Candy has had 8 years.

  1. Arm Burn
  2. Root Canal
  3. Missed appointments (over 20)
  4. Failure to medicate (doctor verified)
  5. Severe school attendance issues
  6. Domestic violence in the home.
  7. Physically attacked my wife
  8. Parenting time violations (EVERY year, sanctioned 3 times)
  9. Drawing Quincy’s blood.
  10. Teaching him to draw her blood
  11. Alcohol abuse (DUI and Domestic violence)


5/22/2011 (Q – Pick up)

5:35pm - Candy called to say that she was stuck in traffic but almost here.

6:55pm Candy arrived to pick up Quincy. Candy was driving her black escalade. Paul was in the passenger seat.


5/26/2011 7:00pm

Called, Candy answered said that she’d call back but never did.


Picked Q up from school to begin summer parenting time.


Dropped Quincy off to his Uncle Mike at Wendy's in Dearborn on Ford road and M-10.

More monumental refusal and denial of parenting time. Read Texts


Today, I arrived at my ex-wife's home to pick up my son Q. Something told me to use the voice recorder on my iPhone and I did. Candy refused to let me have Q and closed her door in my face. I did not get my son.

At 7:30pm I called the Detroit Police and requested a squad to assist . Candy refused to let me have Quincy even when the Police insisted. The police gave me a report # but could not get Q.

8/30/11 COURT: Trial Date

I show up for court. Our case is called an hour late. When it is called the trial is diverted because we must discuss the PPO that was granted to my ex wife on 8/25/11 against me. This PPO was granted using the police report # from the evening incident which had nothing o do with our interaction at 12:30pm and makes not mention of any damage or claim of damage to Candy's hand. She got a ppo on an unrelated police report and I have an audio tape to prove that she's lying about ME being the one to break her hand.


9/8/11 - School denied PT

Today I went to p/u Q and was immediately met by the Principal, 2 social workers, 2 security guards and 2 teachers. I was surrounded and forced to explain why I was there. Angela Gardner-Street insisted that i could not pick up Quincy because Candy had PPO and that she'd filed a motion to change custody. I was instructed to return tomorrow with certified copies of my order. (The full story on Angela)


9/9/11 - School denied PT

Today when I went to pick up Q the security guard was playing a hiding game. I was locked outside but I saw them hiding around a corner. I called the police and three DPS Officers arrived. They spent an hour with me in a back office explaining all of my documents and verifying my position. The officers also spoke with my attorney, Nicole, who explained via phone, that my documents were in order. Wayne Kristall, my ex's attorney,  told them via phone that I needed a "pick up order". This and the info that the officers received from their office informing them not to get involved, was the reason that they sent Quincy with Candy ten minutes before even telling me that she was gone. School social worker, Angela Gardner Street, was present and seemed to take a personal interest in me not getting my son.


I went to Candy's house and called 911 again. It took 3 hours for the police to arrive. Officer Kellogg talked with Candy but Candy refused to allow Quincy to leave.



Today I went to the 12th prescient to request assistance in getting Q. After some deliberation, the Sgt instructed an officer to Call Wayne County Sheriff for information on WHO is supposed to enforce the order.


When the officer got off of the phone, she told the Sgt that Corporal Silverside told her that DPD is supposed to enforce.


Wayne County FOC Enforcement unit


Wayne County Sheriff

Corporal Silverside




Useful info:

After many failed attempts at getting DPD to assist me when being denied parenting time, I got a HUGE break today. I went to the local Detroit Police Department and asked for assistance. They began with the usual "It's Civil. We CAN'T get involved".


They did try to help by calling Wayne County Sheriff to see who I can call for enforcement. The Sheriff told them that THEY (DPD) are to enforce it. This is a wonderful revelation. It's sad that so many parents are denied this basic police service but knowing this, may help you deal with the police next time.


Next time the police say to you "That's a civil matter", ask the officer if he enforces PPO's. If he says yes, remind him that a PPO is a civil matter.


Good luck


Call 313-224-0414



  • 9/22/2011 - Angela Gardner-Street assists Mom
    At 3:10pm DPD Sergeant Todd Messineo accompanied me to the school to pick up Q. The Sergeant asked Angela Gardner-Street if she had anything that said that I was NOT supposed to pick up my son today. She did not though she tried tried to make an argument based on what Mom has TOLD her. The sergeant then informed Angela that I had a right to p/u Q. She insisted that I could NOT get Quincy until after school, as the order states. I agreed to wait until after school and the Officers and I left the school. When I returned to the school at 4:15, I was told by security guard Kenwon that Angela Gardner Street had called mom to pick Q up after I left with the police. This school social worker just circumvented my valid court order and the directions or a Detroit Police Sergeant, and called mom with an update and allowing her to pick up our son. WOW!!!


Angela has worked for the Detroit Public Schools as a School Social Worker since 1998. Angela has over stepped her boundaries in this case and she has done so to the detriment of the school system and herself.



12/22/2011 Informed of winter break.

I sent the following message to Candy.


I'll pick him up at 1:00pm as the order says, on the 24th. Then again on Monday. Where do you want to have someone meet me, since I can't come to your house? Also, what time on Monday works for you?


12/23/2011 Let the games begin

Candy began with the following texts.


12/24/2011 Christmas eve.


Today was interesting: There was a lot of texting back and forth between Candy and I. Again, Candy was denying parenting time and sending some pretty vile text messages. The messages were un called for and just trashy.  I drove to the Police Department and asked for assistance. They instructed me to go to her house. The squad arrived in a few minutes. It took them ten minutes to get into the house and another 15 minute to come out. They came out with our son. After all of this unnecessary mess, he was where he was supposed to be.
Text Messages Paul     Text Messages Candy