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2003 08 27 CPS Report



From the CPS report on 8/27/2003

This one was so discombobulated that it is difficult to understand.

Dad complained of the severity of the bumps and that they were allowed to get to that condition. The child was with dad on 8/22/2003.
DAD took him to see his PCP, NOT Mom. Mom did not pay for the medications. Instead, they handed the prescriptions to Dad the next morning. Dad took the scripts to CVS to be filled. Dad also returned the meds and all paperwork to Mom which is how she even had it to show the case investigator.

The worker dismissed the sores as 1 or 2 small sores (Bumps , Teeth)- - YEH after a weekend with dad who actually follows medical instructions. I have pictures of his rash burned butt.

Mom filed a police report because Dad came to her job screaming and cursing.
Yes this is true but Dad had not seen the child in 2 months because mom was in "hiding". Dad calmly asked Mom where the child was and she refused to answer telling her manager that Dad was there to harass her. Dad was yelling but not cursing and was not threatening.

Mom admits issues with Dad not returning the child after his weekend parenting time.
Dad is not supposed to return the child. Mom is supposed to pick him up.

As for the out of town stuff,
Dad and family went to Cedar Point amusement park in OH. Mom was informed, dad was reachable by phone and the child was returned the next day as promised by Dad. Per the order, Dad or Mom can take the child anywhere they want as long as stipulations are met.

Mom believes that this means that her approval is required.

As you will see, in 2009, Mom denied 2 trips to family events in Minnesota and wanted to deny a trip to Disney World in Nov 2010.

The missed court hearing was NOT a missed court hearing.
Mom showed up for court even though the hearing had been cancelled some days earlier. Dad received notice from the court clerk.

Most of the statements noted by the investigator have nothing to do with the claims made by Dad.

The PRIMARY concern, the child's teeth and lack of dental concern, were dismissed by the investigator and a few months later, the child had 4 fillings and a root canal. This incident also spawned a letter of neglect from the dentist after his experience with Mom.