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Factor F

(f) The moral fitness of the parties involved



  1. Mom (Candy Gates) has admitted to being treated for manic depression.
  2. Mom was arrested for DUI with a .22 bac.
  3. There was also an domestic violence incident during this time and involoving drunkenness.
  4. Mom remarried without ending her relationship with her boyfriend. This led to a few incidences of violence in her home between the husand #3 and husband #4.
  5. Mom subsequently became pregnant by the husband #4 while still married to husband #3.
  6. Mom petitioned the court for a PPO which she used to interrupt dad's relationship with the school.
  7. Mom practiced drawing our 9 year old sons blood. a fact that she denied to CPS in July of 2010 and later admitted to an FOC mediator and later again to our Judge.