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Parenting Time journal 2013

June 3, 2013
I have just been informed that my son's mother went to the school this week and accused his teacher, again, of having an affair with me. She went as far as to provide a written accusation to a different teacher. Now if this doesn't prove that there is a mental break then nothing will. The real question is how long will the courts allow these blind, deliberate, reckless and shameful actions by mom before they take an action that protects our son.
June 19, 2013
The Michigan Supreme Court has ordered the removal of Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Deborah Ross Adams from the bench on charges of judicial misconduct. They stated: “As the focal point of the administration of justice, a judge is entrusted by the public and has the responsibility to seek truth and justice by evaluating the testimony given under oath. Testifying falsely under oath, as respondent has been adjudged to have done, is conduct that is the antithesis of judicial integrity."
August 6, 2013
Today we appeared at the court of appeals for our hearing. (We filed a motion challenging the fingings of the ex judge Deborah Ross Adams)
August 30, 2013
Mom files for divorce from husband number 4. I believe that it is Factor (E) that deals with the "Permanence, as a family unit". I guess that ex judge adams didn't see domestic violence, multiple police reports and alcohol abuse as a problem. To me, big red flags. 

September 6, 2013
I went to pick up my son from school only to find that he was not there. Next I attempted to find out where he was by contacting his mother via text and this was our exchange.


Is it safe for me to assume that Quincy is at home with you since I can't find him here at school?

U can assume any problems you may be having today that you follow up with court as directed. Good day

Excuse me dumb dumb I don't have Quincy. If you have him let me know so that the very least I can fucking know that he is safe. I just called 911 and at the very least we need to know that our son is safe whether he's with you or with me. Can you please not make this about you and your stupid fucking issues

Quincy is safe.

Now that we've established that, it is my normal scheduled parenting time. Are you going to let Quincy come out of the house or not yes or no

(End. No response)


September 12th, 2013

Today, I received a call from my son explaining that he had not been picked up from school. I made several attempts to contact my ex but was unsuccessful. I left work and drove to the school (24 miles away). When I arrived, I met Mrs. Blevins outside of the school sitting in her car. She said that Q had been picked up by his step father.

September 19, 2013
I arrived at my sons school to pick him up but was informed today that he has been transferred to another school. His mother did not notify me that she was transferring him to another school nor did she tell me which school he would be attending so that I could pick him up.
The schools was easy to locate because mom went to the new school and told them that she was assaulted by our son's previous teacher. The new schools principal called the old-school to find out what was going on. This left a trail of information which they shared with me so that I could locate my son. I went to the school but class already dismissed for the day. I was also told that I would need to prove my legal standing before the school would even tell me if Q was enrolled there.
September 20, 2013
Today I return to the school at 9 AM armed with all of the documents necessary to prove that I was not only my son's father but that I we had joint legal custody and I had legal access to him and a court order stating that I was allowed to pick him up. Once always verified these people gave me absolutely zero trouble whatsoever and I was able to pick my son up, at the end of the school day. I even chased Paul down the hall to inform him that I had my son so that he would not be standing around wondering where he was.