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PPO Abuse (Mark)

My ex wife, has a very bad habit of getting PPO's against people for various reasons, none of which include actual threats of assault. I was not the first person to fall victim to her abuse of the Personal Protection Orders granted by Wayne County 3rd circuit court. My exs' first husband, Mark Wallace, decided to divorce her in 1999 after dealing with her drunken and violent nature. Being a police Officer, Mark was fully aware of how unhealthy and dangerous this situation was. When Mark announced his divorce filing, all hell broke loose. My ex contacted the police and claimed that Mark had pistol whipped her and raped her at gun point. After 18 months off of the force, $100,000 in legal fees and a thorough investigation, Mark was exonerated and returned to work for the police department where he is now very well decorated.


My ex has taken 4 PPO's against me for various false claims. Each was used to deny parenting time. In our 2011 PPO, she claimed that I broke into her house during the PPO and tried to have me thrown into jail. This is a very dangerous tool allowed to be abused with no accountability.


What is really ironic is that Mark and I are best of friends. He has been married to his 2econd wife to 10 years, they live in a beautiful new home in the burbs and have a wonderful little bundle of joy and tears named , Mark. Mark and his family are wonderful people. Were it not for my personal knowledge of my ex and her selfish manipulative ways, i would not believe that anyone would even accuse mark of something like this. It's just incredible. What's worse is that is has gone unchecked for so many years.


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