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2008 10 11 CPS Report


The Short version of this incident:
1. Mom calls Dad, DRUNK, and rambles for 30 minutes about sons condition and medication.
2. After second call from Mom (10:30pm) unsure about sons condition, Dad decides go get his son.
3. Dad arrives and son is in really bad shape barely able to breath. (Blood Ox was .92)
4. Dad takes son to E.R.
5. On Monday, Dad takes son to Primary Care Physician (PCP) who places him on 5 day treatment.
6. Dad returns son on Monday, to his mother.
7. On Thursday, Dad goes to school to pick up son and notices that there is still 4 days of medication left and son is still wheezing.
8. Dad takes son back to PCP.
9. PCP is notices wheezing and wants to know why. Dad explains the failed Meds.
10. Since this is the fifth or sixth occurrence, PCP orders son in dads care until the attack is over.
11. Dr. Contacts CPS

What happens next will leave you scratching your head. CPS concludes that Mom did not neglect her son.

After all; they asked the 8 year old if he takes his medication every day and he said "YES". Well that  concludes it. Dad and the Doctor are lying. And the child's wheezing must have been caused by the lunar eclipse. But there is one funny little coincidence, after 5 days with Dad, the attacks are ALWAYS over and our son is given a clean bill of health. Funny how that works.

Also, Dad is now able to prove that son went as long as 50 day stretches without medication in his mothers home.