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2000 CPS - Overview

At some time around July of 2002, the child sustained a very large severe burn to his left forearm during what seemed to be peculiar tale of how the burn occurred. Plaintiff was denied parenting time for a 2 month period during the burn. A show cause motion was filed and make up parenting time was awarded. This proved that Mom kept our son away from me immediately following the burn.  Mom has claimed in deposition and to a CPS case worker that the child was seen for the burn by the emergency room staff at Detroit Childrens Hospital. Plaintiff did not discover until 9/22/2006, that DMC was able to produce a document stating that the child had NOT been treated at any of their facilities. (Exhibit # 7) This is information that plaintiff feels a CPS case worker should know but failed to verify. Plaintiff also feels that the defendants’ continued telling of this explanation, even in the face of proof to the contrary, points to a very serious problem with the quality of information provided by defendant concerning the child, during these and past appearances.


1st Report 9/14/2002
2nd Report 3/21/2003
3rd Report 8/25/2003
4th Report  
5th Report 10/11/2008
6th Report 5/08/2009
7th Report 6/23/2010

On 10/10/2008 CPS was contacted, by the doctor, regarding this failed treatment which left the child in an asthma attack for an extended period of time. The CPS case worker made her first attempt to contact defendant on 10/11/08 and was finally successful in a phone interview on the 11/16/2008. (Exhibit 6) Plaintiff has noticed in each report that CPS does not see the child in his “normal” conditions as Defendant, Mother has days to prepare for their arrival. Plaintiff father began requesting a copy of this closed referral in December of 08. After three written request, a letter to the state ombudsman office, 19 phone calls to Carmen Billups and 6 months, Plaintiff, Father finally received an unsigned and incomplete copy of the requested report. When I pointed out the many errors to CPS supervisor Carmen Billups, her response was “Well that was over six months ago. What do you want us to do about it now?” Plaintiff feels that CPS should be forced to find the facts in these cases, record them accurately and make a new determination as to the conditions and dangers to which the child is exposed. These actions by CPS have failed the child. Report

On 8/25/2003 a referral was made to CPS. Plaintiff complained about a lack of access to the child, the child’s extremely poor dental hygiene having caused his rotting teeth and the lack of power and running water in the home.  After her discussion with Defendant, CPS case worker Lawana Washington, documented “Quincy did NOT have rotten teeth in his mouth at all, nor did he have permanent rings on his buttocks as alleged by the Father.”  On 4/2/2004 the child endured $759.00 worth (Exhibit # 8) of dental work which included three fillings and eventually a root canal. Plaintiff believes that CPS worker took his claims lightly as Defendant quickly claimed, again, that Plaintiff is merely trying to get custody.


Documents: CPS Report Narrative | Dental Letter Of Neglect