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Parenting Time Journal 2012

June 5th 2012 (Text From Mom)

Oran, I wanted to know if we could come to an agreement before a decision on Q's well being is decided for both of us.

Please, tell me exactly what it is that you want so I can try and understand it, hopefully come to some common grounds.
My Ex

---my response:

Here it is.
Full custody to me, generous parenting time to you. Q attends school Where I live. If I remember correctly, that's kind of what Quincy wanted. Let me know what you think.

---her response:
I'll get back to you momentarily.

June 7 2012 1:50PM (More text between mom and dad)

Sorry to take so long. I don't want to start a argument but, I'm concerned with "generous" parenting time....what is & how much is that exactly and I don't believe that your 100% correct about Quincy wanting things this way.

Maybe Q is telling you one thing and telling me another. All I do know for sure is Q is stressed.

June 7 2012 2:40PM Dad's Response
Q IS stressed. He loves you and he loves me. He doesn't want to hurt your feelings. Last year, he told Judge Adams that he wanted to go to school in Canton. Quincy is old enough to make a semi-educated guess as to what he wants to do. You know that the Canton Schools are a better option for Q. He talks to his step brothers. He knows what their school is like and he's able to compare it to his school. He's been to their school a couple of times and he's seen the HUGE difference in the atmosphere. He doesn't want to be away from you but he does want and deserve a better school.

As for the parenting time, I'd agree to:
alternating 3,2 weekends to you. That means in January, you get 3 weekends. February you get 2 weekends. March you get 3 weekends, April you get 2 weekends and so on. You get 6 weeks of consecutive, uninterrupted parenting time in the summer and YOU get to pick the weeks. Holidays are split just as they are but I'm willing to consider modifying the times or dates a little if you want or need to.

You'll pick Q up from schools on Friday and I'll pick him up on Sunday evening at a time that you pick between 5-7p.

6 08 2012 9:51am (Dad to Mom)
Any thoughts?

6 12 2012 12:42pm (Dad to Mom)
My Ex. Have you given this any thought?

6 12 2012 2:00pm (Mom responds)
This seems like it would eventually be even more complicated than things are now.......so you can have a reason to take me back to court. This is not what Q wants nor do I believe this is what's best for him. Let me know if you come up with something else. We are His Parents, Oran. Everything doesn't always have to be "A Court Order" or a Fight, or a argument does it???

(Dad to Mom)
Can you tell me why you don't think it's good for him to go to school in Canton? What do you recommend as a way of simplifying this?

My Ex:
Maybe family therapy would be a good start.

June 14th 2012 9:45am (Mom to Dad)
Reminder, Q appt is @ 9:15, Southfield office, Dr. Seth, Tomorrow.

June 14th 2012 9:45am (Dad to Mom)
This is an appointment that you made during my parenting time and it is also his first asthma check in almost 8 months. Okay. I have missed too much work and I will need you to come pick him up and take him to that appointment please and thank you.

Sorry, I'm Not playing this game with you. Figure it out.
Your welcome.

Okay thank you

June 15th 2012 9:51AM

My Ex, you are a one-of-a-kind. I won't say a one-of-a-kind of what, but a one-of-a-kind. First you're ignorant attorney comes in and gets Q's doctor to refuse to see him with his idiotic caveman like behavior. Then instead of being honest with the court about it you try and circumvent the process by making another appointment with another doctor at the same facility and refused to be honest with that doctor about the situation. You also made an appointment on parenting time that was not yours and force me to leave work for practically half a day to deal with your screwed up appointment. Now after coming out here everyone has caught on to what you try to do and they can't see Q. Nicole tried to warn you and the court that DMC was refusing to see Q but hello you guys have it all worked out it all figured out and once again you wasted everybody's time including Q's. Q cannot be seen by a DMC asthma specialist as per that letter from DMC. You have truly done an outstanding job in handling this, truly remarkable. Perhaps if you had shown up at your own son's doctors appointment, you know because that's what the court ordered us to do, which you swear you always have and always do, you could've handled and dealt with your own mess instead of wasting my time. Read Texts Messages


Sept 21st 2012  9:54AM  (Text sent to Mom)

You do realize that coming to Q's school, picking him up taking him home, having him change into some dirty ass ridiculously over-sized clothes and then taking him back to school, says a few things.
1. You are ignorant, because you do not realize that Q is the one who suffered the embarrassment yesterday, not me.
2. You are still doing things to Q with me in mind. Please, for the love of God, get over me and concentrate on Q.
What you did yesterday embarrassed him, in school. Do you care? No. Because people like you do not think on a rational and selfless plain. You only think about you and what you want.
Hopefully, the next time you try to send me a message, it will not be at our sons expense.


I sent the text above because of this:

9/21/2012: Today dad went to pick up his son from school. Upon arrival, he noticed that his son Q was not in uniform but rather was wearing some extremely over-sized dress pants that looked like a 20 year hand me down. When dad asked why the Q was out of uniform, Q told dad that he came to school in uniform today but that his mother picked him up at lunch time, took him home, made him change and brought him back to school. I asked him why and he said that it was because she knew that I was picking him up today.


October 4th 2012
Today, I went (25 miles) to pick my son up from school. When I arrived at the school, I was told by my sons teacher, then his principal, that his mother had come to the school insisting that we were on a new schedule and that Q was to ride the bus home, instead of going with me.


October 23rd 2012

In light of all of the continued nonsense from my ex, I have asked my attorney to send a letter to Wayne Kristall. It is my hope that we can bring this under control without further failure to do so by the court. Read the letter: Here


November 14th 2012

I went to my son's school to pick him up and arrived at 4:05pm. He was not there. He had been to the school but took the bus home. My son is 12 and very aware of his schedule. The only reason that he would have taken the bus home is at his mothers instruction. My Ex is my sons mother and she knows damn well that I've been picking our son up on Thursdays for 7 years now. This proves exactly what I said on her phone, "maybe I should take the same attitude and say FU(K Judge Adams, since she never does anything to you anyway".


November 23rd 2012

Today, we received the attached correspondence from opposing council. He has filed an emergency motion in an attempt to stir up the court and the police to effect an exchange. See, mom didn't come and pick him up (AGAIN) and dad did not take him home. So they are trying to paint me as a kidnapper and a rouge parent that is .... well just read it and laugh. The truth is that if she'd come and pick him up, as she has been required to do for years, then he would be with her. (Link coming soon)


November 29th 2012

Today, we appeared before Referee Schewe because my Ex accused me of kidnapping Quincy. Wayne Kristall said: "weekends are from Thursday to Sunday", "Dad had the child from Friday until the following Monday", "Dad did not call mom to let her know where the child was", "You should suspend parenting time until the end of the school year, to teach dad a lesson", You should bar dad from the school until the end of the school year, to teach him a lesson".


Mr. Kristall did NOT admit that my Ex was under a court order to pick Quincy up. He also did not admit that while they thought that Quincy had been kidnapped by me, they did not call one single time for the full 9 days.


The whole thing was a waste of time. Both items were denied and it was established that my ex IS supposed to pick up Quincy in the absence of my desire to keep him until Monday. We clearly stated that we have no desire to ever exercise the Sunday overnight parenting time as it interferes with my employment.


December 3rd 2012

Even though we were just in court a few days ago on this issue, I took Quincy to school because of his mothers inability and lack of desire to abide by our order. It was determined that the responsibility was hers and she still will not do it.


December 17th 2012

Today, I drove Quincy to school at 8:00am. My ex did not come and pick him up as is required.