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2009 05 28 CPS Complaint

Mother Practiced Drawing Childs Blood For Fun



 The end result, over 30 thousand dollars spent on this, Candy Gates admitted to the blood drawing practice, then admitted to lying about it, and the court and CPS do nothing about it.

To whom it may concern,                                                                                                                    5/28/2009

Please find the included information as the factual time line on my attempt to acquire copies of the CPS referral from October 2008.


1/27/09 – Made an attempt to get in touch with the person that can provide me with reports from the October 08 referral.

2/3/09- Mrs Carmen Billups called and said that she'll look for the files. I told her that I was going to court soon and needed the files. She said that she'd look for them.

2/20/09- Called Mrs Billups  cell by mistake. Left info with her husband. Tried to reach her at office number but the automated system did not recognize her name. When I tried to reach the operator, I got a busy signal.

3/9/09- 15:48 Called Mrs Billups and left a message.

3/13/09 - 12:36pm - 1st call disconnected upon connecting to ext 2207.

               12:38pm - 2nd call disconnected upon connecting to ext 2207

               12:41pm - From cell, got to operator. She gave me the direct line 313-removed    - Called and left another message "request call back"

3/16/09 - 8:20am got a call from Carmen claiming to have the files finally. She took my current address and is mailing them to me.

3/26/09- Received the wrong information in the mail. Called (17:14) and left a message with Mrs. Billups. (unable to leave a message. Phone drops call each time.)

3/27/09-Called and found extension to now be 22007. Left a message on Mrs. Billups VM.

3/30/09 - 8:15am - left a message.

3/31/09 - 8:31am - Left another message requesting a call back. Called again at 1529, 

4/2/09- Stopped in to DHS Office. Met with Mrs. Billups. These were comments that she made. "We have some really serious cases of abuse with kids being beaten and molested, but not to discount your situation." and "School uniforms can be worn for 5 days without a problem because they don't appear as dirty." among other stupid assed comments, she really wanted to know why I wanted the reports that she had not yet produced. I just called and provided her with the dates of the most recent Dr. Referrals. 5/31/07 & 10/10/08 Current time 1621

4/9/09 - 1238 - Got Mrs. Billups on the phone. The report from 10/10/08 is available and being mailed to me. The report from 5/31/07 was "Screened Out" meaning that there was no report or investigation. She said that was mailing them out to me.

4/24/09- 1600 - I just left another message on Mrs. Billups VM telling her that I haven't recv'd reports yet and requesting a return call to my cell.

5/01/09- 0919 - Called Mrs. Billups, left a message.

5/4/09  - 1624 - Called and left another message with Mrs. Billups.

5/4/09 - Sent an email to the state requesting the chain of command for the Highland Park DHS office.

5/7/09 - 0858 - Called, got in touch with Mrs. Billups. She said that she'd mailed the report to me but I didn't get it.(long conversation)  I asked her to leave a copy at the desk and she agreed to do so, should she not be in the office. I told her that I'd be there after picking Quincy up from school (3:30) and she commented that she should be back in the office by then.


In reviewing the report received on 5/7/09, I noticed what I believe to be serious failures on in the procedure of the investigator.

My ex-wife denied any wrong doing and the investigator made NO attempt to investigate my ex-wife’s claims.

The reports provided on 2/3/09 were NOT the correct reports and in fact were NOT the reports requested. Mrs. Billups and I had spoken at length a couple of times. When she had time to locate the reports, she called me and told me that she had them. She then asked me which ones I needed. I told her that already had copies of the old reports and that I needed the most recent. She sent me the old reports and she sent them to my house on Swanmere. Wrong reports sent to correct address and the correct report possibly sent to the wrong address. ???  You will have to form your own conclusion. Yes, I drove 25 miles to pick them up in person to avoid additional delays.

In my contact with Mrs. Billups on 5/12/09, she too wanted to dismiss these as “dated claims”. I insisted that my claims are only dated because of the time that it took for me to get a copy of the report AND that my claims are as they are because of the obvious failure to thoroughly investigate on the part of CPS. I asked Mrs. Billups to give this report the same credit that it would have received had they provided me the info when requested instead of 4 months later.

In a follow up phone call, the investigator told me that she’d gone to the school and spoken with the staff. This is an absolute lie. I checked with all school employees that have contact with Quincy and that all deny any inquisition by CPS of Quincy. NOW, the lie, alone, is bad enough but the fact that the investigator did NOT inquire is worse. This equals an incomplete investigation.

The claims made by my ex-wife during the face to face were easy to investigate. A call to the doctor, a visit to the school, documents from the E.R. visit and listening to the recording that I have of the call that prompted the E.R. visit, would all tell the story. Instead, the investigator allowed a conspiracy theory, an anger response to a support increase and denial, to be my ex-wife’s defense. They then rejected the referral as unsubstantiated.

Please advise any action if necessary.

Thank you